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Nashata is in the process of designing and producing modest sportswear for children. Here are the 4 final contestants for Nashata Kid Model. They are active, young, talented girls with so much positive energy. We had a good time getting to know them, taking photos and videos of them and capturing their moves. Special thanks to these girls, their parents and family members for their support.

Vote for Nashata Kids Model : Arissa Batrisyia, Elif Filza, Mishel Zaiti and Puteri Nur Sufia Schasya.

Here’s how you can vote:
1. There are 4 final contestants
2. Voting is via @nashatadotcom instagram
3. Like the instagram post of the contestant you wish to support
4. You can like as many contestants as you wish
5. You can also support by sharing individual contestant post to others
6. Comments that are kind and encouraging are welcomed
7. Voting ends 30 Sept ’19
8. Contestant with highest likes @nashatadotcom will be the winner (11:59pm 30 Sept ’19)

Click on their respective pictures to go to the instagram post to like and vote for the girls.

1. Arissa Batrisyia

Arissa Batrisyia Abdul Hasib is 10 years old. She is active in running, taekwando, swimming and football.  She represents her school in MSSD Track & Field 2019, competed in more than 10 taekwando competitions since 2018 including ITF Sarawak Inter-School Invitational Taekwando Championship 2018, bronze (pattern),  Champion 3 Malaysian Open Taekwando Championship 2018 (gold in pattern & Bronze in sparring) and the Synergy Taekwando Championship 2019 (Gold for both pattern and sparring) and was selected to  represent her school for Air Asia KL Junior League – girls team. Arissa has also been with D Swimming Academy, Bukit Jalil since she’s 5 and now in their Mini Squad. Click here or her pictures below to vote.


2. Elif Filza

Elif Filza Nur Shaffik is 10 years old.  She is active in swimming, artistic gymnastic, running and rugby.  Elif Filza has participated in sports competition such as the Jakarta Intercultural School Aqua Open 2019, British School Jakarta Swimming Open 2019, Australian Independent School Swimming Competition 2018 and 2019, JASIS Athletics 2018 and 2019, Moose Games Gymnastic Bangkok 2019, British School Jakarta Gymnastic Competition 2018 and 2019, KOMODO Jakarta Rugby (junior) 2017.
Click here or her pictures below to vote.

3. Mishel Zaiti

Mishel Zaiti Mohd Salehin is 7 years old. She is active in ballet, swimming, taekwondo and running. Click here or her pictures below to vote.

4. Puteri Nur Sufia Schasya

Puteri Nur Sufia Schasya Mohamad Fahmi, 7 years old.  She is active in rhythmic gymnastics and loves to dance.  In a past years she was presented in MSSD Hulu Langat in rhythmic gymnastics competition.

Click here or her pictures below to vote.

Do vote for the girls. We know it is not easy to vote because all of them deserve a thumbs up each ?. We are so proud of them. ?


Nashata Modest Swim Wear In Action

Hello there ladies,

My name is Nura, I am a physical education and swimming teacher. It is a little hard for me to find the perfect swim wear but Nashata’s swim wear has helped me do my job with less hassle.

I work with kids and my work is very sensitive, I have to be vigilant at all times and I have to be prepared for anything that might happen in the swimming pool. My swim wear needs to be light but covering. It also needs to be heavy duty but not something that will be uncomfortable. This swim wear have given me everything I need. I have not had issues with feeling that something is dragging me in the water.

I owned this swim wear for about a year and it is still holding up well. I am in the swimming pool at least 3 days a week with my students.

I really like the concept of having a body suit under the top, it feels nice. It can be problematic at times. If I have more than one swimming lesson in a row then bathroom trips can be a problem (it is not easy to change with the body suite under). Other than that, I am happy with my modest swim wear from Nashata 😀

Here is a little clip of me swimming 🙂


Pool WOD with my Iman Hijab

I am a big fan of the Iman hijab. I have it in almost every colour available, and at least 4 pairs in black. I wear my Iman hijab at almost every active activity, be it running, at the gym, exploring the outdoors, and many more. One of the most frequent questions that I get for my hijab is “Can I use it for swimming?”. Before I could decide, I put my hijab to the test at Fuel Athletics last Friday when we had our WOD (Work Out of the Day) in the pool.

Never without my Iman hijab. Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the work out as it was too dark outside.

Never without my Iman hijab. Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the work out as it was too dark outside.


We swam for less than 200m to warm up. It wasn’t complicated as I already know how to swim. Thanks to the elastic band that is built into the hijab, it stays put wonderfully on my head. As no under cap was required, the goggles can go comfortably around my head without feeling too tight.

It is not suitable for diving. The pool is not very deep, but due to the elastic band that holds the hijab in place it will result in pressure and discomfort in the ear.

I can also imagine that this hijab will also be suitable for activities that will require you to get wet, but not too vigorous, such as taking a dip by the beach.


We did thrusters and muscle up in the pool. These were very rapid and quick movement, transitioning from inside the pool to the surface of the pool. Due to the fabric around my head, it captured a lot of water and I felt that there was a lot of water rushing down my face. But it did not hinder my performance, I just could not see very well and it felt slightly uncomfortable.


If you are planning to go light on your wet activities, then this the right hijab for you. It is also suitable for a leisurely swim. However, if you want to go competitively in an event, or activities that require fast movement, it is better to stick to a conventional swimming cap or a head cover that is lighter and more suitable.

So ladies, I hope my honest review helps!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner

Open Water Diving Course: All-In RM1499 Budget

Have you ever thought of scuba diving as your next family holiday? It was always on my mind for many years and it got materialised when my youngest son reached 10. That is the minimum age requirement for PADI Open Water Diver course. Since all my family members could swim and float reasonably well (part of the requirements), I waited no more and scouted for affordable and suitable arrangement that could fit our schedules. Due to different school holidays and other commitments, the most suitable time was during tail end of national school holidays, which co-inside with fasting month.

Breath Deeply & Slowly

18 meters is the Max Depth for Open Water Divers


Perhentian Island was my preferred destination as I had never been there prior to this and it was one of the closest diving destinations from Klang Valley.  We drove to Kuala Besut Jetty, which was 500 km++ away from Klang Valley. It took us 6.5 hours to drive to Kuala Besut Jetty; so make sure there are at least 2 drivers. We stopped at Masjid Kampung Gemuruh, Kuala Trengganu at 5am for suhoor and after subuh prayers, we continued driving to Kuala Besut Jetty. We took the 8:15 am boat ride to Pulau Perhentian Kecil. As soon as we arrived, we checked into Senja Bay Resort and quickly walked about 150 meters to Anti-Gravity Divers.

Anti Gravity Divers

Anti Gravity Divers

This sharing is based on my experience and does not represent how the course should be like or how others would have experienced.


PADI Open Water Diver Course is a 4 full-days course. We popped by the diving center at 10 am and  were greeted by sweet Ili, one of the instructors at the center. There were 2 instructors assigned to five of us – Ili and Skunk. The course consisted of 5 sections of knowledge development i,e theory, 5 Confined Water Dives (where you learn important skills) and 4 Open Water Dives where you practice diving skills further. We went through 3 sections on the first day, followed by one confined water dive at Romantic Bay. We had to watch 3 videos and went though review questions and quizzes upon completion of every section. There was also a book we could refer to throughout the course. All content, material and exams were in English, so a good command and understanding in English was pretty important for this course.

padi open water course

Other than video, we got to refer to this book


Put Together Diving Equipment

Putting Together Diving Equipment

Our session started at 8:15 am and after briefing, gearing up and buddy check, we went to Sharila Bay for our second dive, followed by our third dive at 12 noon at Batu Nisan, along Pasir Panjang. We were taught how to fix diving equipment and apply important skills in the water which includes clearing masks whilst in the water, entering and exiting the water and sharing regulator,  After the third dive we watched video 4 and 5.

Ready for a Back Roll

Ready to Enter via Back Roll


We continued Open Water 2 at Batu Nisan, Perhentian Kecil,  followed by Open Water 3 at 3 Ruang, Perhentian Besar. We had to perform more skills in the water like putting on the equipment in the water, dropping weights, how to perform emergency ascend and many more. We also had to swim 200 meters and float for 10 minutes.

Hand Language is Important

12 meter Depth only for Junior Open Water Divers

In the afternoon, the instructors went through sections 3, 4 , 5 & the RDP (Recreational Dive)  table with us. Indeed there were loads of learning at this course. We got to learn about equipment, science, safety, communication and how to care for each other. How did my children ages 11-16 cope with the amount of info they had to digest? Pretty ok, as we had very good and patient instructors who made diving enjoyable.

Wear Suitable Attire

Wear Suitable Attire as You can get Too Cold or Hot


The last day was not as strenuous as days before since we only did one dive; Open Water 4, followed by final theory exams. At the Open Water 4, we got to learn how to use navigation compass on the surface and under water. After a late check-out, we took a boat ride to Kuala Besut at 4 pm, after which we drove back home.

Open Water Dive 4

Out for Open Water Dive 4 with Instructors Skunk & Ili


Fasting didn’t have any impact on me, but my youngest and second were dehydrated and exhausted on the third day, so they broke fast. As for my husband who could get sea-sick easily – having food early during suhoor eliminated sea-sickness throughout the course. The heat in the afternoon did make us feel sleepy and lethargic, especially when we had to watch long videos and read books.


Food on the island was reasonably priced and there were many places you could dine in. We broke fast at Senja Bay every night as it was close to comfort, sunset was marvelous and there was a good selection of food to choose from. Here’s a good budget for a person. You can save or spend more based on transport and accommodation preference.

Sunset Breakfast

Sunset at Senja Bay Resort

  • Accommodation : RM290. We got an air-conditioned family room with 6 beds at Senja Bay . Breakfast (suhoor) provided. Do bring insect repellent as you get a lot of mosquitoes at night. You can save more by choosing cheaper chalets, but many come without air-conditioning, fans only.
  • Return Boat Transfer : RM60
  • Food : RM120. You can get a decent meal for RM15-20.
  • Road Transport (Toll & Petrol & Secure Car Park) : RM38. As long as you can get at least 2 drivers, it is much cheaper to drive. If you take the plane, you would need to take a cab from Kota Bahru to Kuala Besut Jetty.
  • Diving Course : RM990 by Anti-Gravity Divers

TOTAL : RM1,498 / USD360

Diving Log

Divers Log – Hope to log more soon!


Clown Fish

Clown Fishes


  • Bring your own water containers. Reduce plastic use and refill your container for drinking water
  • If you like to make your own hot drinks in your room, find out if your room has water boiler. You can bring one if they don’t provide any
  • Beware of insects! Bring along insect repellent.
  • If you wear contact lenses, make sure you bring extras or remove them when required. You’d need to swim under water without mask on and eyes opened for a few meters.
  • Beware of sharp objects and dead corals that might hurt your feet. Bring and wear aqua shoes and get a pair of flippers that would fit your feet with aqua shoes on.
  • Ask preferred Diving Center to make recommendations for accommodation close to the center and assist boat transfer.
Camouflage Scorpion Fish

Beware of Poisonous Life : Camouflage Scorpion Fish

Now that we are a family of scuba divers – we could enjoy our beach vacation more – beyond snorkeling and canoeing. There are so much to explore, see and learn from the marine life!

Other adventure family activities :

How to Choose the Right Sports Hijab

Fitness requires the utmost comfort and what that means is being comfortable in your fitness attire. If you are a hijabi, comfort and safety in sports are equally important. To get the best fitness experience in a hijab, there are a 3 key areas you need to remember :  Fabric, Safety, Design

1. Fabric

Choose the right fabric.

  • Choose fabric that moisture wicks
    What it means is that the fabric is able to dry fast by  evaporating moisture and sweat away from skin. Most wicking fabrics are made of polyester mix. Typical cotton absorbs moisture and sweat and does not facilitate evaporation well. Therefore, moisture tends to hold onto it and due to that, the fabric becomes heavier and may cause discomfort and chafing. There is moisture wicking cotton designed for sports, but expensive.
  • Breathablility
    Mesh, Pattern Texture or Interlock or mix? Mesh is more breathable as it has small holes to allow ventilation.
    There are some fabric with different types of pattern texture as pique, waffle and stripe pique. They are not smooth but adds flattering element onto your sportswear. Interlock, on the other hand is smooth and soft, but as not breathable as mesh.
    Wafer Pique
    Mesh and Interlock Fabric
  • Thickness & Weight
    Depending on temperature and humidity, you would want to choose the right thickness so that you don’t get too hot or too cold with hijab on. Thickness comes with extra weight. If you are looking for performance sports hijab, choose the ones that are lightweight and fast drying.  If you prefer heavier fabric for personal reasons,  it is ok too. Some prefer heavier fabric as it is not easily blown by the wind, hence does not flip easily.
  • Wet or Dry, or Both
    Find out if fabric is suitable for swimming and water sports. Some polyester and nylon fabric are fast drying and elastic that they are versatile for both dry and wet.

2. Safety features

  • Easily Detachable
    Depending on the level of intensity and ruggedness of your activity, you would want to get sports hijab that is secure but removable easily so that your head or neck does not get snagged. Accidents can happen when your hijab gets stuck or pulled while working out. 
    No pins or brooch

    Avoid wearing pins or brooches on hijab for sporting activities. Be it safety pins, sewing pins or scarf pins, you may not only cause danger to yourself but others who are exercising with you. Brooches with sharp edges and pins may cause unnecessary injuries.
    Wrapsarounds? Maybe not.
    Long scarfs that require wrapping around your neck are not safe as it my cause injuries if the scarf gets stuck or snagged while moving around.

Possible injury if scarf wrapped around neck for Sports

  • Reflectors (nice to have)
    Invest a little bit more for additional safety feature like reflectors on your hijab. You would find such feature useful for caving, hiking, trailing and even for running and cycling at night or before the sun comes out.

    Sports Hijab Reflector

    Sports Hijab Reflector

3. Designs

  • Sporty
    Sporty designs typically make use of vivid lines around the head and front. However, if you are not comfortable having such look, you could wear simple and conventional designs. Some sports hijab designs are suitable for both wet and dry activities.

    Short Sporty Design

    Short Sporty Design

  • Length & Width
    Depending on your dressing preference and comfort, you can either choose short or long hijab. Short sports hijab gives better hand movement and lesser obstruction around chest area. Some finds good comfort  tucking in short sports hijabs into their shirts .
    If you prefer long sports hijab for better chest coverage, make sure the sides do not obstruct hand and shoulder movement.

    Long Sports Hijab

    Long Sports Hijab

  • Colors
    Black, white and grey are the common and most universal colors. Do remember however, that black absorbs heat and it does affect sporting experience, especially outdoor and during daytime. Avoid using dark colors and try wearing hints of bright colors on your sports hijab as it adds more vibrant onto your look.

    Hints of Bright Colors

    Hints of Bright Colors

  • Design for the right Sporting Activity
    Jumping & Inversion friendly

    If you are looking for sports hijab for obstacle run, yoga or any sporting activities that require jumping or rolling like netball or volleyball, you may want to look for hijab that does not flip (unflippable) or invert, or you may want to tuck in your hijab.

    Inversion Friendly

  • Competitive or Training
    If you are an athlete looking for performance sports hijab, you need to get the ones made of lightweight and super breathable fabric.
    It is also important that the hijab is comfortable and practical that it does not cause obstruction when you compete. You would want to compete with a clear and free mind. It may be pricier. You can spend a little bit lesser for sports hijab you use for training. It can be longer and heavier and not designed for performance.
    Competitive Sports Hijab

So weigh your options and choose the right sports hijab for a swift and comfortable sporting experience. Check the fabric, make sure the hijab is safe for sports, pick design that flatters you and suits your sporting activity.

Focus on performance and having a great active lifestyle!


Taman Negara Pahang (Pahang National Park)

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”- John Muir, Father of National Parks.

I don’t hate modern technology and the comforts of modern, civilized city. But, we are getting too dependent on them, it’s unhealthy and borderline addictive. It hit me that I was one of those addicts when I freaked out that Taman Negara Pahang has no wi-fi or 3G! How am I going to get in touch with everyone? What if an important email comes in? Will I miss out on an important news or announcement?

So I took up the challenge for a gadget-free weekend of ‘Digital Detox’. Deprived of the 21st century amenities except for a simple room with mattress and running water, I embarked on a simpler way of life. Electricity and telephone reception was available, but it was unstable. We weren’t deprived of food, but it was a non-fussy ‘kampung’ method of cooking.

I tried not to dwell on what was not available. Instead, I wanted to focus with the fact that I was in one of the oldest rainforest in the world. Surely there is plenty to look around then looking at the screen of my phone. My friend and I walked around the small village, chatted with other visitors and locals while waiting for our night walk.

After dinner, we proceeded with our night walk. Some of the interesting animals and insects we spotted were:

IMG_3851A poisonous cave centipede 

IMG_3856A docile, domesticated tapir comfortably taking a nap despite surrounded by a crowd. According to the guide, the tapir was orphaned since it was a baby so park rangers raised him instead. From time to time, it will appear on the hotel ground.

A trip to the rainforest would not be complete without any jungle trekking. The highlight of the trekking was a canopy walk and the view on Bukit Terisek. It was a very mild hike as most of the path had platforms or stairs, so it’s suitable for family trips or beginners. We went to an Orang Asli (aboriginals) settlement too to learn about their culture and way of life. Since this National Park is protected, it is interesting to note that only a few of the Orang Asli tribes are allowed to hunt and harvest in the jungle as they are still living their traditional, nomadic way of life.


IMG_3901Canopy walk. The suspended bridge was hanging 40-50 meters above the ground.

IMG_3894IMG_3900The hike to the top of Bukit Terisek for a view of Gunung Tahan, the highest point in the Peninsular of Malaysia. It’s about 7 days of hiking and trekking to get to the top from Kuala Tahan. 

Our last activity was called “Rapid Shooting”. As the name suggests, the guide will zoom us on the Tembeling River with a lot of splashing, and ending it with a swim in the river. By this point, we realized that there is no point in bringing along our gadgets. We locked them safely back in our room. We did not have any camera to capture the moment, but the fun memories were safely stored in our brains for us to relive it over and over again. While everyone was fumbling with keeping their phones/ cameras dry and busy pressing buttons, we did not have to pose for photos, we weren’t concerned if our gadgets will get wet or fall into the river – We were totally focused on living in the moment! It was very liberating.

In the end, I didn’t manage to totally cure myself from depending too much on the comforts of modern society, and I don’t think I ever will be. But it did made me think about “So what did I miss out on?” The main answer was: Nothing much. People will still proceed as their normal lives would, and the world will continue to spin like it should. Perhaps I should go for another round of ‘Digital Detox’, this time it will be longer than 2 days.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner

The Weekend Runner: Why should you cross-train?

Have you ever woke up one day and you just don’t feel like running, but you feel perfectly happy to cycle? Or that nagging knee pain has been bothering you for months, and your physiotherapist has advised you to replace running with swimming for the mean time until your knee heals? Or you just completed a few series of tough marathons, and you would like to take a break but still keep in shape? Sounds like you could use some cross-training activities!


So what is cross-training? Think of running as the main source of food to keep you equipped with enough nutrients. However, if you want to be in top shape, cross-training acts as an additional supplement to your main diet of running. The most popular cross-training activities among runners are swimming, cycling, hiking, and skiing (if you are lucky enough to live where there is snow).


Some people might disagree, they say that cross-training is distracting from their regular running routine, but I think otherwise because:

Untitled Infographic



Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.




The Weekend Runner: Never one over the other.

Over the years before I was bitten by the running bug, I was into loads of different types of sports. Back in my school days I learnt how to swim, did a few martial arts (Karate, Taekwondo, kick boxing), then when I was in university I went to the gym and track regularly (that’s when I started running), and was briefly into horse-back riding during summer breaks and skiing in the winter.

10639540_10204538712697635_4573004107510729320_nSwimming was one of the most valuable skills that I have learnt.

It has never crossed my mind that what I wear is a limitation to what I wanted to do. Sadly, it is quite common to hear excuses from ladies who are not interested to lead an active lifestyle because they claim to have nothing suitable to wear. However, I was determined to make things work for me. Before I discovered Nashata, I learnt how to adapt with what is available in the current market. For swimming, I would buy a surfer’s long-sleeve rash guard with separate tights and put a swim cap on. I would make a short-sleeve t-shirt wearable by layering to go to the gym. I used many pins to ensure that my hijab stays in place when I kick, punch, and jump around. All of these are done to ensure that I meet 2 important criteria in sports: I dress modestly, and my performance is not compromised.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf everyone can do it, why can’t I do it too?

Nowadays thanks to Nashata and the booming modest activewear market, you are spoilt for choices. There are innovative designs for swimwear if bikinis are not your thing. Layering and heavy fabrics are replaced by sweat-wicking, ventilating fabrics. I dressed up for the gym in the past, but now I look even better. I did my best, but now I could push myself harder. Modesty and performance that went hand-in-hand has never left, but now it is enhanced thanks to improvements which was driven by the market demands for modest activewear.


‘Performance’ is a very loose term being thrown around, as ‘performance’ might mean getting a medal while others are satisfied with being able to complete a work out. Until you have experienced or knowledge on a type of sport, it is hard to determine what is suitable or unsuitable. For example, after participating in numerous running events I have learnt the hard way that the wrong fabric, seam, and design has caused chafing. It hurts, your skin bleeds, and you are distracted from performing your best. But with Nashata’s team, I am assured that their products have undergone testing. Similarly, I am very sure that athletes, coaches, and their supporting team can come up with solutions to meet the sports standards and requirement while still adhering to modest dressing and performing their best.



Nashata from head to toe and no chafing after 21KM!


I plan to expand the list of sports initially mentioned above. There is so much to discover and do. I want to complete an ultramarathon, learn how to surf, get a scuba diving license, master pilates and yoga, conquer Mount Kinabalu, and many other mountains in the future. And I plan to do all of that while still dressed modestly. So ladies, your old excuse “I cannot learn how to swim/ run/  because I do not have a proper attire” is so yesterday.

534948_4185488125314_1775782184_n We cannot do whaaa because we have to wear whaaa? Sorry can’t hear you, having too much fun in the water.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.


Which “her” are you in Summer colors?

What color would you like to put on, in the coming summer? Which “her” are you?



Baby blue

She’s going to run into the sky; she wants to have a blueberry cake; she has got a lot of love… Her mind is clear like the water and her attitude is simple but strong. When she feels hot, she would just drink a glass of ice drink and throw herself into the swimming pool. Is she wild? No, she is just cool.


Our pick: Baby Blue Top RM89


Where is the icon? She is here. We can feel the power is nearby when she is coming. Always energetic, always smiling, always gives an outstanding impression. That’s her, the friendly orange queen.

Heather Orange Top

Our pick: Orange Print Top RM99

Silvery grey

Do you enjoy your time of having deep thoughts? Still confused? She definitely does. Because she is an independent lady. Her mind is well developed, her thinking is sensible and her behavior is natural and generous. She was born in the modern and always looking into the future. Her wisdom makes her more and more beautiful.


Our pick: Grey Riada Pants RM109

Apple Green

She is like a light. She brings happiness to people. The life is hard for everyone, we should try our best to fill energy for ourselves. However, she is like an apple, you can’t smell it by distances, you would just love the feeling when you bite it. Sweet, healthy and fresh, unable to forget.


Heather Purple

Ms Mystery is in front of the flowers, she looks noble, smart and attractive. When the wind comes, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Maybe it’s difficult for people to understand her by the first sight, but she is real. She uses her sincere heart to do everything and share everything kindly. No doubt that her gentle experiences let her go further and further.


Our pick: Heather print top RM99

Want to Optimise your Optimal Ultra Set? Take it for a SWIM!

Now that we have Amin Hijab as part of the Optimal Ultra Set, let’s see how the whole set performs in the water.

Two types of combinations tested for a few laps of breast strokes and free style.

1. Amin Hijab (worn outside and covering the chest) & Grey Ultra Top

2. Amin Hijab (worn inside) & Black Ultra Top

The only items that are not Nashata were the black goggles and pink icewatch

Amin Hijab (worn outside and covering the chest) & Grey Ultra Top


  • The material for Amin hijab is not for swimming although it dries fast and light. If worn outside just like in this video, the front part of the hijab would move around when you swim.
  • The grey ultra top is nice and cool as the color is light. The material for ultra top can be used for triathlon, hence there is no problem using the top in the water. As to whether or not the top floats when you swim. Surprisingly it didn’t while standing and swimming.
  • The skirt compression pants were nice. The skirt floats when you stand, revealing the pants underneath, but when you swim, the skirt doesn’t cause any obstruction.

It is good to have the front part of the hijab outside, covering the chest as soon as you get out of the water.

Nashata Optimal Ultra Set Grey

Nashata Optimal Ultra Set : Grey Ultra Top

2. Amin Hijab (worn inside) & Black Ultra Top

After the first combination, we tried the black ultra top with the hijab tucked into the top.

  • Swimming with the hijab tucked into the shirt gave a much better swimming experience. It is neater and no obstruction while swimming.
  • The black  top is much hotter, due to the color. If you plan to use the top in the hot sun, grey would be a better choice.
Nashata Optimal Ultra Set : Black Ultra Top

Nashata Optimal Ultra Set : Black Ultra Top

All in all, if you plan to use the optimal Ultra set in the water, you could safely do so, but you need to make sure the hijab is tucked IN while you are in the water and OUT when you are done swimming.

Do consider wearing a lighter color especially if you plan to be out in the sun. Black absorbs ridiculously a lot of heat. But if you are considering the grey top, do take note that your figure is more revealing in grey compared to black.

How long did it take to dry the top and hijab?

  • Amin Hijab dries first within 5 minutes
  • Followed by Grey A-Cut Top
  • And Lastly the Black A-Cut Top

All three products dried within 10 minutes!


We highlighted the upside and downside of the products when you take them for a swim : so that you can make the right decision when you purchase and wear the optimal ultra set; The products are not designed for swimming but if you want to purchase them, you would be able to use them in the water without much problems.