Why FLAB2FAB is for you, Ladies!

You may loose weight but not loosing fat. So FixMe Studio, brings us the FLAB2FAB program. We visited Miha Bodytec: FixMe Studio Setiawangsa  to check out their gym, and meet the winners of FLAB2FAB challenge. We were greeted by Nur Adilin, the CEO of FixMe Studio, while her other partner was busy conducting training with a group of ladies. Yes, they are busy helping ladies to achieve their fitness goals!

FLAB2FAB was a 6 weeks program where a group of ladies not only lost weight, but also shed off body fat and increase muscle mass. Participants went through 2 weeks of cardio training, followed by 2 weeks of cardio and strength, and lastly 2 weeks of strength training. They also get to use the miha bodytec equipment.

Flab2Fab Winners

Happy Juliana flanked by Ezarnie (left) and Parween (right)

Adilin & coaches did a little do to present the prizes and it was simply sweet. They put together many prizes, which included a holiday package, chiropractic sessions, FixMe membership and Nashata vouchers. So here are the deserving winners!

1st Prize
Juliana, 29 years old, joined the program to improve wellness. She grew up surrounded by good food as food business is the bread and butter of her family. She wanted to change her lifestyle. Ultimately, she wanted her BMI to be out of obese zone. Now she takes the stairs and park her car away from destination so that she could walk more. She advised others to not afraid to do weights as it is good for you.
Weight loss :1.4 kg
Body fat loss : 5.3 kg
Muscle mass gained : 2.3 kg

2nd Prize
Ezarnie, 32, joined the program to get fit and improve self-confidence. Other than that, she wanted to have more choice in choosing and wearing clothes.
Weight loss : 0.5 kg
Body fat loss : 2.7 kg
Muscle mass gained : 1.3 kg

3rd Prize
Parween, 43, wanted to keep healthy and improve self-discipline to work out regularly. She also wanted to learn the right techniques to use gym equipment and learn proper breathingt techniques.
Weight loss : 0.3 kg
Body fat loss : 1.7 kg
Muscle mass gained : 1.3 kg

All of them enjoyed the program. They got to make more friends, improve state of health and improve food consumption. The coaches gave them guidance about healthy food intake as well. The next FLAB2FAB would be in January 2017. So enroll yourself at FixMe Studio as they have got fun programs and equipment that would keep you motivated and healthy. Plan a visit to their studio @ 23-3-3, Jalan Setiawangsa 8, Setiawangsa today!

Nur Adilin FixMe

Co-incidently, both Nur Adilin, the co-founder of FixMe & I wore the new black hooda sports hijab!

Malaysia Women Marathon

Did you know that until 1967, no women participated in a full marathon event? Katherine Switzer broke that record and signed up as a gender-neutral “K. Switzer” in Boston Marathon. When reporters realised she was a lady, she made headlines. She continued fighting to empower women in sports, and the rest is history. Imagine what would have happened if Katherine Switzer decided not to run! I am so glad that female-friendly races are becoming more common these days. Fast forward to 2016, inspired by Katherine Switzer’s legacy, I was honoured to run under Team Nashata in the full marathon category for Malaysia Women Marathon.

IMG_3061 IMG_3060An opportunity to run with the ladies of Nashata? Why yes of course!

When the gun goes off at exactly 4.00am, it’s show time. Game face on, it is time for a second shot at completing a full marathon. This time, the challenge lies not in the distance, but in the cut off time. I have never completed a full marathon in 6 hours and 30 minutes. My personal best at 42km was during Pink Ultra when I clocked in just slightly under 7 hours. So shaving off 30 minutes will be a struggle.

IMG_3067Excited for pacer duties, boys?

Everything was fine and I was ahead of schedule up to the 30km check point. The last 10km was the hardest part, especially the highway route. The rolling hills along the LKSA highway, the heat, the emptiness…you can run for miles without bumping into anybody. The highway route felt like forever to complete. At this point, it was a battle between the mind and the body. Many people started walking, and I felt like I should start walking too. I was glad that I had my pacer with me. We didn’t talk much, but at least he was there to keep me company. He pushed me to continuously run, no matter how slow I went, which I tried to abide to (in protest!). In the end I ended up with the walk-run-walk-run cycle just like everyone else, and my pace fell dramatically towards the end. Not to mention the confusing signage and unclear direction from the marshall at the 38km, causing most participants to lose precious time hesitating which direction they should go.


Hunger was slowly settling in too. But I was surprised that the only food provided along the way was only bananas, apples, and pears. I was accustomed to seeing at least some biscuits, chips, ice-cream, or at least Coca-cola in most long distance events, so the lack of sweet and salty snacks spread was pretty surprising. Luckily, I had my energy gel with me, and my pacer bought along some protein drink mix.


IMG_3064The last few hundred metres push. Believe me, I wasn’t smiling if it wasn’t for the camera.

IMG_3068Spotted any of these cheer squad along the way? Boys, your macho level and manliness just went up a notch in those tutu skirts and pompoms!

I managed to conclude my 2nd attempt at a full marathon in 6 hours and 33 minutes, exceeding the cut off time by 3 minutes. Now I wished that I listened to my pacer because he was right when he said “Hey no pain, no gain, girl!”. I have to train harder for my next full marathon in a few months time, because it is not fun being among the last ones to arrive!

IMG_3069Full marathon and half marathon finishers.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

The Weekend Runner: Never one over the other.

Over the years before I was bitten by the running bug, I was into loads of different types of sports. Back in my school days I learnt how to swim, did a few martial arts (Karate, Taekwondo, kick boxing), then when I was in university I went to the gym and track regularly (that’s when I started running), and was briefly into horse-back riding during summer breaks and skiing in the winter.

10639540_10204538712697635_4573004107510729320_nSwimming was one of the most valuable skills that I have learnt.

It has never crossed my mind that what I wear is a limitation to what I wanted to do. Sadly, it is quite common to hear excuses from ladies who are not interested to lead an active lifestyle because they claim to have nothing suitable to wear. However, I was determined to make things work for me. Before I discovered Nashata, I learnt how to adapt with what is available in the current market. For swimming, I would buy a surfer’s long-sleeve rash guard with separate tights and put a swim cap on. I would make a short-sleeve t-shirt wearable by layering to go to the gym. I used many pins to ensure that my hijab stays in place when I kick, punch, and jump around. All of these are done to ensure that I meet 2 important criteria in sports: I dress modestly, and my performance is not compromised.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf everyone can do it, why can’t I do it too?

Nowadays thanks to Nashata and the booming modest activewear market, you are spoilt for choices. There are innovative designs for swimwear if bikinis are not your thing. Layering and heavy fabrics are replaced by sweat-wicking, ventilating fabrics. I dressed up for the gym in the past, but now I look even better. I did my best, but now I could push myself harder. Modesty and performance that went hand-in-hand has never left, but now it is enhanced thanks to improvements which was driven by the market demands for modest activewear.


‘Performance’ is a very loose term being thrown around, as ‘performance’ might mean getting a medal while others are satisfied with being able to complete a work out. Until you have experienced or knowledge on a type of sport, it is hard to determine what is suitable or unsuitable. For example, after participating in numerous running events I have learnt the hard way that the wrong fabric, seam, and design has caused chafing. It hurts, your skin bleeds, and you are distracted from performing your best. But with Nashata’s team, I am assured that their products have undergone testing. Similarly, I am very sure that athletes, coaches, and their supporting team can come up with solutions to meet the sports standards and requirement while still adhering to modest dressing and performing their best.



Nashata from head to toe and no chafing after 21KM!


I plan to expand the list of sports initially mentioned above. There is so much to discover and do. I want to complete an ultramarathon, learn how to surf, get a scuba diving license, master pilates and yoga, conquer Mount Kinabalu, and many other mountains in the future. And I plan to do all of that while still dressed modestly. So ladies, your old excuse “I cannot learn how to swim/ run/  because I do not have a proper attire” is so yesterday.

534948_4185488125314_1775782184_n We cannot do whaaa because we have to wear whaaa? Sorry can’t hear you, having too much fun in the water.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.


NASHATA Be Active Stay Healthy #BASH2015

This post is long due, but better late than never. We organised #BASH2015 specially for our customers and partners who have been supporting us the past year. As much as we are online based, we love meeting our customers face to face & working out together too!

The small-do was held on the 24th January 2015, at the Putrajaya Lakeclub, Presint 8. Those who came get a door gift of compression arm sleeves. At 8 am, our trainers from MARS Insanity Fitness, led by Rasid Shariff, started the morning work out with 15 minutes yoga. Why did we choose Insanity Fitness? Our partners and resellers voted for it, leaving zumba and aerobics at the bottom of the list.

After yoga, over 30 sisters from different ages and fitness level started the insanity work out intensely for 40 minutes. Insanity work out is known for its intensity and high-calorie burn-rate. Those who are used to running or zumba may not necessary be able to cope with the level of endurance required. I am sure many could testify to it, post work-out!

Nashata BASH 2015

Yoga @ Nashata BASH 2015

Some stopped in between but all completed strong that morning, The training helped to build endurance as claimed by a few sisters who were preparing for their full marathon. After the workout, we all had breakfast together with a bit of chit chat among each other.

Nashata BASH Insanity Fitness

Nashata Be Active Stay Healthy (BASH)

Ida Bakar, our lead designer gave some fashion tips while I explained about our new collection. Some of which are the Amin Hijab and its improvements, a new sports top, new color for Nahl and soon-to-be-released products.

Ida Bakar, Lead Designer

Fashion Tips by Ida Bakar, Lead Designer

We received many invaluable feedback from those who came. We are excited with the list of WANTS; somewhat overwhelming I must say, but we will try. InsyaAllah, we will put them into the store soon. As for swimwear we have to put it on hold for the time being, although we already have a design that makes our sisters look radiant and fabulous. There are many providers in the market and we are not able to compete with them price-wise. Our products use high quality fabric and the design requires delicate workmanship. Therefore, we can only produce swimwear that is for premium market. Our focus now is to make Nashata affordable for all walks of life, without compromising quality.

We hear a few positive buzz-lines about Nashata from those who came; “Exclusive”, “Fashionable” and “Comfortable”. We are happy to hear our effort to use high quality fabric that is light-weight and moisture-wicking, and our designs that make our sisters look good, and be confident with their bodies are showing positive outcomes. Our sisters are more comfortable and more attuned to working out with Nashata.

Lastly, we had lucky draws for the lucky ones; RM100, RM150, RM200 and RM250 vouchers, redeemable online. Here are the happy faces of the winners, which include a 10 year old Nashata fan!

Lucky Draw Winners

Lucky Draw Winners @ BASH2015

Our heartfelt gratitude to our customers and partners who came. InsyaAllah, we will do another BASH next year!