The Weekend Runner: Riada vs Ultra top

Recently, I came to a realization that my work out wardrobe is slowly taking over my everyday wardrobe when I I had integrated Nashata’s tops into casual wear and travel wear. I must confess that as a Nashata fan, I have worn both Riada and Ultra tops outside the track and gym, be it at the mall, on airplanes, at the market, or while sight-seeing. Even my mom shares most of my tops now when she’s out and about because she loves how comfortable they are! Both of us enjoy receiving feedback on what we wear, and I love helping out ladies (and gentlemen who shop for their ladies!) decide on which Nashata top they should choose.

So, ladies (and gentlemen), I hope you find the summary I provide to be helpful and useful when you shop at Nashata’s website:




Colour samples(for more colours, please refer to Nashata’s shopping website)  IMG_972311265552_10206489819074075_658511774826371631_o  CKl9atmUMAA76mO
Tops in action  After a short runIMG_9911Bonus point: this top is great for casual purposes too, such as sight-seeing or shopping.IMG_9098  During a race11222283_10207136433319027_1907043792367471939_nBonus point: this top is great for active outdoor activities, especially in hot humid conditions to help regulate your sweat.IMG_8970
Design Loose but not baggy. Suitable for light activities


*also comes in a longer, peplum design if your heavier on your lower body

Body-skimming, suitable for speed and performance.IMG_9505*also comes in a slimming zip up design with a hidden cuff pocket
Length Just below the bum.But longer peplum tops will end mid-thighs. Just below the bum
Looks good on… Most body shape Athletic to curvy
Material Moisture wicking, anti-bacteria Lighter, moisture wicking, anti-bacteria
Thumb holes None, but has a sleeves are cuffed so they stay put at your wrists Available, will cover the palm area.
Care Wash by hands in highly recommended, however can withstand delicate washing by machine Wash by hands in highly recommended, however can withstand delicate washing by machine


So, is there any other useful features that you would like to see in the future? Nashata would love to hear from you!


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

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