Never Give Up Running : Dr. Rosmurni Ismail shares her Story

We are grateful to have wonderful customers and because of the support from our sisters and customers, we thrive to do better. We receive many feedback from our customers, and we truly appreciate them.

We are also touched and happy that some of you take the trouble to send us pictures, write to us and share your stories; to inspire other sisters to be active in sports and take better care of beautiful vessels Allah give us. 

Here’s a story sent by Dr. Rosmurni who was the FIRST to finish 7 km fun at 38.4mins at the LOVE Subang Run 2014 on 9 November 2014.
To those who have challenges to find time to keep fit; You are not alone and you should not feel despair. Here’s her story, for the ummah.

Dr. Rosmurni @ Subang Jaya 7km fun run


I would like to share my experience with Nashata. I have been using the Nashata products for a few months back, can’t remember exactly. Oh yes! I purchased for the first time using Nashata coupon when I entered Malaysian Women’s Marathon (MWM) in March 2014. I saw the products displayed at the Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam and felt interested to try it out because of the modest muslimah design and suitable for outdoor activities(which I found rare to find).


So,I bought Amin Hijab and Riada Peplum Lite for my first purchase. Later on I repeated my order and bought  Heather Ultra top for more performance & Iman Hijab. I have been wearing them since because they are so light and comfy, and most importantly they cover right. I plan to buy more and I would like to congratulate Nashata for producing quality and innovative products. I hope there will be more interesting products coming soon.

I was a runner in my schooldays and till today, I love running. When I entered University, I just ran for fun and couldn’t do much running due to time constraint. I started having a family upon graduation and work commitment piled up. That was when I stopped running. But after giving birth to my 3rd child  in 2007 (my youngest child was 6 years old then), I saw an advertisement in the paper that there would be a Subang Jaya Run. I took my first attempt and I could run again after stopping for many years. I was very happy. It was a 7 km run and completed with a time of 47 mins. It was an awesome feeling and I started running constantly again and never look back.


However, Allah gave me a test, I had a miscarriage in 2008 and after a few months Allah gave me his blessings. I got pregnant with my 4th child and Alhamdulillah, I delivered my 4th child in 2009. Right after my postpartum period I started to be active again. Now, I am a constant runner despite being busy as a career woman, a wife to an excellent husband, a mother of four great children and lastly but not least as a daughter of an amazing mother.


So they say, Fit Parents Raise Fit kids. Congratulations to Dr. Rosmurni Ismail & family. 🙂 Here are her medals she collected since 2010. Keep going Dr. Rosmurni .

 Dr Rosmurni Ismail Medal
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