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Giving more Tender Loving Care (TLC) is our promise to our our ever-supportive customers in 2017.  So from now on, you can collect loyalty reward points when you purchase at You get RM1 for every 20 points you collect at and you can redeem and use the points for purchases above RM50. You get 1 point for every RM1 you spend at
Note : RM4~SG1.3~USD1

Here’s how you can use Nashata Reward Points.

Nashata Loyalty Program

Click My Loyalty Program under MY ACCOUNT (page footer)

Nashata Loyalty Program

Check and Transform your Loyalty Points into Voucher

Use the Voucher Code provided to get the discount.

Use the Voucher Code provided to get the discount for Minimum order of RM50

How to use Nashata Voucher Code

How to use Nashata Voucher Code : Enter the voucher code generated for you in the red box

Voucher code is valid for one year after the date of creation. Do check your points for time to time and don’t forget to take advantage of our NEW reward program. More TLC coming your way, insyaAllah!


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