Quick guide for choosing the right modest sports top

Going clothes shopping can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes you head to a department store with an idea in mind, but once you get there you have no idea where to start. There are so many different styles, cuts, sizes, colors and brands that you may feel overwhelmed. Having an idea of what looks good on you will make choosing good clothes much easier. At Nashata, we have a variety of options for you to get the right sportswear according to your preferences.

Pick the Right Sports Top for You :


1. Riada Pesaque

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams


2. Riada Jinz

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams






5 Things You Need To Know If You Swap Bibs

Do you know the ramifications of changing bib ‘illegally’- that is without proper personal data changing? Ever wondered the consequences of joining sporting events using someone else’s personal data ? These are the 5 things that may occur :

1 : Next of kin uncontactable 

When you get injured or faint, the medics on duty will immediately send you to a health centre for further treatment. The contact number stated on the bib will be dialled to inform family members or guardians. Imagine if the contacted person is far from the incident and came all way just to find that the one injured isn’t their relative. Well, that ignites the fire within.

2 : Organizer has no information of you at all

Almost the same situation as Scenario 1. Only the organizer will be interrogating you till you’re bummed out. That is, if you’re still alive. Don’t even mention the word DEATH. How are they going to solve this issue when not a single personal information of yours is stated on the bib?

Muslimah Runners with Bib

Muslimah Runners with Bib.

3 : Wrong medical treatment 

Still the same situation but with a different fallout. What if the medics request for your medical data? For example, getting information on your blood type or allergies or diseases you’re diagnosed with. If the data stated on the bib isn’t yours, they could treat your illness with the wrong remedies. This may lead to instant death.

4 : Recognition not yours

Even if you’re running your best to the point where you’re on the brink of unconsciousness, you don’t get to receive the medal you ran so hard for, nor do you have the chance to bask in glory on the podium. The timing is also not yours but belongs to the ‘official’ racer. Wouldn’t that be a waste of your effort?

5 : Your reputation at stake

Be respectable in the sporting event as equal participants.  What would you say if you were to bump into another runner you know while wearing another person’s bib? People may perceive you as a cheater, and could ruin your reputation. Even if you were to try avoid this by not wearing a bib, the consequences are on you if you faint with no contact number for the medics to call.

So, do you still want to use someone else’s bib? If you are unable to race and would like to transfer to someone else, check with organizer or race director if possible. If it is, make sure all information is updated accordingly.

[Credits to Redz Ismail, a daily marathon runner, for the tips.]

Redz Ismail is as seasoned runner & a friend to Nashata Runners.

Redz Ismail is a seasoned runner & a friend to Nashata Runners.

Swim Modestly! Performance with Nashata Sibaha

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Nashata’s modest performance swimwear is finally here after more than a year working on it. This is very close to my heart as I love swimming and I wanted my sisters to be able to enjoy swimming for performance. My love for swimming started at 10 years old, when my cousins, brother and I went for swimming lessons with Mr. Wong at the Ipoh City Council Swimming Pool Complex. Years after that, while at the university, I continued swimming frequently. I would take time off to lap swim either in between classes or when I get stuck with my projects. I always got out of the pool with a clearer mind. That was also when I started to improve swimming performance. When you are in a pool with swimmers segregated by slow, medium, fast lanes, you just do not want to be in the slow lane. What I thought was fast, wasn’t fast enough. I was wearing conventional swimwear back then and when I started to wear hijab, the only swimwear I could feel good swimming in was a full body suit. This is because the modest swimwear I tried gave me anti-laminar flow and dragging effect. It is unpleasant and difficult to improve swimming performance when there is a drag.

Nashata Sibaha for Performance

Sarah feels the difference swimming in Nashata’s Sibaha that now she wants to swim even more!

1. Why improving swimming performance is important?

  • Swimming is a good low-impact, full-body exercise. You get to move your full body with little ‘pounding’ on your body as to compared to running and jumping. This reduces risk of injury, especially the joints. As you get older, low-impact exercise like swimming is more gentle on your body.
  • Improves heart and lung function. The rhythm you get into when you swim improves your breathing and lung capacity.
  • Swimming frequently improves endurance. Your body just gets stronger and stronger.
  • It is good for your brains. Repetitive movement like swimming improves blood flow to brain. Perhaps this explains why I always get out of the pool with a clearer mind.

However, I was not able to get the same swimming experience in modest swimwear available in the market. I needed a modest performance swimwear that maintains laminar flow and lesser dragging effect so that I could focus to swim faster and longer.

Nashata Sibaha for Performance gives freedom to swim swiftly and modestly, so that I can reach my full potential.

Together with Ida Bakar, we design and test Nashata Sibaha for performance and introduce key concepts in modest swimwear that are aesthetic and athletic.  The concept of our swimwear is to wear Nashata’s body suit and pair it up with Nashata’s Sibaha tops on the outside.

Nashata Swimwear

Nashata Sibaha for Performance & Body Suit

2. Why Nashata’s sleeveless body suit?

  1. The tight body suit gives good support and comfort
    Other than easy movement, the tight body suit gives good upper-body support and comfort
  2. No additional innerwear required
    With the body suit, you need not wear additional sports bra or undies. No bra is required because the body suit is very tight. You can insert removable bra pads provided if you like. For hygienic reason, the body suit comes with built-in crotch lining.
  3. You can swim, turn or dive with a peace of mind in the body suit. Your key body parts are covered & secured at all times! Your top on the outside would slide accordingly to maintain a good laminar flow.
  4. No strings or tying up is required and you can just focus on your swim. You get to reduce turbulence flow at different pressure and water condition.

Nashata Sibaha for Performance

3. What’s so special about Nashata’s Sibaha for Performance?
Aesthetic & Athletic

  1. Aesthetic in the water
    • Be it by the pool or in the water, Nashata Sibaha looks just great.
    • Visual slimming effect is achieved from the design and separate side panels
    • Aesthetic color combination that looks good underwater. The colors was tested for diving and under water.
    • A sporty design with safety in mind
      • Colored sleeves that enhances your hand movements in the water. It is nice to see when you swim in any strokes and visible when you wave your hands
      • Vest-like design on upper body, making you visible both on the surface and underwater.
  2. Athletic design for performance yet modest
    • Long loose top that maintains laminar flow of water and lesser dragging effect
    • Hijab attached to the top for a swift swimming experience

Nashata Modest Performance Swimwear

Aqilah loves the seamless design of the hijab and swimming top.

4. Sizes, Measurements, Prices
A. Nashata Body Suit

  • Price : RM149 / SG50 / USD37
  • Fabric : Spandex and Polyester
  • Color : Black
  • Sizes : M/L/XL/2XL

Nashata Body Suit Size Charts

Nashata Body Suit Size Charts

B. Nashata Sibaha

  • Price : RM139 / SG46 / USD35
  • Fabric : Spandex and Polyester
  • Color Options :
    • Purple / Orange
    • Teal / Pale Yellow
  • Sizes : M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

Nashata Sibaha for Performance Size Chart

Nashata Sibaha for Performance Size Chart

Wait no more ladies,

Now, you can just keep swimming and enjoy all sorts of formation and performance in the water.  Available at nashata.com and we ship internationally for all our sisters.

Get RM30 OFF for Nashata Body Suit when you purchase Nashata Sibaha Swimwear. Vouchercode SIBAHA is valid till 28 Nov ’16 only at nashata.com. Not valid for use together with other vouchers or promotions. 

Thank you for reading!

The Absolute Performance Top for Hijabi Athletes

Run swiftly and fast like a gazelle in Azza Toplectic. Toplectic is Nashata’s new product range that combines head covering and sportstop for athletes looking for seamless modest sporting experience.

Athletic Sports TopSeamless Modest Performance Wear 

AZZA is the first release for Toplectic range. It is simple, lightweight, long and loose cut. Suitable for athletes looking for performance in running, cycling and sporting activities that require jumping and rolling. The fabric is made of spandex and polyester and not suitable for swimming and wet activities.

Key features:

  • Hijab and Top combined
  • Long – You can wear your performance pants underneath without adding skirt to cover your thighs
  • Lightweight – We choose the lightest fabric for this top. We want you to get the best performance experience in toplectic. It weights less than 200 grams or 7 oz

azza toplectic

3 colors ; blue, black, grey


1. Event Shirt

Wear event shirts with only 2 layers; Toplectic in the inside and event shirt(assuming it is short sleeves or sleeveless) in the outside. You need not wear additional hijab.

Event Shirt on the Outside

2. You could simply put it on and run

Headgear is secure on the head, no additional inner required. Ample room to hold buns

Running in Azza

Running in Azza Toplectic

3. Let down the hijab and you get a cowl neck top

If you don’t want the hijab on, you can put it down and get a cowl neck top. Fancy huh?

Cowl neck

Cowl Neck Top


There are 3 colors (black, blue and grey) and 5 sizes you could choose from S/M/L/XL/2XL. With only RM129/USD32, you get the absolute performance top for hijabi athletes. We offer early bird price of RM109 for purchases made by 1 July 2016. Purchase yours now at nashata.com.


Hooda Sports Hijab – A Design Innovation for Fit Hijabists

Hooda Sports Hijab was born to solve a few problems I personally faced while performing fitness activities. I wanted a hijab that does not flip when the wind blows or when I jump. Later when I started yoga, I realized how needful the hijab would be for certain poses that require inversion and backwards-bends

Even though you hardly hear others complaining about flipping hijab, 2 years ago, I believed this was a problem that needs solving. Solving this problem was not only for myself. This is because I wanted modest ladies and hijabists to perform fitness activities without boundaries. I wanted my sisters to be able to focus on their workout and not worry about their hijab flipping and not secured.

Hooda Sports HIjab

We put a lot of thoughts into our designs so that they suit modest active women. Thanks to design innovation, hard work, and perseverance Hooda Sports Hijab was conceptualized late last year and we made a few prototypes and tested its feasibility. Alhamdulillah, with the power of collaboration, determination and Allah’s grace, the Hooda Sports Hijab made its first debut on Facebook 28th February and was made available at nashata.com on February 29.

Little did we expect the Hooda Sports Hijab would go viral immediately with more than 2,400 shares. It was sold out within a day.

Hooda Hijab Viral

Hooda Hijab Went Viral on Social Media

What’s so special about the Hooda Sports Hijab?

 1. The Design

  • One piece – easy to wear
  • Optimum chest covering
  • Hijab that holds onto one’s body, giving full coverage on the front for the chest and back for the hair
  • Reflector logo to give you extra protection for night use
  • 2 options for forehead design ; awning or flat (fold the sides to for flat headband)
  • Modest back design that resembles a hoodie vest
  • Sizes available : M, L, XL, 2XL (latter 2 to be released 1st week of April 2016)

Hooda Sports Hijab

Hooda Sports Hijab : Charcoal Navy


Hooda Snow White

Mesh Fabric on the Back of Hooda Sports Hijab

2. The Fabric

  • Made of 3 different types of fabric that are lightweight and breathable
  • Combination of mesh microfibre fabric and spandex
  • A few shades of a color for easy match
  • Colors available : Snow White & Charcoal Navy

Fabric of Hooda Sports Hijab

Fabric of Hooda Sports Hijab

3. The Use

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Netball
  • Racket-based games
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Pilate
  •  Taekwondo
  • Activities that require a lot of movement and inversion
Wheel Pose in Hooda Sports Hijab
Wheel Pose in Hooda Sports Hijab

The price is RM89 / SG30 / USD22 only and we ship worldwide. All you need to do is pick your choice and shop at nashata.com

We advice use of a top made of lightweight material in the inside. We will come out with more colors, more innovative designs to give you practicality, comfort while performing sporting activities, less weight, good coverage and ease of mind! We are already making more designs in extension to the Hooda Sports Hijab. The design is currently in the process of Intellectual Property(IP) protection filing.

Nashata produces innovative products because we have awesome customers, so let’s continue to have conversations and make fitness super comfy and modest for our sisters.

Sneak Peak of the COLORS for next COLLECTION

We have pre-selected many color combinations for you to choose for our next collection a few weeks ago and below are the color selected by our fans and customers. The next collection consists of active-wear for riada range (sports casual), ultra range (performance wear) and a new category to-be-announced soon.


Thank you to those who took time to choose the colors for your activewear. We received numerous votes from our social channels and below are the top pick! We offer a mix of soft and sporty colors as we want to make sure we cater for all active muslimah.


If you want your preferred color to be on the list, you can still vote. Just let us know your preference (A, B, C) through our social channels or just comment on this blogpost.


PS: The designs are not as disclosed in the visual. 

Apakah warna pilihan anda untuk pakaian sukan?


Warna apa nak pakai ni

1. Tidak pasti apakah warna yang sesuai untuk pakaian sukan?

Inilah jenis warna yang menjadi pilihan orang ramai :






6) Entah laaaa….

2. Apakah warna pilihan anda?

Sebenarnya kesemuanya CANTIK untuk dipakai tetapi adakah anda tahu jika pakai pakaian yang CERAH, ianya boleh membuatkan anda kelihatan sangat berbeza. Lihat gambar-gambar di bawah :

Effect Warna1

Penggunaan warna yang cerah dan ceria dapat menambahkan keyakinan diri semasa bersukan. Warna yang terang dapat menyerlahkan keceriaan dan semangat anda ketika bersukan.

Warna yang terang amatlah penting untuk sukan jenis berpasukan. Jika anda dan rakan kumpulan anda bertanding dengan pakaian yang menonjolkan tenaga kumpulan anda, ianya secara tidak langsung memberi kesan psikologi kepada pihak lawan. Pihak lawan akan rasa gentar akan warna pasukan anda yang terang dan bersemangat.

Bagaimana pula warna neon yang sangat terang? Ianya sangat sesuai untuk sukan individu dan aktiviti dalam gelap. Warna yang sangat terang dapat membantu anda untuk dilihat pada waktu malam atau di dalam keadaan yang gelap.

3. Penampilan ketika bersukan

Cuba anda lihat perbezaan yang ketara oleh model marathon kami di bawah ini, Intan Suraya setelah mencuba dan menggunakan pakaian NASHATA berbanding cara fesyen pakaian sukannya sebelum ini.  TAK! Ini bukanlah sebab solekan, kerana Intan sememangnya semulajadi cantik tanpa solekan. Tetapi, pilihan warna dan fesyen sukan yang sesuai dapat memberi penampilan yang berbeza untuk menampakkan imej anda.

Intan kelihatan lebih muda, ceria, bertenaga dan lebih berkeyakinan kini berbanding dahulu.

Intan transformation3

Warna kegemaran pelanggan NASHATA ialah warna-warni dan cerah kerana para atlet Muslimah amatnya ceria. Antara warna-warna yang menjadi pilihan ialah color block iaitu :


Warna yang tidak terang seperti Kelabu dan Hitam juga cantik dan digemari ramai. Ianya dapat menampilkan sifat kesederhanaan pemakai dan ianya juga dapat dipadankan dengan warna-warna yang lain.

4. Apakah Warna trend kini untuk pakaian sukan?

Trend terkini termasuklah warna ‘heather’, atau berbelang-belang. Ianya sangatlah menarik dan menyeronokkan


Pilihlah warna pakaian sukan yang dapat memberi keyakinan yang tinggi dan penampilan yang baik ketika bersukan. Ianya dapat membantu meningkatkan prestasi anda dan pasukan anda.


BLACK Compression Skirt Pants





Seluar Skirt Mampatan yang bewarna hitam ini tampak cantik dan ‘sporty’ apabila di gayakan pada si pemakai.

Hanya RM 189/sehelai





Ciri- Ciri Seluar Skirt Mampatan ini :





Kainnya di perbuat daripada kain yang berkualiti tinggi polyster dan spandex. Boleh di regang membentuk kaki si pemakai. Tidak panas dan sesuai di pakai untuk bersukan kerana kainnya sejuk. Ia juga tidak tebal dan ringan.




Logo bunga Nashata ini adalah pantulan cahaya yang di reka khas bagi tujuan keselamatan pada si pemakai yang aktif melakukan aktiviti sukan pada sebelah malam. Logo ini terdapat pada kedua-dua belah di hadapan dan belakang seperti yang di tunjuk pada gambar di bawah :

Pandangan front n back   REFLEKTIVE LOGO


3) 2 poket di belakang

Terdapat 2 poket dibahagian belakang. Poket dibahagian kiri adalah berzip manakala poket dibahagian kanan tidak berzip dan kain poket tersebut di perbuat daripada kain yang berlubang-lubang dan boleh di regang. Poket di bahagian kanan ini sesuai untuk meletak telefon bimbit anda yang di kira sangat penting untuk di hubungi ketika anda sedang bersukan!



4) Band getah di pinggang

Band getah di pinggang ini di reka bentuk dangan saiz yang lebar bagi memberi keselesaan pada si pemakai dan rasa tidak terlalu menjerut perut. Ia juga mengurangkan kesan atau bekas pada perut dan getahnya di perbuat dari band yang berkualiti tinggi.



5) Lubang kecil

Ada lubang kecil dibahagian belah kiri tepi skirt dimana lubang tersebut berfungsi untuk masukkan wayar earphone bagi tujuan entertainment ketika bersukan. Lubang tersebut hanya sebesar 1cm sahaja dan tidak begitu kelihatan. Hanya muat untuk laluan wayar sahaja.

Lubang kecil


6) Pelbagai Saiz

Seluar Skirt Mampatan ini boleh di dapati dari saiz yang kecil (S) sehingga saiz yang paling besar (XXL). Mereka yang memiliki badan besar juga boleh muat untuk memakai Seluar Skirt Mampatan ini. Anda boleh memilih saiz seluar anda mengikut jadual di bawah ini:


Length (L)

Waist (W)


65 cm

23 cm


67 cm

25 cm


68 cm

27 cm


70 cm

29 cm


73 cm

31 cm


Anda boleh menempah melalui WhatsApp 012-3112489 atau terus membeli di online store kami di nashata.com


Apa kata Nana tentang PINK ARMSLEEVE kami!


Farhana Nabilah Binti Zakaria atau lebih di kenali sebagai Nana. Beliau kini berada pada tahun akhir pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi & Pengajian Media (kepujian) (kewartawanan) di UiTM Shah Alam dan juga part-time model. Beliau juga aktif dalam bidang sukan dan memegang jawatan committee tertinggi dalam Tae-kwan-do dan juga Bola Tampar.

Nana memakai sarung tangan mampatan Nashata




Nana telah mencuba salah satu produk dari kami iaitu Sarung Tangan Mampatan yang berwarna pink dan sangat teruja memakainya,

“Nana rasa lebih selesa dan bersemangat untuk buat aktiviti-aktiviti yang melibatkan fizikal contohnya berjogging, bermain bola jaring dan berkayak. Sangat sesuai Armsleeves comel ni di pakai oleh gadis-gadis Muslimah yang sentiasa aktif”




Anda teringin untuk memakainya juga, dapatkannya di NASHATA.COM atau WhatsApp sahaja untuk menempah 012-311 2489. Kami masih lagi membuat promosi untuk jualan akhir tahun dengan harga HANYA RM 44.50/sepasang. Penghantaran adalah percuma. Promosi akan berakhir 5 Januari 2014. BELILAH SEKARANG!


Mengapa perlu bazirkan duit anda? Kami ada SKIRT dan SELUAR MAMPATAN yang digabungkan sekali bersama!


Jika anda survey harga satu set seluar mampatan dan satu set skirt, anda perlu membayar ratusan ringgit untuk membeli kedua-duanya. Kami memperkenalkan produk terbaru kami iaitu Seluar Skirt Mampatan yang digabungkan bersama dengan hanya satu harga yang sangat berpatutan yang mampu dibeli oleh semua wanita yang gemar bersukan.

Skirt Pants Comparison


clean Skirt

Kami menggunakan gabungan warna HITAM dan MERAH JAMBU untuk menyerlahkan lagi ciri-ciri feminin seorang wanita. Warna merah jambu ini juga merupakan warna yang terang dan boleh juga digunakan untuk bersukan pada sebelah malam. Golongan muda gemar dengan warna yang ceria, terang, dan lembut. Skirt ini lebih kelihatan menarik kerana terdapat 6 corak bunga yang diselang selikan dengan warna hitam dan putih dibahagian depan skirt pada sebelah kanan. Skirt ini juga tidak ketat dan dapat menutup bahagian poket dibahagian belakang seluar.






size seluar






Seluar Skirt Mampatan ini terbahagi kepada 3 size yang berlainan iaitu Medium, Large, Extra Large. Bagi mereka yang berbadan besar, anda tidak perlu risau kerana size Extra Large sesuai dengan badan anda. Kainnya juga bersifat anjal dimana pemakaiannya akan membentuk mengikut size kaki anda dan sekaligus dapat memberi kesan regangan yang efektif pada bahagian keseluruhan kaki anda.




Terdapat 2 poket di sebelah kiri dan kanan yang berlainan fungsi pada bahagian belakang seluar mampatan ini. Poket disebelah kiri anda dijahit sekali dengan zip dimana fungsinya untuk menyimpan kunci atau duit. Zipnya dapat menjaga barang berharga anda dari terjatuh atau hilang semasa larian. Manakala poket disebelah kanan pula berfungsi untuk meletakkan telefon bimbit anda. Kini anda boleh mendengar lagu sambil berlari dengan membawa telefon bimbit anda ke mana-mana!

Tempahlah SEKARANG!http://shop.nashata.com/en/skirt-pants/51-skirt-compression-pants.html