Six Nashata Influencers @ Ramadhan #GetFitAndGiveBack

Alhamdulillah, Nashata is grateful for the opportunity to be the title sponsor of BiiB Ramadhan #GetFitAndGiveBack.  It is a yearly event by BiiB during the month of Ramadhan where runners participate in a 14-day journey challenging themselves to commit 2 km daily by either running or walking. It is about charity, community and discipline.

Spilling the beans …

  1. Nashata Influencers
    #GetFitAndGiveBack is spearheaded by influencers who creates and leads their own team of runners and they are given the privilege of selecting their preferred charitable beneficiary. Our commitment for Ramadan goes beyond as a sponsor. Nashata has always been about sisterhood and supporting women without boundaries. Therefore, we have brought together six representatives consisting of Nashata active ladies and ambassadors, representing five countries to lead the teams. They are Raden Tika from Indonesia, Efah from Singapore, Gouwa from South Africa, Jeri from the United States of America and Intan and Eliza from Malaysia.Below are the ladies and the charity they have chosen during the campaign. Just pick one that relates most to you and be part of her team.

  2. How you can be a part of it ?
    a. Choose a team leader on event list and run or walk 2 KM a day for 14 consecutive days without a miss.
    b. Pay a  Fee of
    – Malaysia Address : RM 25.00 (Approx. USD 6.20) per participant or
    – International Address : RM 40.00 (RM 25.00 + RM 15.00 shipping topup) (Approx. USD 9.90) per participant
    c.  Join Ramadhan #GetFitAndGiveBack here
  3. How much is your contribution to the charity?

    Upon registering, RM2.50 (10%) of the fee goes to charity.

    Percentage of the survivors in your team that achieve 2KM for 14 days consecutively (without a miss) will determine the increment of contribution from RM2.50 to either RM12.50 / RM22.50.

    Team Completion Rate Team Contribution
    (Per Person)
    90% ~ 100% x 9 (RM2.50 x 9 = RM22.50)
    50% ~ 89.9% x 5 (RM2.50 x 5 = RM12.50)
    0% ~ 49.9% x 1 (RM2.50 x 1 = RM2.50)
  4. What do you get?
    a. Opportunity to donate to a charity during Ramadhan in a healthy way
    b.  Participation Reward (Join event):

    1. Nashata 25% OFF Voucher (Actual E-voucher will be sent via email before the event starts)

    Earlybird Reward (complete at least 1 day):

    1. Nando’s Trio’s Party voucher (Worth RM 29.90) – First 500 sign ups only

    Active Reward (complete at least 1 day): 

    1. Brooks RM160 Rebate Voucher
    2. BiiB Specially Engraved Wooden Kitchenware

    Finisher Reward (complete all 14 days):

    1. Brooks RM160 Rebate Voucher
    2. BiiB Specially Engraved Wooden Kitchenware
    3. Nashata Raazglove (Worth RM 19.00)
    4. Get Nashata RM50 Duit Raya Voucher for RM30 only
    5. Brooks Winner Voucher for online/in-store claim of 55% off for selected shoes with Brooks T-Shirt with the shoe purchase (limited availability with first come first serve basis)

Wait no more and join Ramadhan #GetFitAndGiveBack NOW



The Most Secure Sports Hijab for Dry & Water Sports

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The BLACK hooda sports hijab is the ONLY hooda sports hijab range that is suitable for BOTH dry and water sports activities. This is because of the waterproof fabric used for the black hooda hijab. The other colors of Hooda Sports Hijab are made of moisture wicking, mesh, lightweight fabrics making them suitable for dry activities. We do not recommend it for water sports use at all due to safety reason. You can read more about Hooda Sports Hijab features here.

Here are some pictures of the black hooda sports hijab in the water. It serves as an additional layer of coverage for you when you swim. You can wear it over your swimwear. The black hooda sports hijab is useful for leisure swim, but not performance purposes.  Hooray! No water gets trapped in my ears when I swim in the black hooda sports hijab.

It was tested for swimming on the surface and under water.

Let’s take a closer look at the fabric :

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab : Front – combination of silky hand feel fabric and mesh

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab : Opening for the Face, mesh on lower neck area.

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab

Nashata Hooda Sports Hijab : The Back

Price : RM89 /  ~ SG30 / ~USD22
Sizes : M/L/XL/2XL
You can purchase it here.

Size chart

Size Chart : Hooda Sports Hijab

Size Chart : Hooda Sports Hijab

Make sure you get the right sports hijab when you swim. If you want to secure your baby hair, you can wear Nashata’s raazglove underneath. Now, you can enjoy your water sports activities even more – when you have a secure hijab that does not flip when you workout, jump, swim or even at waterparks.

Trying to hoover in the water but not deep enough

Yup, I am ok. Trying to hoover in the water. I can’t wait to take to take hooda hijab to my next dive!

Watch other functions of the Hooda Sports Hijab here :

Mumtaz Sports Hijab – XL for Broad and Wide Faces

After Mumtaz Sports Hijab’s debut in Sept’15, now we have XL or Extended version to suit wide and broad faces. The design of Mumtaz Sports Hijab is to suit modest ladies who prefer simplicity, and wide and long chest covering.

Here are the Key Features:

  • Suitable for wide and broad faces
  • Offers more room around the face and neck
  • Optimal wide and chest covering
  • Made of  breathable & lightweight fabric
    Highly Breathable
  • Fast-drying & moisture wicking
  • Reflective logo
  • Weight : 95 grams or 3,4 oz only
  • Available in dark colors; black, light grey and oxford blue

Black Mumtaz HijabDark Grey Mumtaz HijabOxford Blue Mumtaz Hijab

Due to its simplicity and key features, other than sporting activities, Mumtaz Sports Hijab is also a must-have in your travel luggage. It is small, durable, lightweight and fast-drying and goes well with any leisure attire. Below is the size chart that shows key difference between the XL and Large (first release)

Mumtaz Sports Hijab Size Chart

Hooda Sports Hijab : New Colors, Revamped

We heard you girls! Now Hooda Sports Hijab is all revamped with more colors, more sizes and facelifts.
Now, achieve your fitness full potential in Hooda Sports Hijab. Put no limits to your workout!

Watch this video to see key functions of Hooda Sports Hijab used for different types of sporting activities. #cycling #running #yoga #jumping

2 New Colors

  • Now there are Metallic Silver & Aqua Turquoise in the Hooda Sports Hijab collection. The Metallic Silver offers neutral  & easy to match option while the bright Aqua Turquoise offers more safety to your workout. Plus, you get to be spotted easily in a crowd with it on.

Basic RGB

Bigger Sizes

  • We introduced Hooda Sports Hijab in two initial sizes (M & L) last month and now we added two more sizes to suit tall ladies.


Hooda Sports Hijab



  • Reflective logo at the back of hooda sports hijab
    Nashata reflective logo is now on the back to give you better protection for night use. This is especially useful for cyclists and hikers who train or race in the same direction of traffic.

CharN - b - half

  • More room and space in the front for better chest covering
    No matter what size you are, the hijab now looks balance front and back.
    MetalicS - s - half
  •  Flat awning on the forehead face
    The awning has been altered for a better fit while working out. The design is flat on the forehead and the is no space in between your forehead and the hijab.

AquaT - f - half

 If you would like to get one of these cool revolutionary hijab, visit


Sneak Peak of the COLORS for next COLLECTION

We have pre-selected many color combinations for you to choose for our next collection a few weeks ago and below are the color selected by our fans and customers. The next collection consists of active-wear for riada range (sports casual), ultra range (performance wear) and a new category to-be-announced soon.


Thank you to those who took time to choose the colors for your activewear. We received numerous votes from our social channels and below are the top pick! We offer a mix of soft and sporty colors as we want to make sure we cater for all active muslimah.


If you want your preferred color to be on the list, you can still vote. Just let us know your preference (A, B, C) through our social channels or just comment on this blogpost.


PS: The designs are not as disclosed in the visual. 

Be Inspired : Why and How Amy, once an Overweight Mother of 5, is NOW an Aerobic Instructor

Kak Amy, as how she wants to be addressed, is a petite and active grandmother and a mother of five children. She is the co-founder and the main instructor at the Fun 2 Fit Aerobic &  Dance Studio, a place where women can get trained on aerobic and dances comfortably. Kak Amy started the studio together with her friend Kak Ram, and with the support of Y.Bhg. Datin Dr. Zainah binti Moktar. The studio is located on the first floor, Taman Sri Pulai Perdana, Skudai, Johor. On the ground floor, Kak Amy and her partner operate Fun 2 Eat Cafe where they serve healthy-cooked meals.

Kak Amy

How did her passion in Aerobic start?

Ten years ago, Kak Amy was overweight at 70 kg. She was determined to loose weight and with her husband’s blessing, she started aerobic. Being a muslimah, she was concerned going to the gym and dance studio opened for both male and female. It was hard to find any dance studio solely catered for women.

Through aerobics,  Kak Amy started to loose weight. Initially, the progress was slow, so she started educating herself on weight lost. This included learning different types of exercises, nutrition and deep understanding of our bodies. Her passion grew further and she was determined to take it to the next stage – to be an instructor.

So five years ago, Kak Amy planned to take the exams to be a certified fitness trainer. The certification was commission by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. With much challenges being a mother and soon-to-be grandmother, she passed the exams. That was the pivotal point of her passion in aerobic when Kak Amy started to train others.

Why did Kak Amy open up a dance studio specially for muslimah?

Kak Amy understands the need of other muslim women to have a special fitness center specially for women. Women tends to be more comfortable when they are among themselves. Furthermore, when it comes to dancing, one needs to enjoy the movement freely. So at Kak Amy’s all-women  dance studio, one can wear any attire they are comfortable in and sweat out!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfun2fitaerobic and dance studio

How is a dance studio for muslimah differ from others?

First, it is for all women. No man is allowed. Secondly, ladies who come can choose to wear attire they are comfortable in. Kak Amy equips the studio with tools and equipment for all types of exercises. Thirdly, only indoor workout shoes are allowed. Trainees can keep their clean shoes at the studio. Lastly, the studio is clean for muslimah to pray as and when needed.

It is muslimah and Islamic friendly.

How does Kak Amy organise her classes?

Kak Amy, now 46 years old, trains not only at her studio but also external events. She is frequently being invited by hotels in Skudai area to train groups and companies on fitness and team building. At times, she does her training in the forest. Kak Amy uses Nashata Riada Top during outdoor activities. She has all five colors of Riada Top. She likes them because the design gives a very good ventilation during outdoor activities.

Her classes at the studio are scheduled either in the morning or evening. This is to suit busy schedule of women, working or not. Every trainee gets trained twice a week in a group of 20, for duration of an hour each. Every week, she focuses on one particular dance so that in a month, the students get to learn and practice four types of dances effectively.

What type of dances does Kak Amy teach at her studio?

All sorts of dances but since many of the trainees are new to aerobics, they focus on salsa latin, arabian dance, J-robik, hip hop kick boxing and etnic dance. However, occasionally, she schedules special dance classes like Zumba and Batuka at her studio. Her Batuka Dance Class scheduled on the 8th March is already SOLD OUT!

At each session, Kak Amy supplements the aerobic and dance routines with either floor exercise, rectangle step board, Stick2Stix, oval step board or fitball and dumbbell.
Fun 2 Fit Aerobic & Dance Studio

What motivates Kak Amy to train others aerobic?

Aerobic is good and fun for women. You get to move your body, enjoy the music and social with other muslimah. But to Kak Amy, fitness is beyond aerobic. She teaches about consuming healthy food, understanding one’s Body Mass Index (BMI) and the importance of performing different type of exercises. That is also the reason why she started  Fun to Eat Cafe just right below her dance studio three years ago.

Kak Amy trains other aerobic instructors too. When we visited her at her studio, we were appalled with the level of energy our sisters and her trainer. Her dance studio is not limited to muslimah only. She has non-muslim trainees. MUHIBBAH her dance studio is! At the end of the day, she wants her trainees to have a good time, exercise safely, has a good sleep with no pain before or after waking up and feeling fresh.

Her dance teams have won various competitions some of which represented Johor State to national level. Alhamdulillah, from her determination to loose weight, aerobic is now her passion and profession, keeping her healthy, beautiful and active.

Watch Kak Amy demoing simple steps on how to use the Gym Step

Kak Emy is the supporter of program Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia in Johor Bahru. Here is a her picture with the Kevin Zahri, the organiser of #jomkurus



If you are interested to join her exciting training program, visit Fun 2 Fit Aerobic & Dance Studio at No2A-01, Jalan Pulai Perdana 11/1, Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 81100 Skudai, Johor Bahru or simply give her a ring at +017-7716073.