We are HIRING! Assistant Fashion Designer

We are calling for young, fun and energetic fashionista to be our assistant fashion designer. If you are a fashion designer with a lot of untested ideas, we would love you to take them into reality at Nashata!

Nashata provides activewear solutions for muslimah, and it is not just limited to sports top, sports hijab/tudung and pants. We want to do more than that. There are plenty of solutions we could provide to our muslimah sisters so that they can have an active lifestyle with comfort and confidence! We are looking at designing sports accessories, casual bags, sandals and many more.

Why be a part of our team? With us, you get to revolutionise the fashion industry for active muslimah. At Nashata, we pay attention to our customers needs and respect our customers dressing preferences.

With us you get to work with a Pioneer Fashion Designer who hails from London College of Fashion. It is the top 5 fashion school in the world.

Graduating students and fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. The role is based in Cyberjaya and if you are interested, email us at contactus@nashata.com


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