FullBody Workout – 4 Sets – NO Equipment Needed

Salam Sisters,

Here is a new video in the NO Equipment Series.
Today it No Equipment FULLBODY Workout.
All you need is your energy and some space.

How to use this video?
I have 4 sets of full body workout out. Pick which ones you want to do and repeat each move 10-15 times. Then repeat them 3 times.

Workout Outfits Details: 

Sports Hijab:
– Hooda Ellipse in Black

Modest Sports Tops: 
– Ultra Top II in Pink
– Ultra Hoodie Gen in Gold and White
– Zipper Hoodie in Grey

– Riada Training Pants II
– Riada Sweat Pants II

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Keep It Healthy,

20 Legs Workout – No Equipment Needed (Indoors or Outdoors)

Salam Sisters,

Here is a new video in the NO Equipment Series.
Today it No Equipment Legs Workout.
You can do som of these just sitting infront of the TV, literally!
All you need is your energy and some space.

How to use this video?
Pick 5 of the workouts in the video, repeat each move 10 to 15 times, then do 3 sets of all.

Workout Outfits Details: 

Sports Hijab:
– Hooda Hijab in Beige
– Raazglove in Black
– Mumtaz Lite sports Hijab in Maroon
– Amin Extended Sports Hijab in Maroon

Modest Sports Tops: 
– Ultra Top Galaxy Collection II in Beige
– Azza Topletic in Navy
– Azza Topletic in Black
– Azza Topletic in White

– Fitness Leggings
– Dual Colored stirrup high waist
– High waist fitness in maroon
– Stirrup high Waist in Black

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Keep It Healthy




20 Arms Workouts – No Equipment Needed (Indoors or Outdoors)

Dear Sisters,

In this video, I share 20 Arm workouts that will help your arms stay strong and toned. You can do those workouts ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
All you need is your energy and some space.

How can you put those workouts into use?
Pick 5 of the workouts, repeat each move 10-15 time, then do 3 sets of all.


Sports Hijab:
– Hooda Ellips Sports Hijab in Black
– Hooda Hijab for Dry and wet use with Zipper in Beige
– Raazglove in Grey
(I like to keep my sports hijabs under my clothes. This is just my preference)

Modest Sports Tops:
– Athleisure Top in Purple
– Ultra Top Galaxy Collection II in Pink
– Ultra Top Galaxy Collection in Beige
– Azza Topltic in Blue

– Jasmine Pants

Share with me if you do any of those workouts.
let me know if you have any questions or request specific workout videos.

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Keep It Healthy








20 Abs Workouts – No Equipment Needed (Indoors or Outdoors)

Dear Strong Ladies,

In this video, I share 20 Abs workouts that you can do anywhere at anytime. You need nothing what so ever. NO equipment, NO Gym, NO Hassel.
All you need is your body and some space.

How can you use this video?

Pick 5 of those workouts, and do repeat each 10-15 times, then do three sets of them.

I would love to hear from you how you like it.
Next I will be doing No equipment, Arms workout. Let me know what you would suggest or would like to see.

Literally, you have no excuse now. Just Get moving.

Here are some details about the modest sports clothes that I wore in this video:

Sports Hijabs:
– Raazglove in Green and Black
– Raazniq in Grey

Modest Sports Tops:
– Ultra Top II in Orange
– Azzatopletic in Black, Pink, and Navy

– StirUp Hihg waist

If you ever have any questions regarding this video, I am more than happy to help.
Don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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Keep It healthy,


Weight Loss – Tips for Dieters

Weight loss journey is more of a mental challenge. Being mentally prepared is key that will help you stick to your journey on the long run and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some tips that you need to tap into to make your weight loss journey manageable:

  • Think of your self as a think healthy person. Skip all the negative thoughts about feeling that you don’t deserve to be in this journey or how will you achieve your goals.
  • Eat health food that will feed your body not the food that will feed the fat.
  • Avoid dinning outside at least the first two weeks of starting your journey. This will help you to tap into a healthier lifestyle.
  • Plan meals ahead of time. This will help you to avoid dinning outside and will get you prepared.
  • When eating, eat slow, as you are sitting down and chew your food well.



Weight Loss – Points to Consider

Weigh loss can be difficult if we don’t understand why we need to lose weight. It can also be confusing if we don’t know how.
But before you jump into any plans to lose weight, you need to keep in mind that weight loss is permanent.

Headstand Nura Arabi

Think about your goals

Here are some points that you need to consider before starting your weight loss plan.

  1. Get out of the Ideal weight/look mentality: Be realistic. Genetics play a big role into how we lose/gain weight and how we look.
  2. Assess why you need to lose weight: Is it for health issue or just to follow trends?
  3. Commitment: Don’t break the promises you make with your body. Losing and gaining weight again and again can cause more harm than good.
  4. Dieting stress: Are you able to handle dieting? Are you going to follow random diets? Never follow diets that are based on one food group or takes out an important food group out of your meal. Always be supervised by a professional.
  5. Make slow and steady plans
  6. Assess diet / exercise needs

Here is a video for you that further explains the mentioned points. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Nura xoxo


Healthy lifestyle : Tips for Busy Women

Busy with work, chores, family, cooking or studying? The list goes on and everyday, we struggle to find time to be THE superwoman who is fit and healthy-looking at all times. But everyday we go through battles –  being tired, having daily conversations with ourselves on delaying or postponing work, sometimes salah/solat, and working out. We allow ourselves to dwell into unhealthy meals, snacking and drinking sweetened beverages.

About a year ago, my weight reached 51 kg and body fat percentage was 33%. The past months, I manage to keep my weight at 45kg, BMI 19 and body fat percentage 25%. I eat the most, alert and fastest at work. Working out and eating healthy are routines in my life. I am not a health expert – just an average jane who wants to improve health condition and loves to share.

The battles between making emotional and logical choices are always there. While we know we need to make logical choices, we are all emotional vulnerable beings. One way to avoid emotional choices is to embed healthier choices in daily routines. Here are 8 simple steps to keep a healthy lifestyle, which I practise on a daily basis.

1. First of all, know current body condition

Know your current:

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index. A normal BMI ranges from 18.5 – 25. If you don’t know your BMI, here’s the calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage. The acceptable rate is 20%-25%. Here is the calculator

Know your ideal numbers and set your targets. Working towards meeting your targets.

2. Find an activity you can do on a daily basis
Just like praying and eating, make working out your daily routine. Once it is a routine, you need to be able to perform the activity anytime, anywhere. Find an activity that you enjoy and that motivates you to be be good at. As for me, even though I love swimming, I choose to run on a daily basis because it is faster and easier to perform. I perform other types of activities if I have extra time.

Find activity that suits you

Find an activity that suits you and enjoyable

3. Find at least 40 mins/day to workout; 5 mins warm up, 30 mins workout, 5 mins cool down

You can find time to workout,

  • Before Fajr
  • After Fajr
  • Before Work – After Work before Sunsets
  • Before midnight

As for me, I plan to work out before shower or meal times ?. I cook or prepare meals while cooling down. It saves time.

Plan your day, make sure you workout in a safe environment if you are alone. If you cannot find a gym or unable to workout outdoor, tabata or yoga indoor instead. Make sure your family members know your whereabout when you workout outdoors.

Time is precious, so is your health

Time is precious, so is your health. Plan your time well.

4. Dress smartly, suit up in comfy activewear if you are NOT at work

Changing from office-wear to activewear can be time consuming. Therefore, always be in your activewear so that you can quickly run or work out when you have a 40 min window. ?‍ You spend lesser time changing clothes and more time sweating out. ?Make sure your running shoes or workout attire and gears are accessible at all times. ? Leave them in your car if needed.

5. Eat healthy
Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts offer you vitamins, protein and minerals to provide good nutrition for your body. It helps reduce body fat level. When you train your body to eat healthy, it will naturally reject unhealthy food over time. Healthy, balanced meals may not look fancy, but they are easier and faster to prepare. Tastier too!
Tips to eat healthy:

  • Make and pack your own meal
  • Fill up your kitchen with fruits, vege and nuts, especially those you can eat raw like carrots, banana, apples & grapes
  • Baking or grilling brings out the flavour from meat, and they are healthier & easier to make
  • Pick healthy menu when dining out

    Fresh & Nutritious

    Make healthy choices : Fresh & Nutritious

If you are eating healthy, ignore what others have to say about it. What you consume affects your body, not theirs.

6. Get 6-7 hours of good rest or sleep everyday.

Studies show that exercise helps you sleep better. When you sleep, your heart & blood vessels get repaired & healed.  Hydrate your body well. Drink a glass of water before and after bedtime.

Nap if you have to

Take a nap if you have to make the numbers

7. Track your weight, Body Mass Index(BMI) & Body Fat Percentage & achieve your targets

Don’t let your measurements slip! Make it a daily check if you can, even though it is not recommended by medical practitioners. It is harmless. Do invest in a good weighing machine that tells your BMI, Body Fat percentage & muscle mass. Then you will know how to balance workout and food intake that help you keep a healthy weight, BMI & Body Fat. Workout & eat healthy daily and watch these indicators improve.

Weigh Daily

Weigh Daily and understand your body better

8. Tweak your activities & food intake accordingly to achieve your targets. REPEAT
It is a slower process, but sustainable as the routine would help you understand your body and achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Don’t forget to visit, update, talk to and get feedback from your doctors on regular basis on your overall fitness condition. They are the best in giving medical and health advises.

Have a healthy lifestyle and fight all the excuses that delay you from achieving ideal fitness level. I hope the above sharing helps. I am just another lady who wants to keep healthy. Good luck & enjoy your routine!

Stay Fit & Be Happy!

Stay Fit & Be Happy!



Making Healthier Choices at Eid Buffets

Do you find yourself…

  • feeling guilty after eating at Eid buffets or “kenduri”?
  • gaining weight?
  • feeling sluggish with low energy?
  • not able to run as fast as you used to?

Then it might be from all those unhealthy food choices that we make during our Eid feasts. We cannot avoid from fulfilling invitations to open houses, especially from friends, family, or relatives that we have not seen in a while. However, we can still make healthier choices. Don’t forget to burn off those excess calories too!

*all tips are adapted from Kevin Zahri’s ebook “Survival Guide – Diet and Exercise During Ramadhan” and “Survival Guide – 20 Hari Raya Tips to Keep That Weight Off”

WebPhotos courtesy of google image and free image banks


However, if you do fall into the trap of over-eating, you can always burn off those raya goodies. Here’s a reference of how much your favourite ‘kuih’ or cookies, their calorie count, and how much work out it takes to burn off, so plan your menu accordingly!

Adapted from: Singasports.com/health-fitness/8-hari-raya-goodies

Kuih Serving size Calories Equivalent to…
Pineapple tart 1 piece 82kcal 8 rounds of continous lap swimming
Kuih Bangkit 1 piece 23kcal 5 minutes of jumping jacks
Kuih Makmur 1 piece 57kcal Walking up a flight of stairs to the 10th floor
Honey Cornflakes 1 small cup (approx 15g) 61kcal 20 minutes of yoga or 11 minutes of Zumba
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 piece 110kcal Weight lifting at moderate intensity for 15 minutes and then row for 13 minutes
Kek Lapis 1 slice (approx 30g) 147kcal Cycling at 15km/hr for 17 minutes
Popiah/ Spring Roll 1 handful (approx 45g) 228kcal 4km run
Spicy Tapioca Chips 1 handful (approx 68g) 317kcal Circuit training with weights/ aerobics class/ other strenuous high intensity exercise for at least 45 minutes

Loose Weight Effectively with EMS

Looking for a training program that is effective and women-friendly? Try the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training program. It is a total body workout program using external electro impulses. EMS training is used for various purposes; body shaping, improving strength and speed, oint-sparing muscle formation and to improve posture. Fazilah, finds the EMS training help reduce back pain and improve posture.

Adilin all geared in EMS

Adilin all geared in EMS

There are two types of EMS training:

1. Miha Bodytec (Personal Training)
Researches by Bayreuth University and the German Sports University in Cologne have shown that EMS training is up to 18 times more effective than a conventional work-out at gym! It uses electro stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than a normal exertion. You can build muscles and achieve better form, depending on intensity and goals. This includes three types of programs that uses different electro frequency, duration and pause.

Adilin all geared in EMS

Build Muscle, Reduce Fat with EMS

2. Activation Class (Group training)
Like Eleeza who had fun doing new things with the office colleagues, I too find this program more exciting. This is because it has three types of classes with different types of training I.e. e- Tabata, e- Fat Burn and e- Dance.

  • E-tabata Class
    E-tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is a 20 mins class, consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. E-tabata training can raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately. Our body will have to work much harder while performing exercises at a very high intensity. Metabolism of your body will increase and good for fat burning.
  • E-fat Burn Class
    This training session uses gym equipment to make our body works harder to maintain muscle over fat.  Strength training can boost our metabolism – to burn more calories throughout the day.
Go in a group for a workout

Group Workout is always FUN!

  • E-dance Class
    Dancing is always fun. At the e-dance class, you can choose your style and intensity level at a 25 min class and burn as much as 250 calories using the EMS.

Nashata has many fans who have benefited from EMS training. Thanks to FixMe Studio at Setia Wangsa, they are offering 15% discount for Nashata customers who register with them from 25th March – 30 May 2017. Get onto our mailing list to get the special vouchercode or whatsapp us at +60123112489.

For further questions about EMS training, contact Adilin from FixMe Studio at +60 19-730 3085 or instagram account fixmestudiostw

EMS Training

Adilin, the EMS Trainer is Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab lover.

Finding your own fitness recipe after 40

A study conducted by Univeristi Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Medical Center in 2015 shows that women in Selangor tend to gain weight after 40 years old, and more so if they are married and with kids. I am in that category – 42, married and I love food and always feel like munching away. Is it the food, hormones, lifestyle, genes that make me gain weight? The list goes on and I continue to wonder why.

Even though I don’t have weight problems, I could easily gain weight and have high body fat level should I lead a sedentary lifestyle or consume poor diet. Now, I manage to control my weight by having a balanced diet and frequent exercises.

What I have learned is – Everyone is different and we need to find our personal recipe to manage fitness. What works for me, may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me.

However, this should not stop us from sharing each other’s experiences. So here are the 3 things I added on and 3 things I reduced in my daily routines.

The 3 things I cut down :

  • Eating carbs after 7pm. This is super duper important to me. I only eat carbs in the morning and anytime before 7pm. After 7pm, I only eat non-carbs food like fruits, vegetables, nuts and high protein food. I do not starve after 7pm but if I feel really hungry late night, I would just go to bed to skip the thoughts of eating at night. I enjoy my food better in a good way when I chew my food longer. So chew more, then you eat less.
  • Consuming sugar. I drink about two tumbler size milk tea a day and I like things sweet. Therefore, I have to replace sugar with stevia and I use fresh milk in my tea. I never use condensed milk at all at home. I use grounded fresh stevia leaves in my tea and now I have a stevia in a planter box sitting next to my kitchen.
Fresh stevia from the garden

Fresh stevia from the garden

  • Processed food. I avoid eating anything processed in manner. I make my own meat patties and chicken fillets every weekend for a week’s family consumption. This is a lot of work but fun. Here’s my family favourite recipe for meet patties which we eat in the morning or afternoon together with bread and veges

    1. Meat patties ingredients : Chopped mushrooms, ground beef/chicken, homemade breadcrumbs, grated carrots, rosemary, chopped onions and egg for binding. Air fry the patties

    Beef patties

    Beef patties

    2. Flavour your chicken and fish fillets with root-type herbs and spices: Cut chicken or fish (mackerel or snapper) into slices and cook with freshly chopped root-type spices like ginger, lemongrass, fresh tumeric and galangal/lengkuas (my personal favourite). Add salt if needed. You can add your leaf-type spices or herbs like curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves, oregano or rosemary into your marination.

    You can also add honey onto cut chicken and top it up with lemon juice. You can be creative putting together spices of your choice. I prefer to cook them in a slow cooker to retain moist and flavour. Sometimes I bake them in a covered dish – to retain the moist.

The 3 things I add up:

  • Exercise. I try to run at least 4 times a week, 45 mins/run, 20 km collective mileage/week and improve my timing.

I run because it is the easiest and fast. You can run wherever you are.

  • Water. I drink more water because of running. I usually place a liter of water by my bed so that I can drink before I go to bed.
  • Fresh nutritional food and snacks with low calories. There are certain snacks that are low in calories, good for munching and packed with vitamins and minerals. You can also make your own low calorie snacks like muffins. These are my favorites.
    • baby carrots. 1 baby carrots – 4 calories
    • cherry tomatoes. 1 cheery tomatoes – 3 calories
    • japanese cucumber. 1 cup – 16 calories
    • blue berries. 1 cup  – 82 calories
    • strawberries. 1 cup – 46 calories
    • almonds. 1 almond – 7 calorie
low calorie muffins

low calorie muffins using brown sugar, fresh fruits and whole wheat flour

My BMI is kept below 20 and I weigh myself everyday to monitor activities or food I consume. I know this is not recommended but it works for me. I still eat ice cream, cakes and chocolates occasionally like twice a week but I try to make healthier choices.

Other than the above, I donate blood at least twice a year. I find donating blood is a good way to remind myself to keep eating balanced, nutritional food. Not only it helps someone who is in need of blood, but it also helps improve my blood circulation.

Finding your own recipe can be fun, so do find your own recipe and make sure your recipe is backed by healthy choices!


Do Low Vegetables and Fruits Intake Contribute to Overweight Status of Healthy Reproductive Age of Malay Women in Selangor?