My kind of New Year Celebration

Other than an occasional 5-10km runs, I have been taking time off from long distance running. I just needed to give my feet some rest and explore other interests (and fell in love with Crossfit along the way, it will be a permanent part of my cross-trainings). So today, armed with a fresh and festive New Year spirit, I decided to take on a very ambitious route with a few friends to kick start my 2017 running schedule: Gombak – Genting Sempah – Gombak, which I affectionately call as the mini-Route68 Challenge. What better way to celebrate the New Year than to do some LSD, right?


Route 68 Challenge is an ultra marathon that starts from Gombak to Genting Sempah, and then all the way up to Bentong, Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi, etc. The mini-Route68 that I ran today (Gombak – Genting Sempah – Gombak) was only 34km. It is also a popular training route not just for runners, but for cyclist as well due to it’s elevation and winding roads. As early as 7am, the parking lot at the base of the route was already filled with people. There are not many vehicles along this route because there is a new highway to go to Genting Sempah, plus there are plenty of trees and wide open views. But running alone is not recommended as there are monkeys and dogs along the way. Plus, it is a self-support route – there are no petrol stations, toilets, or shops along the way. It is better to have at least a partner to run with you just in case you need additional food or water.

I did not take much photos along the way, but the route looks just the same as this Google photo

I did not take much photos along the way, but the route looks just the same as this Google photo. Lush greenery along the way, it was indeed a very beautiful route.

As a first timer on that route, I did not set very high expectations; I just wanted to complete 34km in under 5 hours. Unfortunately, we exceeded the target by about 30 minutes. It was raining all the way until we get to the Genting Sempah, and there was no shelter. Luckily, there was no thunderstorm so we were determined to complete the whole mini-Route68. We took about 2 hours 30 mins going up the 17km from Gombak, then stopped to refuel and dry up at Genting Sempah R&R. As I have not ran more than 10km for a really long time, I had to resort to run-walk-run-walk even when going downhill. I seriously need to build up my endurance and stamina again for some long distance events coming up!

Elevation profile, taken from the official Route 68 website. We did not run until 50km though

Elevation profile, taken from the official Route 68 website. We did not run until 50km though.

While running, I was imagining the actual Route 68 Challenge which will take place in April 2017. Will I have the guts to register for that event, given my not-so-stellar performance at today’s LSD training?

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner

Why FLAB2FAB is for you, Ladies!

You may loose weight but not loosing fat. So FixMe Studio, brings us the FLAB2FAB program. We visited Miha Bodytec: FixMe Studio Setiawangsa  to check out their gym, and meet the winners of FLAB2FAB challenge. We were greeted by Nur Adilin, the CEO of FixMe Studio, while her other partner was busy conducting training with a group of ladies. Yes, they are busy helping ladies to achieve their fitness goals!

FLAB2FAB was a 6 weeks program where a group of ladies not only lost weight, but also shed off body fat and increase muscle mass. Participants went through 2 weeks of cardio training, followed by 2 weeks of cardio and strength, and lastly 2 weeks of strength training. They also get to use the miha bodytec equipment.

Flab2Fab Winners

Happy Juliana flanked by Ezarnie (left) and Parween (right)

Adilin & coaches did a little do to present the prizes and it was simply sweet. They put together many prizes, which included a holiday package, chiropractic sessions, FixMe membership and Nashata vouchers. So here are the deserving winners!

1st Prize
Juliana, 29 years old, joined the program to improve wellness. She grew up surrounded by good food as food business is the bread and butter of her family. She wanted to change her lifestyle. Ultimately, she wanted her BMI to be out of obese zone. Now she takes the stairs and park her car away from destination so that she could walk more. She advised others to not afraid to do weights as it is good for you.
Weight loss :1.4 kg
Body fat loss : 5.3 kg
Muscle mass gained : 2.3 kg

2nd Prize
Ezarnie, 32, joined the program to get fit and improve self-confidence. Other than that, she wanted to have more choice in choosing and wearing clothes.
Weight loss : 0.5 kg
Body fat loss : 2.7 kg
Muscle mass gained : 1.3 kg

3rd Prize
Parween, 43, wanted to keep healthy and improve self-discipline to work out regularly. She also wanted to learn the right techniques to use gym equipment and learn proper breathingt techniques.
Weight loss : 0.3 kg
Body fat loss : 1.7 kg
Muscle mass gained : 1.3 kg

All of them enjoyed the program. They got to make more friends, improve state of health and improve food consumption. The coaches gave them guidance about healthy food intake as well. The next FLAB2FAB would be in January 2017. So enroll yourself at FixMe Studio as they have got fun programs and equipment that would keep you motivated and healthy. Plan a visit to their studio @ 23-3-3, Jalan Setiawangsa 8, Setiawangsa today!

Nur Adilin FixMe

Co-incidently, both Nur Adilin, the co-founder of FixMe & I wore the new black hooda sports hijab!