Run the WOW Run 2015 in Malaysia

The WOW Run is back, but NOW, with a refreshing concept! It was brought to life by Efah Irishanur Anuar on 9th February 2014 in Singapore, bringing together more than 1,000 ladies from all walks of life.


The objective was simple – to encourage fellow women to participant in Sports and Fitness and engage in an active lifestyle. It is aligned with Nashata’s philosophy, which is to empower active lifestyle through modest sportswear.


This year, Efah and team are taking the WOW Run to a greater height through the It is going to be held on the 25th October 2015 (Sunday), 7 am, in many many countries. As surreal as it sounds, it is an amazing effort to gather ladies across the globe to celebrate fitness and health together.


Our undivided support for the WOW Run continues this year, by organising and co-sponsoring the 5 km Run in Malaysia. We are holding the run for ladies above 12 years old who resides in Malaysia. It is a day for ladies to come together and have an exciting run at the heart of Cyberjaya, Selangor.

More info about the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia

Date : 25th October 2015 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Venue : Cyberjaya (details to be provided soon)
Distance : 5 km

Watch the World WOW RUN 2015 teaser

1. Who can participate in the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia?
Female from age 12 and above, residing in Malaysia.

2. How much is the registration fees?
– RM50 (Early Bird) ends 15th July 2015
– RM60 (Normal Registration) 16th July 2015 – 30th September 2015 

3. What do you get at the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia?

  • Nashata running top, worth RM89 (shipped to you by 16th October)
  • Goodie Bag (shipped to you by 16th October)
  • Finisher medal *
  • Finisher Buff * if you finish top 100
  • Loads of fun and excitement at a simple event

There are prizes * to be won too!! (More info coming soon)

WOW RUN 2015

WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia


  • REGISTER NOW to enjoy the early bird price of RM50 (really guys this is a good deal),
  • Get your girlfriends to join (we have prices for team ; how and what to be announced soon), and
  • keep training, although a 5 km run is easy peasy for most of you 🙂

Why join the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia?

  • Be a part of a global movement and get into fitness with other lady counterparts on ground and in cyberspace
  • You get many goodies that you can really use. You get a usable running tee that you can happily wear without wearing additional shirt inside.
  • We will ship your racekit to you. Yes, you need not to worry about  going through traffic in between work hours to pick up your racekit or trouble your friend to pick up on your behalf.

You can SUPPORT the run by wearing the running tee on 25th October 2015, 7 am. You can get it at RM45 only (shipping is free in Malaysia only)

wowrun running tee

Wow Run 2015 Malaysia Running Tee

We welcome volunteers and sponsors, so if you are keen, let’s talk. Just email

Watch the WOW RUN 2014
* indicates more information to be provided soon.

Paying it Forward : Fund Raising @ TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

When Lini Kazim and I had breakfast together at the Pullman Hotel in November 2014, she shared with me her new ‘task’ to organise a 5km run for our alma mater. Without any hesitation, I told Lini I would support her indefinitely. I would do anything within my capacity to give back to the school that brought me to greater heights after high school.

TKC Enstek

TKC Enstek, new with barren field

In 2013, Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) moved from Seremban to Bandar Enstek. The much bigger school needed funds to build proper sports facilities. Lini, the iron lady was brilliant, creative and realistic in putting together the run, that later became a Carnival. She put a lot of thinking and detail into many aspects of the Carnival. Apart from her, the committee members of the TKC Old Girls Association (OGA), led by Datin Norhizan Ibrahim or better known as Kak Suzi, were all out in making the project a success. Everyone put their best effort! It was about raising funds of RM500k for the school and putting together a Carnival for 1,000 people.

Only on the third week of December 2014 did we get confirmation of the dates and venue. That was when the ball started rolling fast. We had two and a half months to work towards the TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, a costume 5km Walk/Run plus many other sporting activities, scheduled on the 15th February at Putrajaya WaterSports Center, Presint 6.

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival Sponsors

Long story cut short, the event was a great success with more than 1,000 registered participants. The Carnival received good response from the all walks of life. In fact, there was a long queue of about 200 people for walk-in-registration from 6:45 am onward at the Carnival.


First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

It was an amazing experience for many as some walk or run with their batch mates, family members and school friends. We get to witness all sorts of creativity from participants dressing up in their favorite characters and themes. In fact, there was a batch of 20 sisters who dressed up in hand-made tutu and tiaras. The scenic route started from the main event venue around Putrajaya International Convention Center to  Seri Gemilang Bridge and back to the event venue around the lake passing by the new Heriot-Watt University and Pullman Hotel. There were school girls from TKC band performing at certain locations along the route. It was just amazingly colorful and exciting!

Costume Run

Scenic Run in All sorts of Costume

The Carnival was not just about the 5km walk/run. There were many other exciting activities for participants after the run. There was zumba, insanity aerobics and KJ Basketball Challenge at the main event venue. We had sporting First Lady Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin participating and  inaugurating the Carnival.

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prizes to winners

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prize to a winner, witnessed by Khairy Jamaluddin, Tan Sri Rafiah Salim and Pn. Mariam Tun Sulaiman

Alhamdullillah, at the Carnival, it was reported that the OGA raised about RM300k. InsyaAllah, with strong determination, team work and strong sisterhood, the school will get its sports facility taking its shape soon. As for me, I was happy to be given the opportunity to pay it forward. I thank Lini and the TKC OGA Committee members for giving me a small role at the Carnival.

Here’s a good overview of the event as captured by Astro Awani

For more information about TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, visit their facebook page or website. The TKC OGA is still collecting donations, so please feel free to contact them and help the current and future students at Tunku Kurshiah College have proper sports facilities.


Lastly, here’s a special picture of Ida Bakar, Nashata’s Lead Designer and her team : “Run like the RomanCinta Team, Run like a Gypsy”

RomanCinta the Gypsy

Run like the RomanCinta, Run like a Gypsy

Acara Malaysia Women Marathon yang awesome!

ALHAMDULILLAH, semuanya berjalan lancar untuk Pertunjukan Fesyen dan pelancaran Nashata yang pertama kali dalam program Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) pada 15 Mac yang lepas yang di adakan di Royal Theater Shah Alam. Kami akan berkongsi cerita yang menarik bersama anda!


Program ini berlangsung selama tiga (3) hari berturut-turut bermula dari 14 sehingga 16 Mac 2014. Booth kami terletak di bahagian kanan pintu masuk dewan Royal Theater. Hari Jumaat tersebut mula di penuhi ramai pelanggan dan pengunjung yang datang untuk menyaksikan sesi dialog wanita dan sekaligus memberikan sumber inspirasi kepada para wanita yang lain untuk terus maju ke hadapan. Antara penceramah yang hadir ialah :

1) YB Rodziah Ismail, Exco Selangor untuk Kebajikan Wanita

2) Catherine Ndereba, Pemenang Marathon Dunia sebanyak 7 kali

3) Eliza Noordin, Usahawan Perniagaan Online

4) Alecia Heng, Pengasas Gorgeous Geek

Women Dialogues


Kami mengambil kesempatan ini untuk membuat pelancaran NASHATA untuk pertama kali. Segala produk terbaru, kami peragakan oleh model-model professional. Antaranya baju Riada Peplum, T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Keep Calm, Baju Ultra A-Cut, Tudung Amin Hijab, Seluar Aktif Riada, Bag Sukan dan Bag Kasut. Pertunjukan Fesyen ini di meriahkan lagi dengan kehadiran tetamu istimewa iaitu Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Penembak Negara Olimpik yang merasmikan pelancaran dangan menulis tanda tangan di baju A-Cut Nashata yang berwarna kelabu. Ratu Muslimah Dunia 2013, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola juga membuat penampilan semasa pertunjukan fesyen tersebut.

tandatnagn suriyani

Tandatangan Nur Suryani

Fashion Show


Semua peserta larian berlepas dari perkarangan Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam. Kami menaja larian 5KM Fun Run yang disertai oleh pelanggan setia dan  kaum wanita yang lain dari perbagai umur. Acara larian tersebut telah di lepaskan oleh Catherine Ndereba dan disertai oleh YB Elizabeth Wong, YB Dr. Daroyah dan ratusan kaum hawa.


Walaupun keadaan cuaca ketika itu tidak begitu baik dengan jerebu, aktiviti larian tetap di jalankan seperti yang di rancangkan, tetapi jarak larian dikurangkan ke 3km. Belon Nashata yang menarik dapat memberi semangat untuk para peserta barlari dengan gembira. Percaya atau tidak, pelatih industri kami Iman Aida Amirah berjaya membuat larian sebanyak 10km kerana tersilap memilih lorong larian gara-gara jerebu dan tidak nampak dengan jelas.



Di kesempatan ini, kami dari pihak warga kerja Nashata mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang membantu menjayakan larian ini terutamanya penganjur Iron Girl Sdn. Bhd dan penaja utama Tourism Selangor.

Ikutilah juga liputan blogger dan media berikut:

Nota : Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan juga buat Asia’s Leading Online Cycling News Portal, untuk beberapa gambar yang digunakan untuk blog ini



NASHATA 5km Fun Run!

NASHATA FUN RUN adalah acara larian yang berbeza dengan acara pertandingan larian yang lain. Lariani ini hanya untuk WANITA sahaja yang berumur 16 tahun ke atas, di mana larian ini adalah antara kategori larian di bawah MALAYSIA WOMEN MARATHON 2014 (MWM). Objektif larian ini adalah untuk memberi kesedaran tentang larian di kalangan wanita untuk bergiat cergas dalam aktiviti sukan bersama rakan-rakan dan juga keluarga. Maklumat lanjut tentang acara larian ada di sini :

Tarikh                    :  16 Mac 2014 (Ahad)

Tempat Berlepas   :  Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam (GPS Koordinat : 3.07266,101.515861)

Masa                      :  7 pagi

Bayaran                 :  RM 35/seorang.  Anda boleh berdaftar DI SINI !

Pada 14 & 15 Mac 2014, terdapat pelbagai acara Pra-Program yang menarik yang berlangsung semasa Pengambilan Racekit di Royal Selangor Theater, Shah Alam. Ini juga termasuklah acara Pertunjukan Fesyen Nashata pada 15 Mac, jam 3 petang di tempat yang sama.


Apa yang anda akan dapat?

Beg perlumbaan, baju vest, bib, sijil penyertaan, dan kemasukan percuma ke Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) bersama 2 orang rakan.

Apa yang menarik di MWM 2014?

Larian ini adalah di bawah anjuran  Malaysia Women Marathon yang diadakan selama 3 hari berturut-turut dimana setiap hari tersebut mempunyai pelbagai aktiviti yang menarik, antaranya :

HARI PERTAMA / 14 MAC : Ucapan dari tokoh-tokoh korporat wanita seperti  Airin Zainul,  Group General Manager untuk NTV7, YB Rodziah Ismail,  Exco Selangor Kebajikan dan Hal Ehwal Wanita dan Aireen Omar dari Air Asia. Objektif aktiviti ini adalah untuk memberi lebih kesedaran kepada kaum wanita isu – isu dan hak hak yang dapat memperbangunkan dan memajukan tahap tahap wanita dari segi kerjaya ataupun dari kejayaan peribadi. Dialogues

HARI KEDUA / 15 MAC : Pertunjukan fesyen pakaian sukan dari Nashata pada jam 3:30 petang. Workshop yang dikendalikan oleh Catherine Ndereba, Johan dunia Marathon 4 kali di Boston Marathon dan 2 kali pemenang Kejohanan Marathon Sedunia.

MWM Workshop

HARI KETIGA / 16 MAC : Hari pertandingan larian di adakan.

Ketiga-tiga hari ini menjadi pakej yang lengkap di mana seseorang dapat membina kesedaran, menggunakan kemahiran dan mempraktikkan segala ilmu dalam acara larian pada hari yang terakhir. Dapatkan agenda terperinci!

Siapa yang menaja acara MWM ini?

Nashata adalah salah satu sponsor/penaja untuk acara larian 5km Fun Run di MWM yang kedua ini. Terdapat banyak lagi penaja-penaja lain untuk MWM seperti Tourism Selangor, Air Asia, Air Asia X, General Electric, Prudential Assurance, Avon Malaysia, KT Tape, Habib Jewels, Capital FM, NTV7, Milo Maggi and Nescafe, Dove, Celebrity Fitness dan banyak lagi.

Marilah bersama-sama berlari dengan wanita lain dari Malaysia dan serantau ini untuk mengecapi dan menyambut larian wanita bersama.

Harga Istimewa di Hotel Concorde, Shah Alam 

Jika anda ingin  bermalam di Shah Alam sebelum hari larian, anda boleh buat tempahan di Hotel Concorde, Shah Alam dengan harga promosi khas untuk  perserta MWM. Sila email untuk dapatkan tempahan dan maklumat lanjut.

Join WOW RUN 2014 at Marina Barrage, 9 Feb 2014

We would like to applaud great effort by our sisters in Singapore, organising their very first Muslimah 5km Race. We are grateful to be given the opportunity to be apart of their noble effort and be one of their sponsors. The run will take place at the Marina Barrage, Singapore, on the 9th February 7am.

WOW RUN Muslimah Run

You may purchase your tickets at:

  1. Flare Wellness 40-02 Haji Lane
  2. Yameen, 62, Changi Rd (Maybank Building) #03-02
  3. UMMAH, 678 North Bridge Road (above GB Fabrics)

Nashata WOW RUN shirt


Acara larian pada bulan hadapan (DECEMBER) 2013!!!

Banyak aktiviti-aktiviti menarik yang dapat disertai sepanjang bulan December akan datang. Penuhi hari minggu anda dengan aktiviti yang menyihatkan tubuh badan dan jangan lupa untuk mengajak rakan-rakan anda yang lain! Mari kita bersukan bersama-sama!

01/12/2013 – Sunday

CICM Responsible Care Run | Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor | 5km, 10km, HM |
Team Malaysia Fan Run | Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 3, Putrajaya | 3km, 10km, 15km |

07/12/2013 – Saturday

4th Putrajaya International 12-Hour Walk | Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya | Walk |

08/12/2013 – Sunday

GM Klang Run 4 It 7 | GM Klang Wholesale City, Klang, Selangor | 5km, 10km, HM |
The White Ribbon Run | Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur | 7km Run, 3km Walk |

15/12/2013 – Sunday

Mizuno PACM Relay Run | MAEPS/MARDI, Serdang, Selangor | Relay | 4 x 3.86km |

22/12/2013 – Sunday

Bangi Fun Run | Taman Tasik Cempaka, Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi, Selangor | 3.5km |

28/12/2013 – Saturday

Petzl Allsports Night Trail Run | Taman Cabaran Putrajaya, Presint 5, Putrajaya | 10km |

29/12/2013 – Sunday

Morib Fun Run | Dataran Pantai Morib, Kuala Langat, Selangor | 5km |
Newton Challenge | Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor | 15km, 25km |
Up Hills Speed Run | Taman Cabaran Putrajaya, Precinct 5, Putrajaya | 600m |