Making Healthier Choices at Eid Buffets

Do you find yourself…

  • feeling guilty after eating at Eid buffets or “kenduri”?
  • gaining weight?
  • feeling sluggish with low energy?
  • not able to run as fast as you used to?

Then it might be from all those unhealthy food choices that we make during our Eid feasts. We cannot avoid from fulfilling invitations to open houses, especially from friends, family, or relatives that we have not seen in a while. However, we can still make healthier choices. Don’t forget to burn off those excess calories too!

*all tips are adapted from Kevin Zahri’s ebook “Survival Guide – Diet and Exercise During Ramadhan” and “Survival Guide – 20 Hari Raya Tips to Keep That Weight Off”

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However, if you do fall into the trap of over-eating, you can always burn off those raya goodies. Here’s a reference of how much your favourite ‘kuih’ or cookies, their calorie count, and how much work out it takes to burn off, so plan your menu accordingly!

Adapted from:

Kuih Serving size Calories Equivalent to…
Pineapple tart 1 piece 82kcal 8 rounds of continous lap swimming
Kuih Bangkit 1 piece 23kcal 5 minutes of jumping jacks
Kuih Makmur 1 piece 57kcal Walking up a flight of stairs to the 10th floor
Honey Cornflakes 1 small cup (approx 15g) 61kcal 20 minutes of yoga or 11 minutes of Zumba
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 piece 110kcal Weight lifting at moderate intensity for 15 minutes and then row for 13 minutes
Kek Lapis 1 slice (approx 30g) 147kcal Cycling at 15km/hr for 17 minutes
Popiah/ Spring Roll 1 handful (approx 45g) 228kcal 4km run
Spicy Tapioca Chips 1 handful (approx 68g) 317kcal Circuit training with weights/ aerobics class/ other strenuous high intensity exercise for at least 45 minutes