Easy, Breezy, Pretty! : Mumtaz Sports Hijab

Mumtaz Sports Hijab is our new design. Simple yet it fits the needs of our fit sisters.
The model on featured image above is 168 cm tall, so if you are tall or seeking for wide chest covering , Mumtaz Sports Hijab is THE sports hijab for you.

Here’s a review by one of our customers on Mumtaz Sports Hijab

“Easy – Just slip on and go! 

The stretchy material gives the Mumtaz hijab a very comfortable fit, without need for an inner hair band. For sisters who worry about proper coverage, the Mumtaz drapes over the chest area nicely (I’m 162 cm tall with broad shoulders, mind you!), without getting in the way.

Breezy – So light and airy, I almost forgot I had it on the entire time! Fantastic breathable fabric made my run super comfortable from beginning to end.


Closeup of Mumtaz Sports Fabric

Pretty – The classic shape and design make it possible to wear the Mumtaz hijab pre- and post-run anywhere and everywhere. The reflective Nashata logo at the back of the hijab adds a thoughtful, practical touch. The light grey colour makes it easy to pair the Mumtaz with my assorted collection of running tops.”


Mimi in Mumtaz Hijab and Riada Top

Review is by Mimi Abdul Rashid
Mother, Runner & Entrepreneur.


We value our customers. That is why we spend a lot of time producing the right solutions for our customers. We’d love to hear from you. Just email customercare@nashata.com and share your thoughts.

Halal Personal Care Products For Active Women

For the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia, we have Good Virtues on board as one of our sponsors.

Good Virtues Co is a Malaysian-based personal care producer and they have put a lot of effort to make their products gentle and halal for women. They are fairly new in the market, but you can already find their products at the Watsons and Jaya Grocer. You should be able to find them in more stores soon.

Good Virtues

Good Virtues


What are their product range ?

  1. Facial Care
    Facial wash, facial scrub, day cream, night cream, toner and make up remover
  2. Hair Care
    Shampoo for Normal hair, Anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners, hair serum
  3. Body Care
    Anti-bacterial shower cream, deodorant, hand and body lotions, feminine wash, body salt scrub

Their shampoo and body wash come in many sizes, while the others come in one size. The prices are very afforable, ranging from RM8.00 – RM27.00,

What is special about Good Virtues Co products?

  1. They are halal
  2. The base of their products is made of organic black-seed oil, also known as habbatus sauda. These blessed seeds are known to promote health and general well being. They are rich in various minerals and nutrients making it ideal for all types of skin.
  3. They are FREE from Mineral oil, Paraben & Synthetic Colorants
    Mineral oil seals the skin off from the outside, and this preventing skin from breathing. The skin cell development is slowed down and may cause skin to age prematurely.
    Paraben is the widely used preservative in personal care products. Paraben is touted harmful to our health as it may contribute to the development of cancerous tumours

What do you get from Good Virtues Co when you participate in WOW RUN 2015  MY?

  1. A FREE 80 ml Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  2. Online Voucher that gives you a FREE Shower Cream when you purchase online

What you will get FREE in 80ml at the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia



Our Experiences

We have been testing Good Virtues products for active women and we love them all. We would like to highlight two products which we think are thumbs up!

  1. Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion
    For those who wash hands often and perform domestic work, this is THE hand lotion for you. Your hands feel silky upon application for a long long time, unlike other hand and body lotion. The lasting silky effect and moisturizing treatment are much needy for an active lady.
    The wimpy legs carries this lotion in her handbag so that she can apply while travelling and after every hand wash. It is the best!
  2.  Brightening Facial Cleanser
    Sarah has sensitive skin and her skin would develop pimples and does not react well with typical facial cleanser.
    The Glowing and Goodness Brightening Facial Cleanser does wonder to Sarah. No skin reaction and her face feels smooth and clean. 


Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion

Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion


They have all an active women need from head to toe. You can check out details of their products at http://goodvirtuesco.com/

If you have not registered for WOW RUN 2015 MY, you can register at bitly.com/WOWRUN2015MY

Never Give Up Running : Dr. Rosmurni Ismail shares her Story

We are grateful to have wonderful customers and because of the support from our sisters and customers, we thrive to do better. We receive many feedback from our customers, and we truly appreciate them.

We are also touched and happy that some of you take the trouble to send us pictures, write to us and share your stories; to inspire other sisters to be active in sports and take better care of beautiful vessels Allah give us. 

Here’s a story sent by Dr. Rosmurni who was the FIRST to finish 7 km fun at 38.4mins at the LOVE Subang Run 2014 on 9 November 2014.
To those who have challenges to find time to keep fit; You are not alone and you should not feel despair. Here’s her story, for the ummah.

Dr. Rosmurni @ Subang Jaya 7km fun run


I would like to share my experience with Nashata. I have been using the Nashata products for a few months back, can’t remember exactly. Oh yes! I purchased for the first time using Nashata coupon when I entered Malaysian Women’s Marathon (MWM) in March 2014. I saw the products displayed at the Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam and felt interested to try it out because of the modest muslimah design and suitable for outdoor activities(which I found rare to find).


So,I bought Amin Hijab and Riada Peplum Lite for my first purchase. Later on I repeated my order and bought  Heather Ultra top for more performance & Iman Hijab. I have been wearing them since because they are so light and comfy, and most importantly they cover right. I plan to buy more and I would like to congratulate Nashata for producing quality and innovative products. I hope there will be more interesting products coming soon.

I was a runner in my schooldays and till today, I love running. When I entered University, I just ran for fun and couldn’t do much running due to time constraint. I started having a family upon graduation and work commitment piled up. That was when I stopped running. But after giving birth to my 3rd child  in 2007 (my youngest child was 6 years old then), I saw an advertisement in the paper that there would be a Subang Jaya Run. I took my first attempt and I could run again after stopping for many years. I was very happy. It was a 7 km run and completed with a time of 47 mins. It was an awesome feeling and I started running constantly again and never look back.


However, Allah gave me a test, I had a miscarriage in 2008 and after a few months Allah gave me his blessings. I got pregnant with my 4th child and Alhamdulillah, I delivered my 4th child in 2009. Right after my postpartum period I started to be active again. Now, I am a constant runner despite being busy as a career woman, a wife to an excellent husband, a mother of four great children and lastly but not least as a daughter of an amazing mother.


So they say, Fit Parents Raise Fit kids. Congratulations to Dr. Rosmurni Ismail & family. 🙂 Here are her medals she collected since 2010. Keep going Dr. Rosmurni .

 Dr Rosmurni Ismail Medal
If you have stories to share, or feedback do write to us at contactus@nashata.com. We are happy to talk to you.

Apa kata Nana tentang PINK ARMSLEEVE kami!


Farhana Nabilah Binti Zakaria atau lebih di kenali sebagai Nana. Beliau kini berada pada tahun akhir pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi & Pengajian Media (kepujian) (kewartawanan) di UiTM Shah Alam dan juga part-time model. Beliau juga aktif dalam bidang sukan dan memegang jawatan committee tertinggi dalam Tae-kwan-do dan juga Bola Tampar.

Nana memakai sarung tangan mampatan Nashata




Nana telah mencuba salah satu produk dari kami iaitu Sarung Tangan Mampatan yang berwarna pink dan sangat teruja memakainya,

“Nana rasa lebih selesa dan bersemangat untuk buat aktiviti-aktiviti yang melibatkan fizikal contohnya berjogging, bermain bola jaring dan berkayak. Sangat sesuai Armsleeves comel ni di pakai oleh gadis-gadis Muslimah yang sentiasa aktif”




Anda teringin untuk memakainya juga, dapatkannya di NASHATA.COM atau WhatsApp sahaja untuk menempah 012-311 2489. Kami masih lagi membuat promosi untuk jualan akhir tahun dengan harga HANYA RM 44.50/sepasang. Penghantaran adalah percuma. Promosi akan berakhir 5 Januari 2014. BELILAH SEKARANG!