Which Mom are you? Stylo, Super or Spiritual?

Everyday is a Mother’s Day. Despite of that, let’s Rejoice Motherhood this 14th May when family members come together to celebrate motherhood. You can treat your mom, spend time with other mothers, or you can treat yourself.

mothersday card

Free Mother’s Day Card


As much as we love to reduce use of paper, don’t you just LOVE it when you receive a card or postcard from someone in your mailbox? That is why, this year we are offering FREE Mother’s Day cards for all our customers. You can add a personal note on this glittery card if you wish. The A6 size postcard has a silhouette of a lady in hijab with caption “MOM, You are my Queen”. You can also send the digital version to all moms.

2. What can you get for MOMS?

What you wear is a expression of who you are. Here are the many styles of beautiful moms you can choose from: Supermom, Stylo Mom, Spiritual Mom.

Basic RGB


    Stylo-moms are trendy, up-to-date and looks youthful at all times.


    We have got many hoodie styles : Our best-selling hoodie is the Stripey Smokey Hoodie – it is so lightweight that you can wear it for a run in a humid weather. The LATEST is the hooded cardigan.

    Nashata Hooded Cardigan, Stripey Hoodie, Riada Hoodie

    Nashata Hooded Cardigan, Stripey Hoodie, Riada Hoodie: Price Range RM89 – RM159

    What about traditionally stylo?

    Nashata Kebaya Sports

    NEW Nashata Kebaya Sports RM99

    Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove & Amin Extended Hijab

    Sports hijabs that are bright, fashionable and practical are suitable for stylo-moms. The Nashata Hooda Racerback would make one stand out in the crowd – as the sporty hijabi trend-setter!

    Nashata Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove and Amin Extended

    Nashata Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove and Amin Extended : Price Range : RM19 – RM89

    Sweatpants & Leggings

    Monochrome prints with unique designs, be it tight or loose are simply elegant. Our leggings are designed to make you legs slimmer and the sweatpants make you look good while working out, even on lazy days!

    Nashata Leggings and Sweatpants

    Nashata Leggings and Sweatpants. Price Range : RM79 – RM99


    The ultra tops are made for super-moms who work, cook, nursing, clean, drive around and always need to be on their toes; on the go. Sounds like a stressful role to be in, but when they are geared-up, supermoms in today’s era look simply fabulous! High quality fabric that is anti-odor, fast drying and lightweight keeps supermom comfy and jiffy at all times.

    Nashata Heather ULtra & Zip Up Azeeza

    Nashata Heather ULtra & Zip Up Azeeza : RM129 – RM149

    The riada active pants offers you casual flair and practical use. That is why many super-moms love them. You can dress up in riada pants the whole day at work and while working out and no one would notice the difference.

    Nashata Riada Pants and Skirt Pants

    Nashata Riada Pants and Skirt Pants : RM99 – RM189

    Raazbelt is something useful for supermoms. It gives extra hidden pockets around the waist, keeping important items secure with hands free!


    Age is just a number and spiritual moms can be as young as early 20s. They prefer something long, loose, comfortable and do not stand out.

    Nashata Riada Nahl

    Nashata Riada Nahl : RM89

    The Riada Pesaque, Riada Peplum and Riada Nahl range are available for RM89. Wear them with Nashata Riada Pants for modest yet sporty look.

    Spiritual Moms

    Riada Peplum : RM89

    riada pesaque

    Riada Pesaque : RM89

    The mumtaz sports hijab is the most sought after hijabs among all – it is long, made of lightweight fabric and so simple that it goes with any tops.

Nashata Mumtaz Sports Hijab

Nashata Mumtaz Sports Hijab – sporty hijabi’s favourite! RM79

RM30 is approximately SD10 and USD7. We ship to Asean countries for RM35 only and it takes 1-2 working days to reach you.

Have a splendid Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day : Win a Prize & Special Prices for Moms

Sahih International (The Quran  46:15)

“And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship, and his gestation and weaning [period] is thirty months. [He grows] until, when he reaches maturity and reaches [the age of] forty years, he says, “My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to work righteousness of which You will approve and make righteous for me my offspring. Indeed, I have repented to You, and indeed, I am of the Muslims.”

Happy Mother’s Day we wish to our sisters!

Age is just a number so let’s encourage our mothers having an active lifestyle. It’s not about loosing weight but to keep fit and strong. Studies have proven that exercise helps you live longer and that physical activity has important effects on the mental health of older adults.

This year we are throwing two things to celebrate Mother’s Day with you! Honor our mothers, show her how much you love her. We should be showing gratitude to them everyday, but there is more good to us by showing our mothers how special they are on Mother’s Day.

1. Mother’s Day #nashatamomsday Contest

Honor your mother by taking a picture of her with you and share why your mom ROCKS YOUR LIFE! Share the picture via instagram and facebook. Make sure you include #nashatamomsday and tag @nashatadotcom on Facebook or Instagram so that we know you. Creativity is all yours and we will pick the best picture with the sweetest description of “why your mom ROCKS YOUR LIFE“. The best will win a voucher worth RM300 which you can use to purchase a full set of Nashata Activewear and a shoe bag.

The competition ends 17 May 2015, and the winner will be notified on the 18th May 2015. Take this opportunity to get a special gift for your mom or even for yourself.

Mother's Day

2. Mother’s Day Special

Are you wondering what would be a good gift for your mother? We thought the Full Support Sports Bra made of bamboo fabric and the Riada Top would be nice for mothers this year. Therefore, these two items are going for RM79 this Mother’s Day.

Both are suitable for mothers who are seeking for modesty and good support while working out!

Mother's Day Special

Lastly, don’t forget to keep fit and stay healthy. Studies by the Women’s Sport Foundation reveals that 60% of women over 60 said they would exercise more if they had someone to go with, so take some time off and get your mother to exercise with you .


Mengapa HARI IBU sangat bermakna buat kami?

Mungkin anda tidak sedar, setiap hari Ahad minggu kedua bulan May, adalah hari yang sangat istimewa untuk menyambut wanita yang bergelar IBU. Kebanyakan pelanggan-pelanggan kami juga terdiri daripada golongan wanita yang mungkin bakal menjadi seorang ibu dan sememangnya telah bergelar seorang ibu pada anak-anak. Pengorbanan ibu terlalu besar dan Allah telah meletakkan syurga dibawah tapak kaki seorang ibu seperti yang telah di katakan di dalam alquran surah Al- Baqarah ayat 83, “Janganlah kamu menyembah selain Allah dan berbuat baiklah kepada ibu dan bapamu”.

E-Card MothersDay

Hari Ibu ini juga bermakna kepada Nashata kerana pada Hari Ibu tahun 2013 lah kami membuat promosi SULUNG kami. Masa berlalu begitu pantas, dari hanya dua (2) produk semasa hari ibu tahun lepas ke sebelas (11) produk setelah genap setahun menyambut Hari Ibu pada tahun ini.

Memberi doa kepada ibu kita sangatlah berharga dan semestinya akan membuat ibu gembira.
Jika ingin memberi senyuman kepadanya, hadiahkan orang yang anda sayang itu dengan pakaian sukan nashata dan kami ada membuat promosi istimewa untuk anda semua sah sehingga 12 May (Isnin) minggu hadapan. Layari Online store kami untuk membuat tempahan sebelum terlambat di nashata.com

ultra set

Ultra Set

Bra & Arm Sleeves

Bra & Arm Sleeves

Selain itu juga, sambutlah hujung minggu ini bersama-sama ibu dan keluarga untuk merasai kehangatan kasih sayang seorang ibu dan ajak lah mereka untuk mulakan kehidupan yang aktif dan sihat. Sayangi mereka sebagaimana mereka menyangi kita sejak dari kecil sehingga sekarang. Antara aktiviti-aktiviti yang mungkin anda boleh buat adalah berlari, berbasikal, bersenam aerobik, meluncur kasut roda dan sebagainya. Mereka-mereka di bawah ini semuanya terdiri daripada golongan Ibu. Tiada sebarang halangan pada mereka untuk bersukan dan lebih aktif!

aktiviti sukan_1

Mari kita sama-sama mendoakan kebahagiaan para Ibu yang masih hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia. Semoga mereka ditempatkan dalam golongan orang-orang yang beriman dan mulia di sisi Allah. SAYA SAYANG IBU SAYA! Hargai mereka sebelum terlambat.

Mother’s Day Special

Selamat Hari Ibu

Do you want to surprise your mother with a special gift? You can give her a pleasant surprise by getting her a Nashata Riada Active-Wear Top.

 Mother's Day Special

Riada is Nashata’s first active top series. It comes in 5 fun colors ; Lilac, Navy Blue, Pink, Turquoise and Black. The fabric used on main color is microfibre, while microfibre mesh is used for side areas or ‘cut and sew’ area . This is to allow ventilation and keep you comfortable while staying active. There is a pocket on the left arm sleeve good to fit your smartphone or your music devices. The length of the top is long up to your thigh.

This model is wearing a plain white Riada with black piping.


Riada Top White Sample

It comes in three sizes :
S – 18″Width (W) x 29″Length (L)
M – 19″W x 30″L
L – 20″W x 31″L
The retail price is RM109 but we are offering it for only RM89 for Mother’s Day. This special price is valid till 12 May (Sunday), 12 midnight.

Go through this simple steps and you should be getting your Mother’s Day gift at your doorstep.

Place your oder -> Pay & Email Us -> Receive Notification -> Goods shipped Friday 

Place your order here. But before you do that, choose your preferred color provided below. Hope you make a mother happy with Nashata Riada!


Riada Lilac

Riada Lilac, Black Micro Mesh Side, White Piping

Riada Navy Blue

Riada Navy Blue, Red Micro Mesh Side, White Piping

Riada Pink

Riada Pink, Grey Micro Mesh Side, White Piping

Riada Turquoise

Riada Turquoise, Apple Green Micro Mesh Side, White Piping


Riada Black

Riada Black, Grey Micro Mesh Side, White Piping