Meet Nashata Plus-Size Model – Nurul Noorzain

Our search for Plus Size Model ended when we found Nurul, a 28 year old graphic designer who is based in Johor.  She is confident in her size, commit to her body positively and making commitment to loose weight by changing her lifestyle – by working out and eating healthy.

Late last year in 2017, Nurul made a personal commitment to loose weight. She managed to shed 14 kg the past 3 months by walking or running every day before she goes to work. She improves her diet by having oat, bread  and salad in the morning and reduces rice intake. For snack, she indulges herself with fruits.

Nurul Noor Zain parading at Nashata Fashion Show at the Malaysia Women Marathon 2018. She was in Nashata Amina Sports Hijab and Riada Nahl Sports Top

Nurul was an active lady until she got injured in 2014. She enjoyed hiking and trailing and had to stop when she had a bad fall while hiking at Gunung Datuk Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Now, after a couple of years of recovery, with plates in her leg, she started to be active back again. Determined to loose weight, she joined a couple of weight programs that focus on fundamentals. Her friends, like Intan Aina help her during weight lost journey.

Sisterhood – Nurul & Intan. Intan is an avid runner who got Nurul to register into Nashata Model Search Program

As Nashata Plus Size Model, Nurul gets:

  • to be Nashata Model
  • to be one of models at Malaysia Women Marathon(MWM) Fashion Show in March 2018
  • supplies of Nashata Plus-Size Products for 3 months
  • to be featured in Nashata Blog
  • AND run at the Malaysia Women Marathon! (this is a bonus)

Nurul’s 1st 5km Run was at the Malaysia Women Marathon, and tells us she wants to participate more! She wore Nashata Amina Sports Hijab, Ultra Galaxy Top and Riada Active Pants.

What did she say about wearing and running in Nashata?

"Sangat Selesa, Tak Panas, Tak Pelekat"
Very comfortable, cooling and does not stick to her body.

AND she looked good in them!

Celebrating Diversity @ Nashata Fashion Show, Malaysia Women Marathon

Wefie Moment During Photoshoot!

Nurul currently weighs 106 kg, BMI-30  and targets to achieve a healthy BMI. We will cover and feature her progress. She traveled from Johor to be join the girly fun with us.

So do come back for more and check out her instagram account to find out more about confident Nurul! Support her!


Celebrating 2 Years of Nashata

Alhamdulillah, on 16th April 2015, Nashata turns 2. Nashata was launched on the 15th March 2014 in Shah Alam, where we organised the World’s 1st Modest Sportswear Fashion Show. Yes, Nashata is a toddler, very young at heart but like any other toddlers, we have learned so much and grown during toddler-hood.

Nashata 2nd AnniversaryFinal

Our Philosophy

We stand by our philosophy : empowering active lifestyle and we strongly believe in making our sisters happy and comfortable to perform their fitness activities no matter where they are, be it indoor or outdoor. Nashata is for every woman who chooses to dress modestly, notwithstanding age, body shape, fitness level, belief and race. Most of all, we want our sisters to look good, feel good and confident while working out! That is the reason why we offer total solutions from head to toe (excluding shoes of course!) that come in many choices.

Our Journey

Nashata wouldn’t have happened without the spirit of sisterhood, friendship and partnership. That is how it has been the past 2 years and we wish to continue to grow this way. We spend a lot of time listening to our customers from various groups, spend time with the community, understand the gaps and provide solutions that will allow more and more sisters to work out comfortably and take extra care of their health. The experience has been truly amazing as we see how colorful our sisters are. We become a part of our customers’ journey improving their fitness level.

Here’s a summary of our journey come scorecard since we started in April 2013.

Infograph Nashata
Infograph : Celebrating 2 Years of Nashata

Our Promise

We understand there is No One-Size-Fits All solution for modest activewear, with Fashion and Sports combined. The good news is that Fitness is for All!  We understand, there are many fitness level and dressing preferences for women. Competitive or leisure, we hope to continue giving options for both categories. We will continue to listen and work closely with partners & customers to make more awesome modest activewear for you. InsyaAllah, we will offer more products, new and improved designs, and better experience. While we improve the products, you improve fitness level!

We thank the community and our customers for supporting us. To all our :

  • Customers – Please keep the conversations going. You can email if you have feedback or questions about our products. We are not perfect, but we will try our best.
  • Partners – Let’s make our customers happier and make active lifestyle an essential part of life.
  • Potential partners – We like to partner and collaborate. So if you are interested to  be our media partner, content partner, distributor, reseller, dropshipper or consignee, please email
  • Team members – Let’s keep improving our services and build more compelling products and content for our customers and partners. We would like to have more energetic and creative talents on board. Email if you think there is a fit. We are always hiring!

Lastly, we are throwing a special discount for all sports hijab until 30th April. All hijabs are RM69. Take this opportunity to make your sporting wardrobe more colorful!

SISTERHOOD brings out the VIBRANT in a LADY

On the 1st May 2014, fifteen ladies from SPM batch 1992, showcased the full range of Nashata Products, at Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC), Bandar Enstek. They were the perfect models to represent Nashata ! Why is that so?

Nashata is for all and evidently in this picture, everyone looked really good in activewear. But of course, the radiant glow came from the happiness meeting and doing something with each other. The power of sisterhood among women is strong and important in a woman’s life.

Batch 92 Models Nashata
Radiantly BEAUTIFUL Batch 92, TKCians 

The fashion show was just a minute part of the Malay Girls College / TKC Old Girls Association (OGA) Back To College event. The organizing committee and the school put a lot of effort to put together a memorable event for the sisters of TKC.  It was to honor the kakak and seniors, perform activities with the students and fellow alumni. The main highlight was the launch of OGA/TKC membership card and the event ended late afternoon with the Hunger Game, participated by the alumni and students. There were special appearances of celebrity Dato’ Rosyam Nor and Chef Nik Micheal Imran.


Agenda MGC / TKC OGA Back to College

With the soundtrack of Happy by Pharrell William throughout the show, all fifteen ladies walked VIBRANTLY on the stage. They could be themselves in activewear and in Nashata’s activewear, they get to be fashionable.

Video produced by Ina A

A special THANKS to YBhg. Dato’ Hafsah Hashim, YBhg Dato’ Rosyam Nor, Honorable Organizing Committee  & Fabulous Alumni of Tunku Kurshiah College Batch 92 for supporting modest activewear Nashata.

Rosyam Nor and Dato Hafsah Hassan

Dato’ Rosyam Nor and Dato Hafsah Hassan with FABULOUS MODELS

We were honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of the Malay Girls College / TKC Old Girls Association Back To College Event. More fun fashion show coming soon insyAllah 🙂

Acara Malaysia Women Marathon yang awesome!

ALHAMDULILLAH, semuanya berjalan lancar untuk Pertunjukan Fesyen dan pelancaran Nashata yang pertama kali dalam program Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) pada 15 Mac yang lepas yang di adakan di Royal Theater Shah Alam. Kami akan berkongsi cerita yang menarik bersama anda!


Program ini berlangsung selama tiga (3) hari berturut-turut bermula dari 14 sehingga 16 Mac 2014. Booth kami terletak di bahagian kanan pintu masuk dewan Royal Theater. Hari Jumaat tersebut mula di penuhi ramai pelanggan dan pengunjung yang datang untuk menyaksikan sesi dialog wanita dan sekaligus memberikan sumber inspirasi kepada para wanita yang lain untuk terus maju ke hadapan. Antara penceramah yang hadir ialah :

1) YB Rodziah Ismail, Exco Selangor untuk Kebajikan Wanita

2) Catherine Ndereba, Pemenang Marathon Dunia sebanyak 7 kali

3) Eliza Noordin, Usahawan Perniagaan Online

4) Alecia Heng, Pengasas Gorgeous Geek

Women Dialogues


Kami mengambil kesempatan ini untuk membuat pelancaran NASHATA untuk pertama kali. Segala produk terbaru, kami peragakan oleh model-model professional. Antaranya baju Riada Peplum, T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Keep Calm, Baju Ultra A-Cut, Tudung Amin Hijab, Seluar Aktif Riada, Bag Sukan dan Bag Kasut. Pertunjukan Fesyen ini di meriahkan lagi dengan kehadiran tetamu istimewa iaitu Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Penembak Negara Olimpik yang merasmikan pelancaran dangan menulis tanda tangan di baju A-Cut Nashata yang berwarna kelabu. Ratu Muslimah Dunia 2013, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola juga membuat penampilan semasa pertunjukan fesyen tersebut.

tandatnagn suriyani

Tandatangan Nur Suryani

Fashion Show


Semua peserta larian berlepas dari perkarangan Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam. Kami menaja larian 5KM Fun Run yang disertai oleh pelanggan setia dan  kaum wanita yang lain dari perbagai umur. Acara larian tersebut telah di lepaskan oleh Catherine Ndereba dan disertai oleh YB Elizabeth Wong, YB Dr. Daroyah dan ratusan kaum hawa.


Walaupun keadaan cuaca ketika itu tidak begitu baik dengan jerebu, aktiviti larian tetap di jalankan seperti yang di rancangkan, tetapi jarak larian dikurangkan ke 3km. Belon Nashata yang menarik dapat memberi semangat untuk para peserta barlari dengan gembira. Percaya atau tidak, pelatih industri kami Iman Aida Amirah berjaya membuat larian sebanyak 10km kerana tersilap memilih lorong larian gara-gara jerebu dan tidak nampak dengan jelas.



Di kesempatan ini, kami dari pihak warga kerja Nashata mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang membantu menjayakan larian ini terutamanya penganjur Iron Girl Sdn. Bhd dan penaja utama Tourism Selangor.

Ikutilah juga liputan blogger dan media berikut:

Nota : Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan juga buat Asia’s Leading Online Cycling News Portal, untuk beberapa gambar yang digunakan untuk blog ini



Get Glamourous in Nashata : GLAMRAYA,

Exactly, you can have the GLAMOUROUS look for Raya in Nashata! We are one of the eight featured designers by for this upcoming Raya 2013.

We will be featuring our first collection at an exclusive Iftar and Fashion Event July 25th 2013, at Bora Asmara, Kuala Lumpur.

Featuring our hot selling colors, Pink and Turqouise on the runway, our collection comes in five colors; Pink, Turqouise, Navy Blue, Lilac and Black. Each color has a matching IMAN hijab to go with, so that you can enjoy your BALIK KAMPUNG and FAMILY-TIME in Nashata.

Those of you who can’t make it, don’t worry. We are offering you something special online, in conjuction with  our first participation at a Fashion Event!

We are offering our invaluable online customers Nashata full-suit in selected colors for RM139-RM149, and our Pink and Turqouise Iman Hijab for RM49. These prices are valid from  22 July 2013 – 28 July 2013 only!

Shop at our store today.

GlamRaya Invitation