At-Home Full Body Blast!

I’ve come across many people who truly want to begin working out but simply don’t know how to or where to begin. It might seem as simple as ‘just hop on a treadmill and go,’ but in reality when it comes to building the perfect routine, many different factors are at play. First and foremost, it comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy the treadmill, by all means use it. But for many people it’s a boring, mindless routine that in the long run doesn’t hold sustainable because the average person generally doesn’t like it, but rather forces themselves to do it. So the most important part of any workout routine is figuring out what types of workouts you like. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the workout atmosphere. Do you feel more comfortable exercising in your own home? Are you a member at a gym or fitness studio? Or do you enjoy outdoor workouts?

Taking the first step into your fitness journey can seem like an impossible feat. But, with a little encouragement and the right routine, it’s as easy as slipping on your Blue Amin Hijab and getting to work! In order to help make the process easier, I will provide a simple and easy workout

Healthy lifestyle : Tips for Busy Women

Busy with work, chores, family, cooking or studying? The list goes on and everyday, we struggle to find time to be THE superwoman who is fit and healthy-looking at all times. But everyday we go through battles –  being tired, having daily conversations with ourselves on delaying or postponing work, sometimes salah/solat, and working out. We allow ourselves to dwell into unhealthy meals, snacking and drinking sweetened beverages.

About a year ago, my weight reached 51 kg and body fat percentage was 33%. The past months, I manage to keep my weight at 45kg, BMI 19 and body fat percentage 25%. I eat the most, alert and fastest at work. Working out and eating healthy are routines in my life. I am not a health expert – just an average jane who wants to improve health condition and loves to share.

The battles between making emotional and logical choices are always there. While we know we need to make logical choices, we are all emotional vulnerable beings. One way to avoid emotional choices is to embed healthier choices in daily routines. Here are 8 simple steps to keep a healthy lifestyle, which I practise on a daily basis.

1. First of all, know current body condition

Know your current:

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index. A normal BMI ranges from 18.5 – 25. If you don’t know your BMI, here’s the calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage. The acceptable rate is 20%-25%. Here is the calculator

Know your ideal numbers and set your targets. Working towards meeting your targets.

2. Find an activity you can do on a daily basis
Just like praying and eating, make working out your daily routine. Once it is a routine, you need to be able to perform the activity anytime, anywhere. Find an activity that you enjoy and that motivates you to be be good at. As for me, even though I love swimming, I choose to run on a daily basis because it is faster and easier to perform. I perform other types of activities if I have extra time.

Find activity that suits you

Find an activity that suits you and enjoyable

3. Find at least 40 mins/day to workout; 5 mins warm up, 30 mins workout, 5 mins cool down

You can find time to workout,

  • Before Fajr
  • After Fajr
  • Before Work – After Work before Sunsets
  • Before midnight

As for me, I plan to work out before shower or meal times ?. I cook or prepare meals while cooling down. It saves time.

Plan your day, make sure you workout in a safe environment if you are alone. If you cannot find a gym or unable to workout outdoor, tabata or yoga indoor instead. Make sure your family members know your whereabout when you workout outdoors.

Time is precious, so is your health

Time is precious, so is your health. Plan your time well.

4. Dress smartly, suit up in comfy activewear if you are NOT at work

Changing from office-wear to activewear can be time consuming. Therefore, always be in your activewear so that you can quickly run or work out when you have a 40 min window. ?‍ You spend lesser time changing clothes and more time sweating out. ?Make sure your running shoes or workout attire and gears are accessible at all times. ? Leave them in your car if needed.

5. Eat healthy
Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts offer you vitamins, protein and minerals to provide good nutrition for your body. It helps reduce body fat level. When you train your body to eat healthy, it will naturally reject unhealthy food over time. Healthy, balanced meals may not look fancy, but they are easier and faster to prepare. Tastier too!
Tips to eat healthy:

  • Make and pack your own meal
  • Fill up your kitchen with fruits, vege and nuts, especially those you can eat raw like carrots, banana, apples & grapes
  • Baking or grilling brings out the flavour from meat, and they are healthier & easier to make
  • Pick healthy menu when dining out

    Fresh & Nutritious

    Make healthy choices : Fresh & Nutritious

If you are eating healthy, ignore what others have to say about it. What you consume affects your body, not theirs.

6. Get 6-7 hours of good rest or sleep everyday.

Studies show that exercise helps you sleep better. When you sleep, your heart & blood vessels get repaired & healed.  Hydrate your body well. Drink a glass of water before and after bedtime.

Nap if you have to

Take a nap if you have to make the numbers

7. Track your weight, Body Mass Index(BMI) & Body Fat Percentage & achieve your targets

Don’t let your measurements slip! Make it a daily check if you can, even though it is not recommended by medical practitioners. It is harmless. Do invest in a good weighing machine that tells your BMI, Body Fat percentage & muscle mass. Then you will know how to balance workout and food intake that help you keep a healthy weight, BMI & Body Fat. Workout & eat healthy daily and watch these indicators improve.

Weigh Daily

Weigh Daily and understand your body better

8. Tweak your activities & food intake accordingly to achieve your targets. REPEAT
It is a slower process, but sustainable as the routine would help you understand your body and achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Don’t forget to visit, update, talk to and get feedback from your doctors on regular basis on your overall fitness condition. They are the best in giving medical and health advises.

Have a healthy lifestyle and fight all the excuses that delay you from achieving ideal fitness level. I hope the above sharing helps. I am just another lady who wants to keep healthy. Good luck & enjoy your routine!

Stay Fit & Be Happy!

Stay Fit & Be Happy!



Exercise Ball Ab Routine

Strong abs are about more than just a six-pack. Building a foundation of strength in the core is essential for improving posture and balance. It’s also important in supporting the back to prevent injury or even to help with current back pain. Today, we are going to be working on strengthening the abdominals. Be sure to learn how to perform these exercises and learn the proper technique in order to protect the neck and get the most out of your ab workout. I’ve provided a description of each exercise below. YouTube is also a great tool to use.

This routine consists of four abdominal exercises and will all be done using an exercise ball.


*Perform each exercise back to back, then take a 30 second rest and repeat 2 more times. 

Exercise Ball Crunches (20)

Exercise Ball Oblique Crunches (10 each side)

Crunches with Feet Elevated on Exercise Ball (20)

Exercise Ball V-Pass (10)

Exercise Descriptions:

1. Lie on the exercise ball with the curvature of your back resting on the spherical part of the ball. Perform crunches with arms either by your side or crossed over the chest. Keep the motion slow and controlled, rather than bouncing on the ball. On the way down the torso should curve over the edge of the ball, keeping the head in line with the spine at all times.

2. This time, you will rest with your back straight on the ball, rather than curving over it (you still want to curvature of your back on the spherical part of the ball, just don’t fall over the edge of the ball). You will keep your hands behind your head, and on the way up for your crunch you will twist to one side, then slowly lower back down to the middle. One the next rep you will twist to the other side, and keep alternating sides each time.

3. Lie on the ground and rest the feet on top of the exercise ball. From here you will perform 20 regular crunches.

4. Lie on your back on the floor holding the exercise ball in your hands with arms straight out overhead and legs extended straight on the floor. In one motion, tighten the core and lift your legs and arms off of the ground to meet in the middle. Pass the ball by placing it in between your lower legs. Squeeze the ball with your legs and lower the legs and arms back down, then bring them both up again and pass the ball back to your hands.

This is a great way to add a little spice to your ab routine. Keep in mind that this routine is between intermediate and advanced. If it is too hard for you, all of these exercises can be down on the ground with no ball.



Pernah gunakan APLIKASI untuk sukan di telefon bimbit?

Ramai di antara kita tidak peka terhadap aplikasi-aplikasi untuk tujuan sukan yang boleh di muat naik hanya menggunakan telefon bimbit. Apa yang hanya diperlukan ialah jalur lebar (internet) untuk memuatnaik aplikasi-aplikasi ini dan menggunakannya sacara online. Terdapat banyak faedah dan kelebihan yang mungkin kita tidak ketahui sebelum ini. Antaranya: –

Faedah-Faedah Menggunakan Aplikasi Sukan di Telefon Bimbit

* Boleh mengukur keseluruhan jarak di ikuti dengan masa larian serta lemak terbakar.

* Memberi arah mengikuti peta secara terperinci dan laluan yang pernah digunakan.

* Ikut pelan terperinci untuk membantu mencapai matlamat kecergasan tertentu.

* Memberi panduan larian yang betul dengan hanya menonton video di telefon bimbit.

* Boleh terus berkongsi segala kuputusan larian di Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

* Mengira tahap kesihatan jantung semasa larian.

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