SISTERHOOD brings out the VIBRANT in a LADY

On the 1st May 2014, fifteen ladies from SPM batch 1992, showcased the full range of Nashata Products, at Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC), Bandar Enstek. They were the perfect models to represent Nashata ! Why is that so?

Nashata is for all and evidently in this picture, everyone looked really good in activewear. But of course, the radiant glow came from the happiness meeting and doing something with each other. The power of sisterhood among women is strong and important in a woman’s life.

Batch 92 Models Nashata
Radiantly BEAUTIFUL Batch 92, TKCians 

The fashion show was just a minute part of the Malay Girls College / TKC Old Girls Association (OGA) Back To College event. The organizing committee and the school put a lot of effort to put together a memorable event for the sisters of TKC.  It was to honor the kakak and seniors, perform activities with the students and fellow alumni. The main highlight was the launch of OGA/TKC membership card and the event ended late afternoon with the Hunger Game, participated by the alumni and students. There were special appearances of celebrity Dato’ Rosyam Nor and Chef Nik Micheal Imran.


Agenda MGC / TKC OGA Back to College

With the soundtrack of Happy by Pharrell William throughout the show, all fifteen ladies walked VIBRANTLY on the stage. They could be themselves in activewear and in Nashata’s activewear, they get to be fashionable.

Video produced by Ina A

A special THANKS to YBhg. Dato’ Hafsah Hashim, YBhg Dato’ Rosyam Nor, Honorable Organizing Committee  & Fabulous Alumni of Tunku Kurshiah College Batch 92 for supporting modest activewear Nashata.

Rosyam Nor and Dato Hafsah Hassan

Dato’ Rosyam Nor and Dato Hafsah Hassan with FABULOUS MODELS

We were honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of the Malay Girls College / TKC Old Girls Association Back To College Event. More fun fashion show coming soon insyAllah 🙂