Free Alkaline Drink at WOW Run 2015


Additional good news for WOW RUN participants! You’ll be given free 400ml alkaline drink as an energy booster.

What’s alkaline water?

According to Dr. Mona Harrison, MD Director of the International Water Council “cancer cells die in an alkaline water, and damaged cells are acidic.” PH imbalance causes our body will suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer, gaot, kidney failure and others.

Alkaline water can decompose acid residues that accumulate and facilitate the process of disposal through the digestive system, perspiring and breathing: –

  • The best way to dispose of organic waste from the body by only using alkaline water. Acidic wastes dumped will be stored in the body and it can reduce the accumulation of acid in the joints.
  • This is the answer to health, fitness, increase body metabolism system and youthful all day.
  • Drinking alkaline water helps digestion and eliminate toxins accumulated in the intestine and cause disease. Perfect health starts from a clean colon cleansing that begins with alkaline water.
  • and the most important is…it’s Halal and no hesitation on drinking it, In Sha Allah. botol_h20

So, stay healthy and energized with alkaline Hijrah Drink. 😉

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