Haze Condition : T-4 days from WOW RUN Malaysia

Dear runners,

The haze got back into Klang Valley last weekend and it has not gone away. This has always been our concern and here are updates and forecast based on today’s info. We will keep you posted.


1.  Haze Map  : Source National Environment Agency Singapore 

The haze map shows the hotspots area is big in Sumatera and the wind is expected to blow northwest of Sumatera, towards what seems to be Melaka, Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan.

Haze Aerial Map


2. Air Pollution Asia Real Time Air Quality Index Visual Map as of 21 Oct 2015 7am

Source World Air Quality Index Site

Air Pollution in Asia

3. Increasing  fire alert count in Sumatera : Source ABC.NET

 Fire Count @ Sumatra

4. Putrajaya API the past 2 days.


5. API Forecast Shah Alam (21st – 27 October). Source : World Air Quality Index Site

Air Quality is expected to continue to be unhealthy until next Monday, 26th Oct.
Note : We are unable to find the forecast for Putrajaya. Shah Alam is the closest we could find.

Shah Alam Haze Forecast


The video forecast of haze is also captured here.


The Weekend Runner: 3R International Marathon

As a part of preparing myself to run a full marathon next year I have promised myself to run a half marathon at least once every month (this is still insufficient but I will slowly increase to 30km very soon). So for this month’s training, I ran in the 3R International Marathon under the 21km category.

I looked forward to this half marathon because it was held in Putrajaya. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Putrajaya is my favourite venue for road races. It is a conducive venue for a run because parking is easy and there are not many cars. Scanning the map given, these were some familiar routes that I have ran during past events so I already had a mental note on hilly paths that will take up energy or straight, smooth roads where I could sprint.



I can feel the energy buzzing with excitement at the starting line.


We were flagged off at 5.30am sharp. I ran straight until it was time for Subuh (Fajr) prayers, did a detour with the crowd into the motorcycle lane, and took a quick break to pray.



Putrajaya is still a magnificient view even in the dark


I managed to complete the half marathon in about 3 hours. I believe that I could do better next time, there is still plenty of room for improvement.



These grey Riada pants are so light, I could fly in them


Overall, the event when smoothly without any major flaws. However, what could have been done better:

–        the organizers should have a goodies bag. This run boasted some very notable sponsors yet what we got at the end of the race was just a medal, a banana, and mineral water.

–        the organizers should provide markers at every kilometer. It is frustrating for runners to keep on guessing if we are going too fast or too slow, how many more to go, etc.

–        Please brief your volunteers on how many kilometers or water stations that are left. For the same reasons as above, runners will know how to pace themselves according to the distance left in the race.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner


P/S: It’s funny how girls can bond over clothes. I was asking for assistance to take a photo of me from a random lady, and she told me that she had the same Nashata Tron t-shirt as I was wearing, “We could be twins!”  she gushed, but today she was wearing her heather green Ultra top instead.


Dear Green Heather Lady, I’m sorry I forgot your name. But you look like a regular runner, so I hope to bump into you again in the future!

The Weekend Runner: Shape Night Run

Last Saturday I was back in Putrajaya again for the Shape Night Run for the 11.3km category. Putrajaya seemed to be the most popular venue for a night run, I don’t think I have ever done a night race other than in Putrajaya. My guess is because the roads are not busy during weekends, and ample parking around the Precinct 3 area.



It has been raining non-stop through out that evening, followed by a thunderstorm and torrential downpour into the night. Conditions were not safe, but I decided to show up anyways and wait at the nearby mosque just across the starting point. The organizers postponed the flag-off from 8.00pm to 8.45pm and wait until the weather improves. While waiting, the organizers handed out Special K cereal and salad because everyone is potentially wet, cold, and hungry. They also advised participants to run at their own risk, but they are welcomed to collect their goody bag if they decide to pull out from the race. Thumbs up to the thoughtful organizers who wants people to have  good time while ensuring their safety!



Some last minute energy boost. The salad was just right, filling yet not too heavy.



Thankfully, the rain slowed down to a light drizzle just before flag-off time. The weather continued to improve as the race progresses. However the road was slippery, and some runners slipped when they were not cautious. Some even opted to run barefoot to get a better grip. I kept my speed at a slow and steady pace and completed the race in about 1 hour 27 mins. I did not stop at all water stations, probably because the temperature was slightly cooler so I was not thirsty.



Slightly damp from running in the rain but I am amazed at how fast my Nashata Amin hijab dries up. I will wear this hijab more often!


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.


P/S: April will be a month of back to back races again every week. And this means weekly race kit collection, which are usually held in malls or set up in an expo layout consisting of booths from their sponsors. As I cannot resist a good bargain I’m one of those people you will spot pacing pacing back and forth between the booths, feeling guilty that I have missed out on a great deal yet at the same time feeling guilty that I am about to spend on something that I might or might not really need. In the end, I succumbed to the various deals and a typical haul for me after a race kit collection would look something like this:


I could not resist the colour of that dri-fit shirt, and while I am at it might as well pick up a new pair of shorts, and since I already bought some energy gel might as well try that flavour of protein whey. Because I totally need these new stuff right?

So, who else is guilty for shopping while collecting their race kits?


The Weekend Runner: Men’s Health Women’s Health (MHWH) Night Run

When it comes to running I am more of a morning person than a night person, because I think I perform better when I am still fresh out of bed. However, I could not pass up the opportunity to join a night run. So last Saturday I was in Putrajaya for the Men’s Health Women’s Health (MHWH) Night Run for the 12 km category.

I did not prepare much, as I was still sore from last week’s Viper Challenge. Earlier in the week I did 30 minutes of brisk walking, then a few light 5 km runs. On the day of the race I took a power nap for 15-30 minutes, and a heavy lunch 4 hours prior to flag-off time.

It was drizzling slightly but a little bit of rain did not hamper our spirits. Overall, the race went smoothly. The flag-off venue was right across the Tunku Mizan Mosque, so after prayers there was no need to rush to get to the starting line. Plenty of parking space too, as long you get to the venue at least 1 hour before starting time. Running in Putrajaya was a breeze, as the road is smooth and there is minimal elevation. I completed the race in 90 minutes, which is my personal best so far.


Finisher medal close up. Love the colours!



Plenty of freebies too! Check out the 1 month deodorant, soap, and lotion supply!


I had a great time, and this event might just be a yearly thing for me if they decide to do it again next year.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner,


Paying it Forward : Fund Raising @ TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

When Lini Kazim and I had breakfast together at the Pullman Hotel in November 2014, she shared with me her new ‘task’ to organise a 5km run for our alma mater. Without any hesitation, I told Lini I would support her indefinitely. I would do anything within my capacity to give back to the school that brought me to greater heights after high school.

TKC Enstek

TKC Enstek, new with barren field

In 2013, Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) moved from Seremban to Bandar Enstek. The much bigger school needed funds to build proper sports facilities. Lini, the iron lady was brilliant, creative and realistic in putting together the run, that later became a Carnival. She put a lot of thinking and detail into many aspects of the Carnival. Apart from her, the committee members of the TKC Old Girls Association (OGA), led by Datin Norhizan Ibrahim or better known as Kak Suzi, were all out in making the project a success. Everyone put their best effort! It was about raising funds of RM500k for the school and putting together a Carnival for 1,000 people.

Only on the third week of December 2014 did we get confirmation of the dates and venue. That was when the ball started rolling fast. We had two and a half months to work towards the TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, a costume 5km Walk/Run plus many other sporting activities, scheduled on the 15th February at Putrajaya WaterSports Center, Presint 6.

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival Sponsors

Long story cut short, the event was a great success with more than 1,000 registered participants. The Carnival received good response from the all walks of life. In fact, there was a long queue of about 200 people for walk-in-registration from 6:45 am onward at the Carnival.


First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

It was an amazing experience for many as some walk or run with their batch mates, family members and school friends. We get to witness all sorts of creativity from participants dressing up in their favorite characters and themes. In fact, there was a batch of 20 sisters who dressed up in hand-made tutu and tiaras. The scenic route started from the main event venue around Putrajaya International Convention Center to  Seri Gemilang Bridge and back to the event venue around the lake passing by the new Heriot-Watt University and Pullman Hotel. There were school girls from TKC band performing at certain locations along the route. It was just amazingly colorful and exciting!

Costume Run

Scenic Run in All sorts of Costume

The Carnival was not just about the 5km walk/run. There were many other exciting activities for participants after the run. There was zumba, insanity aerobics and KJ Basketball Challenge at the main event venue. We had sporting First Lady Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin participating and  inaugurating the Carnival.

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prizes to winners

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prize to a winner, witnessed by Khairy Jamaluddin, Tan Sri Rafiah Salim and Pn. Mariam Tun Sulaiman

Alhamdullillah, at the Carnival, it was reported that the OGA raised about RM300k. InsyaAllah, with strong determination, team work and strong sisterhood, the school will get its sports facility taking its shape soon. As for me, I was happy to be given the opportunity to pay it forward. I thank Lini and the TKC OGA Committee members for giving me a small role at the Carnival.

Here’s a good overview of the event as captured by Astro Awani

For more information about TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, visit their facebook page or website. The TKC OGA is still collecting donations, so please feel free to contact them and help the current and future students at Tunku Kurshiah College have proper sports facilities.


Lastly, here’s a special picture of Ida Bakar, Nashata’s Lead Designer and her team : “Run like the RomanCinta Team, Run like a Gypsy”

RomanCinta the Gypsy

Run like the RomanCinta, Run like a Gypsy

First Half Marathon – For Wimpy Legs

The first experience is always memorable. So here’s my story running first half marathon.

My wimpy legs

I have always been a swimmer as swimming has low impact on my legs. Running was never my thing due to my weak legs since young. I would fall on my knees when I jumped to catch a ball when I was young. I was neither an athlete, nor a sportswoman, and I was always the first from the back to reach the finishing lines at school runs. I did no proud for my house.

I continued to swimming  and in-line skate when I was out of school, during university days and till today, I enjoy both. However, I got to know the beautiful running community in Malaysia mid 2013, and started running. I thought I should try after without much training, or rather 2 months preparation, my family and I managed to climb Mount Kinabalu in January 2013. We were slow but surely reached Low’s Peak (the highest peak at Mount Kinabalu). It was not easy, but not impossible.

Why Run Now?

I thought of giving it a try since there is no pressure to be super good, now that I am not at school. Although it is still a competitive sports, I could be myself and train at my own pace and improve. I could still try despite my limitations and no one would brush me aside for not being good enough.  So I started running when I have time. From 3 km to 5 km to 10 km and 12 km. I do not join running groups as I don’t have the luxury of time due to many many other commitments in hands. I train when I can steal the time, be it at night or early in the morning. Most of the time, unplanned, hence – alone 3 times on weekdays and every Saturday and Sunday for average of 5 km each run. Reality is – I need to train and collect mileage. There is no short cut for that!

I get a lot of support from friends and family. My daughters and husband run with me. It serves as quality and healthy time for the family. My cousin and friends who are avid marathon runners happily agree to pace me for my first half marathon. I have never ran or train more than 12 km. But due to time constraint, I gave it a try at the Cyberjaya Twin City Marathon on the 21st December 2014. Eda Fatimawati and Intan Suraya gave me loads of encouragement and tips before the run. Karen Loh the founder of Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) has always been supporting my intent to run a full marathon in 2015 by introducing me to running groups and giving me loads of encouragement. So does Lini Kazim, the iron lady. The undivided support from the running community is simply amazing.

Classy Looking Medal, Nice kan?

Classy Looking Medal, Nice kan?

How did the 1st Run Go?

At 5am, Eda, Intan and I started running from Persiaran Flora, Cyberjaya. The first 5 km was good, and both Eda and Intan said with the pace we were going at 7 min/km, we could finish in 2.5 hour. I was just aiming to finish, but upon hearing that remark, I thought I should finish below 3 hours. The next 6 km was alright despite running uphill twice at Cyberheights and along the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya intersection. After a 5 min subuh prayer at 12 km, my energy level went down. It was close to 7am and I was afraid of the sun. Somehow sunshine and my energy level never correlates. Plus, I have never ran more than 12 km before.

FInding Reason to Slow Down, so I took Eda & Intan's pic at km 17

FInding Reason to Slow Down, so I took Eda & Intan’s pic at km 17

My legs were heavier and I was not able to push the same pace as the first 12km. I kept looking at my watch and knew it would be hard to reach soon since my pelvic bone was stiff. I kept telling myself – “I don’t want to get injured”. So I took it slow;  ran and stopped a few times. Having to run with friends was fun. The route was rather plain, so a lil laugh and jokes with girlfriends helped. Eda (Nashata Fitness Evangelist) and Intan (Model of Nashata) ran effortlessly and that motivated me to be effortless too. But of course with much TRY. They were not pushing me rather, going at my pace.

It was a cool day, yet the sunshine tired me further..

When we were about 20 meter away from the finishing line, the timing was 2:57… and I was happy. We reached the finishing line at 2:58:05. We were greeted by my daughters and brother who completed their 5km fun run earlier. Dizzy and dehydrated, I took a sit and had my favourite drink.

Ran as Buddies Ran in a TeamUs – upon reaching finishing line. YAY!

I wouldn’t have made it under 3 hour without Eda and Intan. I was happy to have ran with these fabulous ladies. We made it as a team and no one was injured during and after the run.

My first 21km was a NUDGE to train more and harder. I have less than 3 months to train for my first 42km. It looks like I have to train 3 times harder.

With Max Lim RunwitMe, Intan and Eda

With Max Lim RunwitMe, Intan and Eda

So, What are the Health Benefits?

To me,

  • Running has definitely improved my eating habits. I tend to eat lesser and more fruits. My body naturally wants better food intake
  • I drink more water to stay hydrated
  • I have improved my stamina and strength. My legs are a lot stronger now –  no longer wimpy. So I am happy! I shall #runstrong!
Nashata is one of the sponsors at Cyberjaya Putrajaya Twincity Run

Nashata was one of the sponsors at Cyberjaya Putrajaya Twincity Run



Larian yang penuh MENCABAR @ Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run 2014!

Acara Deuter Trail Run yang diadakan pada 11 May 2014 semalam di Putrajaya Challenge Park Presint 5 berjalan dengan sangat lancar dan mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari pelbagai pihak. Peserta larian di anggarkan sebanyak 1000 peserta. Larian ini adalah sepanjang 10km di mana 80% larian menempuhi pelbagai jenis cabaran dan 20% larian di atas jalan raya. Program ini terbahagi kepada 4 bahagian iaitu :

1) Lelaki terbuka

2) Perempuan Terbuka

3) Kanak-Kanak Lelaki (13-17 tahun)

4) Kanak-Kanak Perempuan (13-17 tahun)

Apa yang menarik tentang acara larian ini?

Mereka yang pertama kali menyertai acara larian sebegini mungkin akan berasa benci dan mungkin tidak akan menyertainya lagi. Para peserta dikehendaki mengharungi halangan-halangan yang di reka oleh penganjur sepanjang larian termasuklah menggelongsor, mendaki bukit curam, melompat, mengengsot di atas tanah dan sebagainya. Apa yang pasti mereka yang sampai ke garisan penamat kesemuanya pasti dalam keadaan kotor dan sangat meletihkan. Mereka yang kelihatan bersih akan di keluarkan dari penyertaan serta merta kerana tidak mengikuti garis panduan yang telah di tetapkan. Program ini juga mendapat tajaan dari Nestle, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Revive, Suunto, Coleman, Sport Tape, Nathan, 2XU and Running Malaysia. Jika enjoy, pasti seronok! Antara halangan-halangan yang mereka tempuhi adalah seperti dalam gambar yang di tunjukkan di bawah ini :


Sebelum memulakan acara larian, kesemua peserta manjalankan senaman aerobik terlebih dahulu sebagai streching-up

senamerobik_1 senamerobik_2


Peserta-peserta lelaki terbuka berlepas di garisan permulaan pada pukul 7.30 pagi

Lelaki terbuka

Peserta-peserta perempuan pula berlepas 15minit selepas pelepasan lelaki

peserta perempuan


Sementara menunggu para peserta menamatkan larian ke garisan penamat, pengunjung yang datang di sana boleh berkunjung ke booth-booth yang terlibat antaranya booth Deuter, Suunto, ProGround dan Nashata, Power Bar dan sebagainya.

DSC_8480 DSC_8481

Tidak disangka salah seorang dari pelanggan kami iaitu Nina Aziz menyertai acara larian bagi kategori perempuan terbuka dan berjaya mendapat tempat ke-34. TAHNIAH diucapkan pada beliau kerana berjaya ke garisan penamat. Dan tidak juga lupa tahniah kepada kesemua peserta-peserta yang lain

Nina Aziz


Siapa kata lelaki sahaja boleh lakukan Trail Run ini? Perempuan juga boleh lakukan! Cabaran ini menjadi mudah jika anda betul-betul seronok lakukannya bersama teman-teman dan bukan kerana terpaksa. Bagi mereka yang belum pernah mencuba, mari sertai untuk acara trail run seperti ini akan datang!


Sukan Bola Jaring yang begitu SENGIT!

netball_3Nisa Zafira dan Ida Lydia adalah pelajar-pelajar Darjah 6 yang giat dalam bidang sukan bola jaring. Mereka berdua akan menduduki peperiksaan UPSR untuk tahun ini tetapi mereka begitu aktif dalam bidang kokurikulum. Mereka dari sekolah yang berbeza iaitu Nisa dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(1) Putrajaya manakala Lydia dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 8(2) Putrajaya. Kedua-dua mereka ini akan bertemu dan berentap untuk mengharungi nama sekolah masing-masing. Juara MSSM pada tahun lepas di rangkul oleh Wilayah Persekutuan dengan mendapat 2 emas pada perlawanan akhir di Kangar pada 7 Jun 2013 yang lepas.


Apakah pertandingan yang mereka ceburi ?

Mereka terpilih sebagai pemain bola jaring sekolah untuk perlawanan Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) peringkat Putrajaya pada 24, 25 dan 26 April 2014

Apakah persediaan sebelum menghadapi perlawanan ini?

Mereka kerap mengadakan perlawanan persahabatan antara sekolah-sekolah di kawasan Putrajaya dan Lembah Kelang. Kebiasaannya mereka akan mula berlatih selepas tamat sesi persekolahan. Latihan akan di adakan setiap hari dari hari Isnin hingga Ahad dan mengambil masa sekurang-kurangnya 4 jam sehari.

Apakah jenis-jenis latihan yang di adakan?

Mereka di beri penerangan yang mendalam tentang disiplin dan cara permainan. Satu kumpulan di peruntukkan sebanyak 7 pemain dan 5 simpanan. Mereka akan membuat latihan untuk menyambut bola secara mendada dan juga menyambut bola dalam keadaan jarak jauh. Cara untuk memasukkan bola dalam jaring juga di titikberatkan dimana ianya menentukan kejuaraan. Persiapan mereka bukan sahaja dalam bidang latihan tetapi juga pemakanan yang baik untuk atlit.

Nisa dan Lydia sempat bergurau-senda semasa berlatih

Nisa dan Lydia sempat bergurau-senda semasa berlatih

Pemain GA, Nisa (baju oren) dan GD, Lydia (baju pink) sedang beraksi menunjukkan kehebatan masing-masing

Pemain GA, Nisa (baju oren) dan GD, Lydia (baju pink) sedang beraksi menunjukkan kehebatan masing-masing

Apa inisiatif lain dari guru-guru pelatih dan ibu bapa?

Guru-guru pelatih mengajar pemain–pemain untuk menjaga keterampilan walaupun ketika bersukan dengan memakai baju seragam dengan warna yang sama satu kumpulan untuk memberikan semangat kepada mereka bergerak berkumpulan dan sentiasa menyokong antara satu sama lain. Para ibu bapa juga banyak memberi kerjasama dengan membenarkan anak-anak mereka membuat latihan. Pemakanan yang seimbang dan yang memberi tenaga juga dititikberatkan melalui kerjasama guru-guru dan ibu bapa.

Bagaimana cara komunikasi?

Para guru, ibu-bapa dan anak-anak kini banyak menggunakan teknologi yang terkini dengan wujudnya pelbagai medium dan aplikasi yang boleh dimuat turun di internet. Sebarang masalah yang timbul atau maklumat baru dapat di sampaikan secara pantas dan berkesan. Semuanya hanya di hujung jari sahaja.

Harapan-harapan pemain-pemain dan guru:

Harapan kami agar mendapat sokongan dari ibu bapa dan sekolah untuk menang di peringkat Putrajaya. Kami juga berharap dapat menghantar seberapa ramai murid kita ke peringkat kebangsaan. Untuk peringkat kebangsaan pada tahun lepas 2013, kita menghantar 2 pelajar ke MSSM dan berjaya mendapat tempat ke-dua. Seramai 3 orang pelajar untuk bola jaring wakil dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11 (1) mendapat tempat ke-3, cukup mebanggakan!, jelas Cikgu Huda Hamit, guru latih Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(1).
“Selalunya saya tengok di kaca televisyen sahaja untuk melihat para atlit negara beraksi untuk sukan yang tertentu, tetapi saya tertanya dalam diri, kenapa saya tidak boleh menjadi seperti mereka satu hari nanti? Atlit yang berjaya bertaraf dunia semuanya gigih berlatih tiap-tiap hari. Saya ingin menjadi kebanggaan untuk keluarga saya,” kata Ida Lydia yang jelas sekali seorang atlit yang mempunyai lompatan yang tinggi dan bertenaga. Adik Lydia bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang saintis.

 “Apabila saya bersukan, keseluruhan badan saya lebih aktif berfungsi. Ianya meningkatkan daya pemikiran saya. Selain mengadap buku 24 jam tidak henti-henti, saya juga perlu membahagikan masa dengan aktiviti yang membuatkan saya seronok terutama bersama dengan rakan sekolah yang lain. Saya amat bersyukur kerana dapat guru-guru dan ibu bapa yang menyokong keinginan saya untuk aktif bersukan”, kata Nisa Zafira yang bermain sebagai GA untuk pasukannya.

 Sukan berkumpulan ini sangat mencabar dan memerlukan semangat berpasukan yang kuat. InsyaAllah, dengan bimbingan guru pelatih dan sokongan ibu bapa, anak-anak muda ini dapat berjaya dalam aktiviti kokurikulum dan juga akademik.