Halal Personal Care Products For Active Women

For the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia, we have Good Virtues on board as one of our sponsors.

Good Virtues Co is a Malaysian-based personal care producer and they have put a lot of effort to make their products gentle and halal for women. They are fairly new in the market, but you can already find their products at the Watsons and Jaya Grocer. You should be able to find them in more stores soon.

Good Virtues

Good Virtues


What are their product range ?

  1. Facial Care
    Facial wash, facial scrub, day cream, night cream, toner and make up remover
  2. Hair Care
    Shampoo for Normal hair, Anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners, hair serum
  3. Body Care
    Anti-bacterial shower cream, deodorant, hand and body lotions, feminine wash, body salt scrub

Their shampoo and body wash come in many sizes, while the others come in one size. The prices are very afforable, ranging from RM8.00 – RM27.00,

What is special about Good Virtues Co products?

  1. They are halal
  2. The base of their products is made of organic black-seed oil, also known as habbatus sauda. These blessed seeds are known to promote health and general well being. They are rich in various minerals and nutrients making it ideal for all types of skin.
  3. They are FREE from Mineral oil, Paraben & Synthetic Colorants
    Mineral oil seals the skin off from the outside, and this preventing skin from breathing. The skin cell development is slowed down and may cause skin to age prematurely.
    Paraben is the widely used preservative in personal care products. Paraben is touted harmful to our health as it may contribute to the development of cancerous tumours

What do you get from Good Virtues Co when you participate in WOW RUN 2015  MY?

  1. A FREE 80 ml Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  2. Online Voucher that gives you a FREE Shower Cream when you purchase online

What you will get FREE in 80ml at the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia



Our Experiences

We have been testing Good Virtues products for active women and we love them all. We would like to highlight two products which we think are thumbs up!

  1. Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion
    For those who wash hands often and perform domestic work, this is THE hand lotion for you. Your hands feel silky upon application for a long long time, unlike other hand and body lotion. The lasting silky effect and moisturizing treatment are much needy for an active lady.
    The wimpy legs carries this lotion in her handbag so that she can apply while travelling and after every hand wash. It is the best!
  2.  Brightening Facial Cleanser
    Sarah has sensitive skin and her skin would develop pimples and does not react well with typical facial cleanser.
    The Glowing and Goodness Brightening Facial Cleanser does wonder to Sarah. No skin reaction and her face feels smooth and clean. 


Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion

Anti-Aging Hand & Body Lotion


They have all an active women need from head to toe. You can check out details of their products at http://goodvirtuesco.com/

If you have not registered for WOW RUN 2015 MY, you can register at bitly.com/WOWRUN2015MY