The Weekend Runner: Why should you cross-train?

Have you ever woke up one day and you just don’t feel like running, but you feel perfectly happy to cycle? Or that nagging knee pain has been bothering you for months, and your physiotherapist has advised you to replace running with swimming for the mean time until your knee heals? Or you just completed a few series of tough marathons, and you would like to take a break but still keep in shape? Sounds like you could use some cross-training activities!


So what is cross-training? Think of running as the main source of food to keep you equipped with enough nutrients. However, if you want to be in top shape, cross-training acts as an additional supplement to your main diet of running. The most popular cross-training activities among runners are swimming, cycling, hiking, and skiing (if you are lucky enough to live where there is snow).


Some people might disagree, they say that cross-training is distracting from their regular running routine, but I think otherwise because:

Untitled Infographic



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