1st Day @ SCORE, we received our 1st Toddler Customer

Today is our first day participating in the Sports, Competition and Recreational Expo at PWTC and we were amazed with the support and enthusiasm shown by our customers.

It was heartwarming to see many husbands were shopping for their respective wife, and found Nashata’s products ideal! This could mean many husbands support their wifes to ‘beriadah’ with them. Some were not certain about the color and sizes and wanted to bring their wifes back this weekend to get a matching suit !

We also received our youngest customer, a toddler who just love having Nashata sports tudung/hijab on. Her mother, a cyclist who bought a piece decided to get a pink-grey color for her. http://instagram.com/p/bDrcnbgv4J/


The  frequently asked questions received were :

1.”Ada Kedai tak?” / “Do you have a store?”, and

2. “Baju Nashata boleh pakai untuk swimming ke?” / ” Can we use Nashata products for swimming”



1. We only have an online store now and we are working towards getting relevant outlets to carry Nashata’s products

2. Our current products are not designed for swimming. We will look into it since many have been asking about it 🙂


We hope to see more customers and FB fans at our booth #57. We would love to hear from you.



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