The Weekend Runner: Never one over the other.

Over the years before I was bitten by the running bug, I was into loads of different types of sports. Back in my school days I learnt how to swim, did a few martial arts (Karate, Taekwondo, kick boxing), then when I was in university I went to the gym and track regularly (that’s when I started running), and was briefly into horse-back riding during summer breaks and skiing in the winter.

10639540_10204538712697635_4573004107510729320_nSwimming was one of the most valuable skills that I have learnt.

It has never crossed my mind that what I wear is a limitation to what I wanted to do. Sadly, it is quite common to hear excuses from ladies who are not interested to lead an active lifestyle because they claim to have nothing suitable to wear. However, I was determined to make things work for me. Before I discovered Nashata, I learnt how to adapt with what is available in the current market. For swimming, I would buy a surfer’s long-sleeve rash guard with separate tights and put a swim cap on. I would make a short-sleeve t-shirt wearable by layering to go to the gym. I used many pins to ensure that my hijab stays in place when I kick, punch, and jump around. All of these are done to ensure that I meet 2 important criteria in sports: I dress modestly, and my performance is not compromised.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf everyone can do it, why can’t I do it too?

Nowadays thanks to Nashata and the booming modest activewear market, you are spoilt for choices. There are innovative designs for swimwear if bikinis are not your thing. Layering and heavy fabrics are replaced by sweat-wicking, ventilating fabrics. I dressed up for the gym in the past, but now I look even better. I did my best, but now I could push myself harder. Modesty and performance that went hand-in-hand has never left, but now it is enhanced thanks to improvements which was driven by the market demands for modest activewear.


‘Performance’ is a very loose term being thrown around, as ‘performance’ might mean getting a medal while others are satisfied with being able to complete a work out. Until you have experienced or knowledge on a type of sport, it is hard to determine what is suitable or unsuitable. For example, after participating in numerous running events I have learnt the hard way that the wrong fabric, seam, and design has caused chafing. It hurts, your skin bleeds, and you are distracted from performing your best. But with Nashata’s team, I am assured that their products have undergone testing. Similarly, I am very sure that athletes, coaches, and their supporting team can come up with solutions to meet the sports standards and requirement while still adhering to modest dressing and performing their best.



Nashata from head to toe and no chafing after 21KM!


I plan to expand the list of sports initially mentioned above. There is so much to discover and do. I want to complete an ultramarathon, learn how to surf, get a scuba diving license, master pilates and yoga, conquer Mount Kinabalu, and many other mountains in the future. And I plan to do all of that while still dressed modestly. So ladies, your old excuse “I cannot learn how to swim/ run/  because I do not have a proper attire” is so yesterday.

534948_4185488125314_1775782184_n We cannot do whaaa because we have to wear whaaa? Sorry can’t hear you, having too much fun in the water.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.