Quick guide for choosing the right modest sports top

Going clothes shopping can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes you head to a department store with an idea in mind, but once you get there you have no idea where to start. There are so many different styles, cuts, sizes, colors and brands that you may feel overwhelmed. Having an idea of what looks good on you will make choosing good clothes much easier. At Nashata, we have a variety of options for you to get the right sportswear according to your preferences.

Pick the Right Sports Top for You :


1. Riada Pesaque

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams


2. Riada Jinz

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams






Monochrome Sportswear – Sharp for the Modest

Monochrome is not black and white. It is not grey either. Monochrome is use of shades of a single color and it is the foundation of our designs first half of 2017.


We use shades of maroon, blue, turquoise, beige and black in our recent collection. We also apply some traditional flair into our designs with the Kebaya Sports. Yes, we just love adding hints of cultural elements into sportswear, just like the Pesaque in 2016. The shades of one color gives soft touch to sportswear.

Monochrome Nashata Kebaya Sports

Monochrome Nashata Kebaya Sports in Turquoise & Maroon

The kebaya sports are monochrome, long and modest, making it suitable for all body types and dressing preferences. After testing for many months in many runs, we released it in 2 colors ; maroon and turquoise. This is to suit the young and gold hearts of kebaya lovers.


We use different types of breathable fabrics – all lightweight with different textures. From monochrome tops, hijabs and pants, we apply monochromatic design philosophy with use of intricate fabric texture and patterns from head to toe. It is actually quite FUN and CHALLENGING.

Pattern Fabric Kebaya Sports

Intricate and Different Textures in Kebaya Sports

Monochrome Hot Pink Hooda Racerback Fabric : Smooth & Wafer-like Combination

Smooth & Wafer-like Combination Texture on  Hooda Racerback  Sports Hijab – the Limited Edition

SIMPLE YET SHARP – Is what you need for training and working out. Sometimes, you just want to wear something that does not attract attention but feels so good working out in. That is why we focus on using high quality and lightweight fabric. The Hoodie Top below for example is so lightweight that you could run swiftly in stealth mode, without being noticed.

Monochrome Hoodie

The Monochrome Hoodie – Stripey & Sporty


The less contrast, the better. Reveal your sportiness with your character and activities. Improve performance and elevate confidence. Not convinced yet? Scroll further.

Runnning Monochrome @ Raub Village

Runnning  21km in Monochrome @ Raub Village – Finished Second! Intan wears the Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Tron Ultra Top and Fitness Leggings by Nashata

Same Tone Nashata Ulttra Top & Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab - the limited edition

Same Tone  Gives her More Confidence. She wears Blue Hoodie Ultra Top & Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab (Navy) – the Limited Edition by Nashata

Running in Kebaya Sports

Running 7km on a windy day in  Turquoise EZ Tazz Sports Hijab, Kebaya Sports and Riada Pants by Nashata


Don’t forget! You can still wear bright colors in monochromatic outfits. You can try shades of hot pink, green and turquoise. Monochrome is just subtle, yet sharp.  It is beyond black and white and you can look Simple, Sporty and Stylish – just what a modest lady needs!


Easy, Breezy, Pretty! : Mumtaz Sports Hijab

Mumtaz Sports Hijab is our new design. Simple yet it fits the needs of our fit sisters.
The model on featured image above is 168 cm tall, so if you are tall or seeking for wide chest covering , Mumtaz Sports Hijab is THE sports hijab for you.

Here’s a review by one of our customers on Mumtaz Sports Hijab

“Easy – Just slip on and go! 

The stretchy material gives the Mumtaz hijab a very comfortable fit, without need for an inner hair band. For sisters who worry about proper coverage, the Mumtaz drapes over the chest area nicely (I’m 162 cm tall with broad shoulders, mind you!), without getting in the way.

Breezy – So light and airy, I almost forgot I had it on the entire time! Fantastic breathable fabric made my run super comfortable from beginning to end.


Closeup of Mumtaz Sports Fabric

Pretty – The classic shape and design make it possible to wear the Mumtaz hijab pre- and post-run anywhere and everywhere. The reflective Nashata logo at the back of the hijab adds a thoughtful, practical touch. The light grey colour makes it easy to pair the Mumtaz with my assorted collection of running tops.”


Mimi in Mumtaz Hijab and Riada Top

Review is by Mimi Abdul Rashid
Mother, Runner & Entrepreneur.


We value our customers. That is why we spend a lot of time producing the right solutions for our customers. We’d love to hear from you. Just email customercare@nashata.com and share your thoughts.

Celebrating 2 Years of Nashata

Alhamdulillah, on 16th April 2015, Nashata turns 2. Nashata was launched on the 15th March 2014 in Shah Alam, where we organised the World’s 1st Modest Sportswear Fashion Show. Yes, Nashata is a toddler, very young at heart but like any other toddlers, we have learned so much and grown during toddler-hood.

Nashata 2nd AnniversaryFinal

Our Philosophy

We stand by our philosophy : empowering active lifestyle and we strongly believe in making our sisters happy and comfortable to perform their fitness activities no matter where they are, be it indoor or outdoor. Nashata is for every woman who chooses to dress modestly, notwithstanding age, body shape, fitness level, belief and race. Most of all, we want our sisters to look good, feel good and confident while working out! That is the reason why we offer total solutions from head to toe (excluding shoes of course!) that come in many choices.

Our Journey

Nashata wouldn’t have happened without the spirit of sisterhood, friendship and partnership. That is how it has been the past 2 years and we wish to continue to grow this way. We spend a lot of time listening to our customers from various groups, spend time with the community, understand the gaps and provide solutions that will allow more and more sisters to work out comfortably and take extra care of their health. The experience has been truly amazing as we see how colorful our sisters are. We become a part of our customers’ journey improving their fitness level.

Here’s a summary of our journey come scorecard since we started in April 2013.

Infograph Nashata
Infograph : Celebrating 2 Years of Nashata

Our Promise

We understand there is No One-Size-Fits All solution for modest activewear, with Fashion and Sports combined. The good news is that Fitness is for All!  We understand, there are many fitness level and dressing preferences for women. Competitive or leisure, we hope to continue giving options for both categories. We will continue to listen and work closely with partners & customers to make more awesome modest activewear for you. InsyaAllah, we will offer more products, new and improved designs, and better experience. While we improve the products, you improve fitness level!

We thank the community and our customers for supporting us. To all our :

  • Customers – Please keep the conversations going. You can email customercare@nashata.com if you have feedback or questions about our products. We are not perfect, but we will try our best.
  • Partners – Let’s make our customers happier and make active lifestyle an essential part of life.
  • Potential partners – We like to partner and collaborate. So if you are interested to  be our media partner, content partner, distributor, reseller, dropshipper or consignee, please email contactus@nashata.com
  • Team members – Let’s keep improving our services and build more compelling products and content for our customers and partners. We would like to have more energetic and creative talents on board. Email contactus@nashata.com if you think there is a fit. We are always hiring!

Lastly, we are throwing a special discount for all sports hijab until 30th April. All hijabs are RM69. Take this opportunity to make your sporting wardrobe more colorful!

Calling for Fashion Sports Enthusiasts to Join Us

Nashata is a young and small company and we have a lot of exciting plans for 2015. To do that, we are inviting sports fashion enthusiasts to join our team. The immediately available roles are Digital Marketer, Fulfillment Specialist and Bloggers.

Email us at contactus@nashata.com if you are interested or SHARE with your friends if you have friends who would find their passion fulfilled @ Nashata.

1. Digital Marketer

Join the Pioneer team in REVOLUTIONIZING modest activewear. This is a FULL-TIME role for an online marketer who loves sports and embraces an active lifestyle. 

But we are open for PART-TIMERS to perform not all but a few of the roles listed below. The role requires you to:

  1. Jointly plan and execute marketing plans for Nashata products together with the management team
  2. Create and manage content on Nashata digital channels.
  3. Engage with Nashata’s online community, sporting communities, customers and associates.
  4. Work with external digital advertising channels
  5. Track the company’s digital channel performance and work with the management team to grow and keep digital performance positively.
  6. Produce and share company online newsletter on Nashata digital channels.

To perform the above, the role requires you to possess:

  1. Knowledge and hands on experience producing sporty creative work
  2. Interest and ability to blog and micro-blog
  3. Loves to exercise and to be healthy
  4. Knowledge and experience managing Facebook page, twitter, instagram, youtube and other digital channels. Most of all enjoy doing it.
  5. Good writing skills in English. (Bahasa Malaysia is a plus)
  6. Knowledge in managing external analytics and online advertising channels like Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Advert.
  7. Loves trying out new things and keeping abreast with the fun evolution of online marketing
  8. Willing to commute to Cyberjaya

This role will get abundance of hands on training and guidance along the way. As long as you are willing to learn and driven to try out new things, this is the place for you!

Salary Range : RM800-RM3000 (depending on experience level, full time/part time)

Deadline : 15 January 2015

2. Fulfillment Specialist

Join the Pioneer team in REVOLUTIONIZING modest activewear. This is a PART-TIME role suitable for highly detailed and discipline person. Working hours is : Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm.

The role requires you to:

  1. Manage stocks of the company at all times
  2. Update and maintain all products of Nashata
  3. Communicate and provide product updates for Nashata partners
  4. Check the quality of Nashata products prior to shipment
  5. Pack and ship Nashata products to customers, resellers and partners
  6. Liaise with vendors on product improvements and quality control
  7. Improve customer purchasing experience at all times

To perform the above, the role requires you to possess:

  1. Knowledge and hands on experience packing products for shipment
  2. Eyes for details and interests on quality products
  3. Good communication skills in English
  4. Knowledge and experience to use Microsoft Office, Google Documents and other online and technological tools
  5. Able to commute to Cyberjaya

Salary Range : RM700-RM2,000 (depending on experience level)

Deadline : 15 January 2015

3. Sports and Fashion Blogger



You love writing conversational way?

You enjoy engaging with readers and online audience?

You love sports and keeping fit?

You enjoy doing research on sports, fitness and fashion sports

If you DO, you have landed on the right place.

We are looking for PART-TIME bloggers to add lotsa lotsa value to our readers.

Write Fun & Engage Responsibly, Make our Readers Happy

To perform the above, the role requires you to possess:

  1. Good conversational and fun writing skills
  2. Interests in Sports and/or Fashion
  3. Ability and interest to use online media tools

You just need to work with us virtually. Read more about us at Nashata.com and if there is a fit, email your resume at contactus@nashata.com

Salary Range : Based on Deliverables. If interested, let’s talk!

Deadline : 31 December 2014