My first CrossFit Open Games 2017 Experience

Last Saturday I unleashed my inner beast mode and did my very first CrossFit Open Games even though I have not registered for it. It was crazy brutal – I have been doing CrossFit for almost 8 months, yet this was the first time I was unable to finish a WOD (Work out of the Day). I knew this was something I had to do every week. So without much hesitation, I immediately signed up, paid the US$10 fees, and uploaded my score to

What is CrossFit Open Games?

A typical CrossFit class will consist of 3 components: Warm Up, Strength/Technique, and Workout of the Day or WOD (this is the highlight of every class). Usually, it is up to the coach to determine what WOD will it be. But for CrossFit games, a WOD will be announced via the CrossFit Games website. The WOD announced must be completed within Friday until Monday, 5pm Pacific Time. Then, participants will upload their scores on the website and their coaches will verify as judges. The best part is anyone can participate! If they could not do the Rx (more advanced techniques and heavier weights), then they can do the Scaled version, which was what I did. Everyone is encouraged to do to the best of their abilities.

I can't do a pull up. I can't do double unders...and the list goes on. But I registered anyways.

I can’t do a pull up. I can’t do double unders…and the list goes on. But I registered anyways. *all photo credits in this post goes to Fuelprime Crossfit

Why did I do it?
1. I have always been curious about how do I fare against other athletes. Based on the scores that I have to submit weekly, I know where I stand.
2. Running all the time can be boring and mundane. Yet, I needed an outlet to feel competitive, so I turned to CrossFit Games.
3. Peer pressure – Thanks to my CrossFit gym buddies, I wanted to be a part of the hype too!

What was the WOD that I had to complete?

WOD 17.1

WOD 17.1

This WOD is capped at 20 minutes. For female (scaled), I used a 10kg dumbbell, 20-inch box and I could step up on the box instead of jumping.

How did I fare in the end?

My score. I could not complete the last 15 step up over box burpees.

My score. I could not complete the last 15 step up over box burpees.

My ranking on the Leaderboard

My ranking on the Leaderboard

I rank 27 out of 50 for Female Malaysian athletes in the scaled category as of 8.44pm, Malaysian time. I am sure more scores are being uploaded and verified as we are speaking.
Conclusion: I love how this CrossFit Open Games is inclusive, regardless of their level of experience. Everyone is encouraged to try and submit their scores. I’ve seen videos of 85 year old grandmothers doing dumbbell snatches and a one-legged amputee doing box jumps. So no more excuses! I am nervous yet excited for next week’s WOD!

These crazy people made me do it!

These crazy people made me do it!

Pool WOD with my Iman Hijab

I am a big fan of the Iman hijab. I have it in almost every colour available, and at least 4 pairs in black. I wear my Iman hijab at almost every active activity, be it running, at the gym, exploring the outdoors, and many more. One of the most frequent questions that I get for my hijab is “Can I use it for swimming?”. Before I could decide, I put my hijab to the test at Fuel Athletics last Friday when we had our WOD (Work Out of the Day) in the pool.

Never without my Iman hijab. Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the work out as it was too dark outside.

Never without my Iman hijab. Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the work out as it was too dark outside.


We swam for less than 200m to warm up. It wasn’t complicated as I already know how to swim. Thanks to the elastic band that is built into the hijab, it stays put wonderfully on my head. As no under cap was required, the goggles can go comfortably around my head without feeling too tight.

It is not suitable for diving. The pool is not very deep, but due to the elastic band that holds the hijab in place it will result in pressure and discomfort in the ear.

I can also imagine that this hijab will also be suitable for activities that will require you to get wet, but not too vigorous, such as taking a dip by the beach.


We did thrusters and muscle up in the pool. These were very rapid and quick movement, transitioning from inside the pool to the surface of the pool. Due to the fabric around my head, it captured a lot of water and I felt that there was a lot of water rushing down my face. But it did not hinder my performance, I just could not see very well and it felt slightly uncomfortable.


If you are planning to go light on your wet activities, then this the right hijab for you. It is also suitable for a leisurely swim. However, if you want to go competitively in an event, or activities that require fast movement, it is better to stick to a conventional swimming cap or a head cover that is lighter and more suitable.

So ladies, I hope my honest review helps!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner

CrossFit at a new Fuel Athletics gym!

A few weeks ago, I had a great experience at the weight lifting introduction class in Fuel Athletics. Recently, they opened their doors to a new outlet in Shah Alam and invited me plus a few friends to try CrossFit after iftar (breaking our fast). I immediately said yes because I was drawn to CrossFit’s high intensity; I can get maximum amount of work done and calories burnt in a short period of time.

CrossFit can be roughly defined as varied high intensity functional movements, while combining certain aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. (source: Based on this definition, CrossFit is not new to me. I had similar experiences before at Revelation Republic and a few LesMills GRIT classes, under various names such as Body Conditioning or GRIT Strength. To me, the principles and movements are pretty similar so experienced athletes (or in my case, athlete-wannabes) will have no problem transitioning.

However, what makes Fuel Athletics different is its location and spacious design. Currently, Fuel Athletics is the first CrossFit certified gym in Shah Alam, attracting crowds from as far as Sungai Buloh and Puncak Alam. The location at Menara Naza TTDI is strategic, with a nice mix of working adults and student crowd. The gym has 2 floors, an outdoor space, and a pool with changing room and surau.

IMG_4607CrossFit space and equipment on the lower floor

IMG_4620Spacious upper floor, with future plans for yoga classes

IMG_4621Plus point: This gym even has an outdoor pool too!

After some dynamic stretcing and warming up indoors and outdoors, we proceeded to the highlight of the night – the WOD (Work Out of the Day). For tonight’s session, the WOD was simple, yet effective: partner up, and one person does burpees while the partner holds weight plates above his/her head. Then switch roles after the partner completes a few burpees. Do this as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes. Do not underestimate the lack of fancy equipments or movements, because burpees are advanced enough to be considered as a full body work out. So after a few rounds of burpees and holding up the weight plates above my head, my arms were already shakey. I even hesitated if I should decrease my weights from 10kg to 5kg so I can ‘survive’ all 10 minutes of the WOD!

IMG_4596Warming up outdoors with some sprints

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe WOD got me like… (in a good way of course)

I can see that these series of WOD will definitely complement my marathon training programme. It will build up my legs muscle strength so I can run longer, faster, and less prone to injury. As for my upper body which has been neglected for some time, needs a lot of work as it has gotten flabby and weak. Perfection is still a long road ahead, so for the mean time, I just need to strike a balance between strength work outs and clocking in enough mileage.

For more info and registration:

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Until next week,

The Weekend Runner