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I’ve come across many people who truly want to begin working out but simply don’t know how to or where to begin. It might seem as simple as ‘just hop on a treadmill and go,’ but in reality when it comes to building the perfect routine, many different factors are at play. First and foremost, it comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy the treadmill, by all means use it. But for many people it’s a boring, mindless routine that in the long run doesn’t hold sustainable because the average person generally doesn’t like it, but rather forces themselves to do it. So the most important part of any workout routine is figuring out what types of workouts you like. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the workout atmosphere. Do you feel more comfortable exercising in your own home? Are you a member at a gym or fitness studio? Or do you enjoy outdoor workouts?

Taking the first step into your fitness journey can seem like an impossible feat. But, with a little encouragement and the right routine, it’s as easy as slipping on your Blue Amin Hijab and getting to work! In order to help make the process easier, I will provide a simple and easy workout

Women: Best Workout for Different Type of Body

Most of the body shape comes from their genes and their common activities. Sometimes its hard to find a way to perfect them but still we have ways to lessen the flaws of body shape. The type of body shapes are pear shape, apple shape, rectangular or straight shape and hour glass shape. Majority for woman body shape is a pear shape.

 Different Shapes of Body

Type of Body Shape


Pear Shape

This shape is the most common shape of body for women. People who has pear shape of body has a bigger lower part of their body than the upper part. Most pears shape people have the most killer waistlines. This type of body can be seen on celebrities like Iggy Azalea and Beyonce Knowles.

Typical trouble: Imbalance body, big butt, thighs

What to do: For this body shape, you need to focus on the lower part of the body by practising cardio. No resistance are needed as this will bulk up further the lower part. One of the ways is just to walk on a flat surface. This practise is combined with a shoulder presses in helping to build shoulder and arms muscle to balance out your larger lower body. It is best to work it out up to 45 minutes five days per week.


Apples are those who have bigger part in the middle and have a thicker waist, especially in comparison to their hips and shoulders. This type of body usually have small upper body and lower body. Only the tummy are obviously left seen.

Typical trouble: Waistline and belly

What to do: Three or four days per week of high-intensity cardio workout and aerobic exercise would be ideal workouts to loosen and tighten around waistline and belly muscles. You could wither walk or jog, or for best result use the elliptical machine on moderate resistance. This helps to burn tummy fat while building leg muscles. When strong enough, continue with squats to work the legs and core.  


Straight body shape people has a balance body from top to toe without any curves. This kind of people do not need to much to worry if they gain a little bit of weight as it will still gain weight in balance body shape, not worrying to control certain parts of body. Celebrities that owns this type of body are Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman.

Typical trouble: It has no curves.

What to do: For those who has straight frame but gain weight, they may want to start from any cardio to help burn fat. Those who are already skinny but wants a little bit of curves, needs to work on mucsle-building their upper and lower body. This can be done with shoulder presses, squats, bicep and tricep workouts.

Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figure, a women’s dream to own. The same size of bust and hips with smaller waist than the bust. It is also known as “wasp waist”, a figure embraced by Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. 

Typical trouble: Upper arms, belly and thighs

What to do: Despite having the best women figure, there are also downside of it which is a high-percentage gaining weight in the most noticeable parts: upper arms, belly and thighs. For this figure, you just need to rotate the challenges routine on different muscles in order to maintain the body balance. Exercise for two to three days per week for at least 30 minutes. Zumba class would be suitable enjoying exercise in maintaining body balance.

Get Up And Start Working On It

If you really want the body you desire you really have to work for it. Sitting and just wishing it will not only gain you nothing but also expanding your lower part. Basically, all types of body looks gorgeous depending on how you dress, which will be peeled in the next topic. Good luck for your desired body shape!

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Menaiki TANGGA sebagai salah satu aktiviti sukan anda!

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Anda tidak perlu pergi ke gimnasium semata-mata untuk bersukan atau susah payah mengganti pakaian sukan, TANGGA juga boleh dijadikan sebagai medium untuk anda bersukan.


1) Menaiki tangga adalah salah satu aktiviti sukan aerobik dimana jantung anda akan mengepam laju dan sistem dalam badan anda berfungsi dengan baik. Kaki anda juga akan menjadi kuat kerana menaiki tangga ada melibatkan bahagian otot terutama dibahagian betis dan juga peha.

2) Cuba mulakan dengan mendaki 25 anak tangga terlebih dahulu, anda boleh teruskan anak tangga yang seterusnya mengikut kemampuan anda sendiri. Berhenti seketika jika anda penat dan jangan terlalu memaksa diri. Tarik nafas dan hembus secara perlahan-lahan.

3) Kedudukan badan anda juga perlulah betul semasa menaiki tangga bagi mengelakkan sakit di bahagian tulang belakang. Pastikan belakang badan anda lurus dan halakan badan kehadapan sedikit bagi mengelakkan anda terjatuh ke belakang.

4) Mendaki dua anak tangga sekali gus pada satu masa adalah latihan yang baik untuk otot kaki utama (terutamanya quadriceps) dan punggung (otot gluteal). Tetapi mereka yang mempunyai masalah lutut perlu berhati-hati dengan langkah ini. Jika kaki anda pendek, anda mungkin risiko mencederakan otot paha anda.

5) Melangkah menuruni tangga juga adalah senaman yang baik. Ia menggunakan paha-otot quadriceps dan, sedikit sebanyak, hamstrings. Berhati-hati dan jangan terlalu mengunci lutut ketika anda turun ke bawah. Jika anda terlalu banyak menuruni tangga atau bukit, lutut dan quadriceps anda akan berasa sakit walaupon kesakitannya akan berkurangan dengan melakukan sukan ini secara praktis

6) Untuk meningkatkan kecergasan,selang selikan langkah anda dengan satu dan dua anak tangga pada kadar yang sederhana dengan selang ringkas pada kadar yang lebih cepat.

7) Jika anda pergi ke gimnasium, alat Stepmill adalah pilihan yang baik. Anda boleh meningkatkan daya tahan untuk meningkatkan latihan anda. Beberapa alatan yang lain juga akan memberikan kesan pada bahagian atas badan anda dengan menggunakan alatan pemegang bergerak. Bergantung pada pemegang tangga akan mengurangkan intensiti senaman anda.