3 Simplified Tips for Self-Defense

With the ladies who floated like butterflies but stung like bees

Self-defense skills is an asset that all ladies should have, yet hope to never use. However, danger can lurk in any corner and women must be prepared. Having self-defense skills does not guarantee that you will be unhurt or unscathed in an attack, however it can increase your chance of surviving. Besides having the right skills, learning self-defense can boost your confidence level, improve your fitness level in a fight-or-flight situation (if you need to outrun your attacker), and makes you more coordinated when fighting back.

Self-defense does not have to be complicated. You don’t need a black belt to try to save yourself. Here are 3 simplified tips I learnt from today’s class at Hammerfist Fight Club, in Cyberjaya:

  • Punch with the correct technique

The knuckles on your second and middle finger is the hardest. Use that to punch instead of focusing on the whole fist.

You can also use the base of your palms to jab the upper body like the throat. The bottom part of your palms just before your wrist is actually stronger than your fist.

The tips of your fingers are powerful too. Use it to poke the eyes using all 4 finger tips. Aim for only one eye, and this is enough to distract your attacker.

Elbows are strong and sharp tools too. Keep it close to your side when punching to block kicks or attacks from the side that can harm the ribs and chest.

Getting as close to your attacker as possible to deliver the most powerful punch

  • Find weak points on the body.

They are:

Eyes, throat, the middle of the chest, stomach, groin, mid thighs, knees, shins, ankles.

These points are most vulnerable as it can inflict the most amount of pain to the attacker. So aim for these body parts when attacked.

Here is a brief video that contains information on how to use these weak points, but with slight variation from what we learnt today:


  • Act swiftly

When facing an attacker, a split second can make a difference. Hesitation gives a window for the attacker to make his next move. Plus, acting swiftly gives the impression that you are confident and not a vulnerable victim.

I hope that these tips are useful for women when they are forced to face an attacker. For a full list of skills, it is best to enroll in a martial arts class where a certified instructor can help to polish your techniques.


4 Techniques to Free Yourself

For more info on Kick Boxing, you can read Sarah’s experience here


We are hiring!

We have openings for 3 full-time roles and internship positions. Be a part of a growing team in e-commerce fashion and sports industry.

Full-time Roles

1. E-commerce Sales & Marketing Executive

Your role is to identify, establish and grow relationships and partnership with  wholesalers, retailers and individuals in current and new markets.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Identify new markets and business opportunities and secure partnerships
  • Work with team, customers and partners on product improvements
  • Work with partners to meet sales targets in key markets
  • Build and engage with media influencers in key markets
  • Work with partners and internal team on product development and promotions.
  • Carry out sales activities, marketing strategies and execute plans to ensure sales targets are achieved.

Requirements :

  • Possess at least Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies/Management/Marketing/or Mass communication or equivalent.
  • Good writing and verbal communication skill in English and understand Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Fashion savvy and ability to use online tools
  • Able to work in agile environment
  • Proactive, honest and hardworking
  • Experience in sales & marketing and dealing with other geographical markets are nice to have.

If interested to apply, kindly send resume to contactus@nashata.com

2. Graphic Designer

Your role is to be creative and produce contents be it online and offline that keeps customers and partners informed, communicated and motivated to have active lifestyles.  

Key Accountabilities:

  • Produce new concept & Ideas for design.
  • Design fresh themes for website.
  • Work closely with internal team and partners to produce design and contents that includes videos and animation for website, social media sites and other suitable medium.
  • Perform other multimedia and graphics related tasks and project as required
  • Capture and Process image  (Photo shooting ) for new products.

Requirements :

  • Diploma/Degree  in Arts/ Graphic design/ Multimedia/ Mass communication or equivalent.
  • Strong portfolio will be considered
  • Good writing and verbal communication skill in English and understand Bahasa Malaysia.
  • 1-2 years of working experience.
  • Strong knowledge in illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, dreamweaver, etc.
  • Photoshooting
  • Able to work in agile environment
  • Proactive, honest and hardworking

If interested to apply, kindly send resume to contactus@nashata.com

3. Web Developer

Your role is to coding, manage and make company store fronts on digital world exciting and easy for customers.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Maintain company website
  • Continuously improve user experience on company digital store-fronts that includes but not limited to company website.
  • Improve features of company e-commerce store and manage interoperability between company and other parties.
  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases.
  • Build mobile application for company

Requirements :

  • Diploma/Degree  in Computer Science and Information System
  • 1-2 years of working experience.
  • Able to work in agile environment
  • Proactive, honest and hardworking

If interested to apply, kindly send resume to contactus@nashata.com

Internship Opportunities

This is the fantastic opportunity to be a part of a growing team in an e-commerce fashion and sports industry. At Nashata, you are encouraged to try out new ideas. Nashata operates from Cyberjaya, Selangor.

During your internship you will be exposed to any of the followings :

1. Business & Marketing Students:

  • Research on International Markets.
  • Propose and execute e-commerce plans in other markets
  • Blog and manage content with external bloggers
  • Assist in managing company social media

2. Fashion Design Students

  • Design and improve products
  • Research and propose products for key markets
  • Photoshoot products and work with talents

3. Software Engineering / Computer Science / Graphic Design Students

  • Maintain company website
  • Add new features on website
  • Produce digital work for customers

Benefits :

  • You will be also exposed to all aspects of the company operations and spent time with marketing, sales, product development and fashion design as part of your orientation through the business.
  • Our internship range from 3 months to 6 months based in Cyberjaya. Post internship opportunities are available for interested candidates.


  • Must be possess or currently pursuing a Diploma / Bachelor’s degree in Business studies/Administration/Marketing/Fashion Design/Computer Science / Multimedia or Graphic Design etc.
  • Must be willing to work in Cyberjaya.
  • Good writing and verbal communication skill in English and understand Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Proactive, honest and hardworking

This is paid internship which leads to opportunities for career advancement.

If interested to apply, kindly send resume to contactus@nashata.com




20 Years On – Cyberjaya, A Resident’s Perspective

Cyberjaya, Sepang

Cyberjaya, Sepang

  1. Cyberjaya celebrates its 20th birthday this month. Cyberjaya started in May 1996 where the promise, aspiration and hopes of many generation X like Ritz and I. We were the early believers in a new way forward for the nation’s ICT through the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). It was the same year that Phd candidates Page and Brin began Google as research project at Stanford. Albeit thousand miles apart, the similitude of it is in the dawn of new creations. Being US graduates ourselves, we had no prejudice on technology initiatives, and not doubting in Malaysia’s ability to grow with ICT.
  2. Just before the turn of the millennium, we began our work-life, got married and commuted to Cyberjaya. We loved our new jobs but having the thought of daily commute from Bandar Utama to Cyberjaya was both time-consuming and increasingly costly by the year. Then LDP was the direct motorway into Cyberjaya. Every month, the LDP takes in more and more traffic and the odds of us having spent on average 2 hours a day on the road – was not the chore we wanted.
  3. In 2001, we moved our small family of three to Cyberjaya, adopting the city very early as we progress into our careers. Plus, we embraced the triple bottom line variant, the theme idea of Cyberjaya’s –  Live, Work, Play.  Then the town was small,  peaceful community with welcoming diversity and growing melting pot of talents.
  4. From three, our family grew to a family of five and from living in an apartment, we moved to a house in Cyberjaya, seven years later. Despite many challenges bringing up a family here we truly enjoyed Cyberjaya, its open spaces, its adorning trees, its fast track development, amidst the backdrop of Putrajaya.  Having close proximity to work, with near zero traffic, we were able to enjoy home-cooked food, and cherished time with the children.
  5. However, things did not happen magically, here in Cyberjaya. Patience,  persistence and effort got us and the community, the long waited public amenities. It was always the case of chicken-and-egg. For example, for many years, we went to the Cyberjaya Bomba’s makeshift mosques to pray and perform the Qurban. The Cyberjaya Bomba staff and household has been a great pacifier to the community. The long awaited Cyberjaya Raja Haji Fisabilillah mosque only existed 2 years ago and despite a daytime estimated population of 70,000,  we deathly have no hospital nor a Klinik Kesihatan yet within the vicinity. Despite Cyberjaya having the label of TwinCity (to Putrajaya),  residence then were not cordially welcomed  at the government clinics in Putrajaya. We were sent off to Klinik Kesihatan in Dengkil, to receive medical attention. Even to the point of wonder, if a child is born from a Cyberjaya dweller, when will it be that  Cyberjaya be recognise as his/her birthplace. Nonetheless, Klinik Gomez was the first clinic to open its doors to medical care and still operates to this day in Cyberjaya, we are happy patients to Dr Vasuki. Now, there are a few places where the community can get medical attention.
  6. Indeed, good things take time to happen – take Silicon Valley for example, it benefited from the talent pool of great minds across the globe, with universities like the Stanford, UC Berkeley, SFU, San Jose University and others played host, incubation and nurturing of these free-spirited creators. These universities were built in late 1800s and have produced great talents to whom were scientists, technologist, innovators and business owners, over decades. In comparison Cyberjaya, there is the Multimedia University (MMU) that started operation in 1999, followed by Lim Kok Wing in 2003, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences in 2005 and Universiti Islam Malaysia in 2015. Great minds like Prof Ghauth Jasmon, the first president of MMU did a fantastic job to get the early days at university off the ground and brought in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit into young minds. It’s the talented undergraduate students of MMU who gave birth to Upin Ipin in 2005 and BoboiBoy in 2009. Creativity is our strength. The (late Tan Sri) Othman Yeop Abdullah had strong caring for Cyberjaya to “be green, low rise and campus atmosphere” alongside then stewardship of Dato’ Karim Abu Bakar of Setiaharuman.

    The Skyline @ Cyberjaya 20 Years On

    The Skyline @ Cyberjaya 20 Years On

  7. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are children of settlers of the ‘Silicon Valley’, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google are children to academicians who grew up in an environment that embraces technology and promotes creativity. To date, 60-80% of the revenue from Microsoft, Apple and Google are from out of the US. Tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon are in Seattle and not Silicon Valley. These areas are the magnet for great technological minds that serve the world.
  8. It is a tall order to bring the best minds within a small nation like Malaysia. Most tech multinational companies that exist in Malaysia are sales outfits and they do not do real R&D in Malaysia. There were not many job opportunities for engineers and techies in the early days of MSC, and many ended up working in sales and marketing or custom-development arm of these tech company.  Credit is also due to two other gentlemen that help brought masses to Cyberjaya – Benjamin Ong of Prima Group and Micheal Ong of Quill Group Bhd – as well as the F&B life into the city. To this day, their buildings and their eateries are fully catered.
  9. I had the privilege to work as a software engineer at Intel MSC and work with talented pool of engineers. I also had the opportunity to work with young companies and software developers and talent was definitely what we lack of. But perhaps experience, confidence, perseverance, business acumens and the list goes on. There were many innovation created that Malaysia was not ready for back then.
  10. As for both of us, we decided to put our money where our mouth is. We live, work and play here happily. Over the years, we see more and more young couples, families and friends move to Cyberjaya. Things are changing. We are happy and blessed to have great neighbours and living in a peaceful city. Things do get better and we applaud Cyberview for making great efforts to make Cyberjaya liveable. We are happy to see that there are more activities for children who want to take up coding, varied learnings and of late multiple sporting activities  for the community within and outside Cyberjaya to participate. Without its people, its location and activities, the aspirations and dreams are just marketing buzzwords.

    Young minds at the Minecraft Gaming Competition 2016

    Young minds at the Minecraft Gaming Competition 2016

  11. That aside, we hope Cyberjaya becomes truly the entrepreneurial hub and living technology location that brings more technologist, great talents, innovators and business owners. Even though we no longer work in tech-space, we will continue to grow our small ventures from Cyberjaya – living, working and playing here.
  12. We expect Cyberjaya to continue to be the change, model and contributor to Malaysia’s future for  years to come. Let’s continue to make Cyberjaya a Malaysian dream.

With Peace,
Ritz & Eliza
Resident of Cyberjaya


Running on Hope at PEACE Run 2017


3 more days to join PEACE Run 2017. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) 2017 cohort of students are organising a relief team destined for Nepal under the project Post-Earthquake Aid & Care for Nepal (PEACE NEPAL 2017). The team will be hosting a run as part of their fundraising activities to support the mission’s fund in July 2017.

There are three categories open for the public which are 3KM, 5KM and 10KM respectively, but the 3KM run is sold out. The registration fees are RM55 and RM65 for 5KM and 10KM respectively and RM60 for 10KM virtual run and with that you are entitled for a running shirt and a medal.


Peace Run 2017

Peace Run 2017

CUCMS’ students have been championing the international humanitarian mission in the South-East Asia for the past three years. The team divides the activities into two categories as for the short-term activities are medical check-up, mass circumcision and distribution of donation items. While the long-term activities are to build water pumps and provide solar panels to the local community.

The registration will end 31st March 2017 and participants can collect their race pack at DPulze Shopping Centre Cyberjaya on 13th April 2017. Let’s join the running on hope and don’t miss our #free medical check-up at the event!

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/PEACERUN2017

Official sites:


Run. Eat. Repeat!

If there’s anything that I love more than running or working out is food. Combine those 2 things together, you get a marathon that is worth repeating year after year! Twincity Marathon is unique because it is a big-scaled running event that has an abundance of food (the only event that I have experienced lots and lots of food are ultramarathons because there are not many participants). On top of that, it also provides prayer facilities at several water stations that is well-planned for both fast and slow runners.

Our big family of runners and pacers

Our big family of runners and pacers

I decided to participate again in this year’s half marathon category. Last year, I went as a “ghost” runner in the same category (run without a bib, no medal at the finishing line waiting for you, and pray you don’t get caught!) so I did not have the privilege and luxury of time to enjoy the generous spread of food at several water stations. However, I still had a great experience so it was worth paying and registering instead of participating as a “ghost” again.

Me after crossing the finishing line last year. Run at your own risk, "ghost" runners

Me after crossing the finishing line last year. Run at your own risk, “ghost” runners.

Except for the inconveniences during the bib collection (the Men’s 21km bib were not ready on time), Twincity Marathon was certainly an event not to be missed. Besides the food and the thoughtful prayer facilities, it is also a relatively flat route with minimal elevation. It would have been a great opportunity for me to set another PB, however I admit I did not train enough prior to this event but mainly, I was distracted by so much food. Blame it on my short attention span!

Do you expect me to choose between running and eating?

Do you expect me to choose between running and nasi lemak?

Can you make mine with those swirly leafs on top with extra foam?

Can you make mine with those swirly leafs on top with extra foam?

After all of that good food, you need dessert at the end to top it all off

After all of that good food, you need dessert at the end to top it all off. This is Malaysian ice cream by the way, with frozen pink syrup and condensed milk.

Even more food at the finishing line! Wait, there was a finishing line? I forgot that this was a running event, not a feast

Even more food at the finishing line! Wait, there was a finishing line? I forgot that this was a running event, not a feast

For once, I was not really disappointed about not hitting any PB or target. I might have not been able to perform my best for that day, but I still had a good time because I really enjoyed myself. I would do this run all over again next year, and I hope that the organizers keep up the fun vibe for this event!

Too much sugar and ice cream, girls?

Too much sugar and ice cream, girls?

A familiar face that requires no introduction. So glad to be seeing you back in running events, buddy!

A familiar face that requires no introduction. So glad to be seeing you back in running events, buddy!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

Lexicon Cyberjaya Duathlon – Relay Category

Relay runs carry deep historical significance. Before the internet, telephones, and cars were invented, relay running was a method to pass messages and mails over very long distances. The most famous relay runs are Japanese Ekidens. Although Malaysia’s running standards are not on par yet with the Japanese, I was delighted to see that relay running is slowly gaining popularity in Malaysia with new events emerging.

However, duathlon relay is a completely new concept to me. A duathlon relay is held exactly in a duathlon format, but the only difference was that one person cycles and later, another person runs. So when a friend said he needed a partner to run in Lexicon Cyberjaya Duathlon event, I immediately agreed to it. I have always wanted to know how are duathlons and triathlons conducted, so I can use this chance to observe and learn. Perhaps it might also spark my interest to branch out from my running career into duathlon and triathlon too. There was also the option of doing all run-bike-run by yourself in the individual category, but I will save that for a later day.

IMG_4241The only 2 familiar faces that I bumped into in this event. Both of them are participating in the individual category. Can you guess which one is a regular podium finisher in duathlons?

Our plan was simple: My partner runs for 2.5K, and continued to cycle for 30K. Then I will finish the duathlon by running 10K. Cycling was clearly my partner’s forté. He came in 2nd in our relay category. He got off his bike, quickly passed the timing chip to me, and I was happy with the head start. It was an easy route with minimal elevation. A few kilometers later, I can hear other runners catching up on me, and I was unable to maintain our 2nd position. I ran until my lungs were about to burst. The marshalls and volunteers along the way were encouraging, shouting at me to maintain my top 10 ranking. However, despite all the cheering, I could only manage to finish as the 11th position in our relay category.

IMG_4242The pressure is on when there are only 300 participants for this event

IMG_4250Relay partners at the transition area, waiting for their partners to finish cycling before we run 10K

IMG_4244Transitioning from cycling to the last 10K of running to complete the duathlon

I agreed to enter this relay duathlon as a learning opportunity with hopes that one day, I will be able to take on the individual category and complete a duathlon or even a triathlon by myself. There is still a lot to learn, such as improving on my running efficiency, polishing my cycling techniques, and in the long term, building up my endurance to swim in the open water. Until then, I’ll save up on investing the right bicycle first before I can even start on a BRICK (Bike-Run) training.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

Final Updates : WOW RUN Malaysia

The WOW RUN is 2 days away and we hope this is the final updates. Previous update is at nashata.com/blog/?p=4067

Date : 25 October 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Venue: Multimedia Development Corporation Cyberjaya

Agenda :
7:30 am : Zumba by Aida Mohd
8:15 am : Fitness Challenges and Prize Giving
8:30 am : Women Empowerment Dialogue, Gorgeous Geeks
9:30 am : End


  • All racekit have been shipped out. Should you not receive it, just come and get one from Nashata booth anytime from 7am – 9:30 am on event day.
  • Your BIB number is on your WOW RUN running shirt. Please wear your running shirt to collect medal after Zumba. You can collect from 8:15am – 10:00am. No running tee, no medal.
  • Activities are open to female ages 12 and above. Men can come and support only.

We run & exercise for a better health,and your wellness is important to us.

  • The air quality is expected to be unhealthy on the 25th October. For more info on haze forecast. please refer to the details here.
    Due to that, the run is cancelled. However, zumba will be moved indoor & the women empowerment dialogue will continue as scheduled.
  • Despite the haze, the-ever-supportive gents will come to support you. The firefighters who have agreed to cheer at the run and Azran Osman Rani, the ironman and CEO of iflix will be at the event to support Women of Wellness.


There are a few changes since we are moving activities indoor.




Fitness challenges are ON after ZUMBA ! So keep training so that you can win these prizes.

  • Prizes for Challenges
    1. Longest Plank
    2. Highest # of Burpees
    3. Highest # of Push UpsThe winner for each challenge will get a month FREE membership at the CURVES worth RM547.

Curves Fitness Center

  • Prizes for Instagram Competition: #WOWRUNMY
    1. Most creative photo
    2. Most funny photo
    3. Best Wefie/Group PictureMake sure you use hashtag #WOWRUNMY when you share photos on instagram.
    Since the run is cancelled, we are starting the competition a day earlier 24th October until 25th October 8:15am.
    The winner of each category gets a pack of Personal Care Products from Good Virtues worth RM216

Good Virtues

5. WOMEN DIALOGUE SESSION : Leadership by Gorgeous Geeks


  • This session is limited to 50 pax only. Secure your seats HERE NOW!
  • Time : 8:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Venue : Bunga Raya Auditorium, MDeC
  • Speakers
    • Dato Ng Wan Peng – COO, MDeC
    • Karen Loh – Founder, Malaysia Women Marathon
    • Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir – Woman Activist
  • Moderator : Nadiah Tan Abdullah , HR Director, Experian Malaysia


If you have any questions, please email wowrunmy@nashata.com.

Get Ready for WOW RUN Malaysia

WOW Run is around the corner and we hope you are all set to have loads of fun! For a smooth and exciting experience, kindly go through the info provided below.

Women Empowerment Dialogue by Gorgeous Geeks

Date: 25 Oktober 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 06:45am – 9:30am
Venue: Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Cyberjaya


6:45am : Warm Up
7:00 am : Flag Off by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir
7:30 am : Zumba by Aida Mohd
8:15 am : Fitness Challenges & Prize Giving
8:30 am : Women Empowerment Dialogue Session on Leadership at Bunga Raya Auditorium MDeC
9:30 am : End

Here are the updates!


  • Your racekit will be shipped to you 19 October onwards via POSLAJU. It takes 1 or 2 working days to reach you.
    Please update your shipping address to ensure someone can receive your pack.
  • The running BIB will be on your shirt. Please run in the running shirt on that day to ensure you get to collect your medal at finishing line.
    Only finishers running in the WOW RUN tee will get the medal.
  • We will provide you event layout and agenda in the race kit
  • ALL REGISTERED participants will get a SPECIAL hand balloon.
    Please pick it up from the Food Counter after Warm Up Session


Event Venue

  • Multimedia Development Corporation
    Address : 2360, Persiaran APEC, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
  • GPS Location
    Latitude : 2.9224, Longtitude : 101.659
  • Here’s the directions on Waze.


  • Masjid Raja Haji Fi Sabilillah
    It is located along Persiaran Semarak Api, Cyberjaya.
    Here’s the direction on Waze
  • Surau @ Balai Bomba & Penyelamat, Cyberjaya
    It is located along Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya.
    Here is the direction on Waze


There are four areas we suggest you to park at:

  1. Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Internal Parking Area.
    Our venue sponsor, the Multimedia Development Corporation will allow parking within their compound if you arrive before 6:40 am. After which, you need to park at other designated areas.
    If you park at this area, due to safety, we will only allow you to leave after 8:15 am; when all runners have reached finish line.
  2. Cottage Drive
    Take immediate left after you pass MDeC building to get into the Cottage Drive. You will see KFC, Nandos Chicken, Pizza Hut and PappaRich along this road.
  3. Jalan Teknokrat 6
  4. Jalan Impact

Parking Lot



  • Drop Bag Area
    Open from 6:30am – 9:30am
  • Food Counter
    Open from 7:30am – 9:30am. You can enjoy your food at the eating area. It is a nice lawn by the fish pond.
  • Zumba Area
    Don’t forget to run fast to Zumba on time. It starts from 7:30am – 8:15am
    Any girls can join the zumba. No registration is required.
  • Medic / Ambulans
    Paramedic & ambulans will be stations at event site, while one paramedic at water station
  • Medal Collection 
    Medal Collection is at the counter next to Bunga Raya Auditorium. You need to enter MDeC building to go to the Auditorium.
    Only registered runners who finish the run are entitled for medal.
  • Photobooth
    There is a photobooth close to the sponsors area. Get all the fun & exciting shots here!
    Open from 7:30am  – 9:30am
  • Sponsors Area
    Open from 7:30am – 9:30am
  • Women Dialogue Session by Gorgeous Geeks
    Starts at 8:30 am – 9:30am
  • Speakers Area
    This is for holding area for Women Dialogue Speakers
  • MDeC Parking
    You can only park in this area if you arrive before 6:40am.
    If you park at this area, due to safety, we will only allow you to leave after 8:15 am when all runners have reached finish line
  • Toilets
    There are 3 toilet areas in MDeC building.
WOW RUN Floor Plan

WOW Run Floor Plan



  • The run/walk starts and finishes at MDeC.
  • The water station is at the bus stop, right after SM Seri Puteri.
  • One paramedic will be at the water station
  • For safety,
    • Please keep left while running at all times
    • You are encouraged to run on the running path by the road
    • We will mobilize sweepers to pick up last runners along the route 8:30 am onward
    • There will be many marshalls on bike and foot to support you. If you need any assistance, just let them know.
  • Enjoy the run and do take a lot of pictures.
  • Use #WOWRUNMY when you share pictures so that we can find you. More info on Prizes Section below.

WOW RUN Water Station


  • Prizes for Challenges
    After ZUMBA, we are going to throw a challenge to all ladies
    1. Longest Plank
    2. Highest # of Burpees
    3. Highest # of Push Ups
  • The winner for each challenge will get a month FREE membership at the CURVES worth RM547.

Curves Fitness Center

  • Prizes for RunWithInsta Competition: #WOWRUNMY
    1. Most creative photo
    2. Most funny photo
    3. Run strong photoMake sure you use hashtag #WOWRUNMY when you share photos on instagram.
    Competition starts 6:45am till 8:15am.
  • The winner of each category gets a pack of Personal Care Products from Good Virtues worth RM216

Good Virtues

7. WOMEN DIALOGUE SESSION : Leadership by Gorgeous Geeks

We have put together an WOW-some WOMEN for you from diverse background. COME, JOIN US and CONVERSE

  • This session is limited to 50 pax only. Secure your seats HERE NOW!
  • Time : 8:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Venue : Bunga Raya Auditorium, MDeC
  • Speakers
    • Dato Ng Wan Peng – COO, MDeC
    • Karen Loh – Founder, Malaysia Women Marathon
    • Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir – Woman Activist
    • Anne Abraham – Advocate and Supporter for Women Leadership Development (TBC)
  • Moderator : Nadiah Tan Abdullah , HR Director, Experian Malaysia


We run & exercise for a better health, and your wellness is important to us.

  • We are expecting a good weather on that day, but should the air quality index is unhealthy; i.e, API reading for Putrajaya on http://apims.doe.gov.my/v2/  is above 100 on running day (as of 1 am 25th October), the run will be cancelled. However, zumba will be moved indoor & the women empowerment dialogue session will continue as scheduled. You can pick up the goodie bags and medal at MDeC on event day  from 7:30am – 9:30am.
  • The run will continue should the API reading is below 100, and we encourage all runners to bring and wear mask if the API is between 50 and 100.
  • Should it rain, WOW RUN shall continue.

If you have any questions, please email wowrunmy@nashata.com
See you soon!

WOW RUN Malaysia : T-58 Days


The Star MetroRun with Sisterhood 25th October 2015

Kuala Lumpur, 4 August, 2015 – On the 25th October 2015, women from all walks of life will come together and run, zumba and have conversations on leadership in Cyberjaya. Organised and co-sponsored by Nashata, the run is supported by Gorgeous Geeks, Malaysia Women Marathon and Women’s Aid Organisation.


6 Countries, Same Day, Same Time

On the 25th October, 7am, runners from six countries will run 5km together.

Originated from Singapore by Muzdalifah Anuar in 2014 with 1,000 woman runners, the WOW RUN, this year expands to five countries that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Australia and the United States of America. When she started the run in 2014, her goal was to promote fitness in Islam.


This year the run is theme #embracewomenhood, Muzdalifah is spreading the love of active lifestyle with other sisters across the globe with the spirit of sisterhood. The run aims to garner and motivate women to lead an active lifestyle together united as sisters in the spirit and vigor of sisterhood, and not as separate nations.



In Malaysia, the run will be officiated by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir. Marina is notable for voicing women’s rights in Malaysia.

According to a study by UK Medical Journal, half of women in Malaysia are overweight or obese, and another study on Obesity Journal states that in Malaysia obesity levels were highest among adults 40–59 years old.


Eda Fuzi, the race director in Malaysia, was once obese and now she runs marathon and ultra-marathons to keep fit. She urges women to pick up running to keep fit as it is the most convenient and easiest sporting activity. “You can run anywhere, anytime as long as you have your running attire and shoes,” says Eda. “Running is for everyone, and because of that, we are bringing together women groups to bring the WOW RUN message across,” she added.

To add more energy into WOW RUN, Aida Mohd, a Zumba instructor will lead the runners through a 30 minutes workout. Also a part-time newscaster, Aida says Zumba is incredibly fun and it is a work out for the body, mind and soul.

Girls can have fun and expand horizon at the WOW RUN. While cooling down after a good workout, listen to aspiring women discussing leadership. Alecia Heng, the President of Gorgeous Geek is putting together a panelist of women leaders to talk about leadership in their respective fields. Among the panelist and host are Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, Nadiah Tan Abdullah and Karen Loh. Alecia says although it was reported on the Malaysia Economic Monitor November 2012 that over 50 percent of all women received a university degree or higher, only 30% women are at senior management level. Women can make it to the top and these fit ladies will share with you how.
Nashata was one of the inaugural sponsor for WOW RUN 2014 in Singapore and this year runners will get again the modest running attire designed by Nashata.


All these exciting activities are at the happening at Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), in Cyberjaya. Other sponsors for the run include Good Virtues Co, Biogrow, Tamek, Curves, Cyberview as well as MDeC.


For more information and to register visit bitly.com/WOWRUN2015MY. There is a corporate rate of RM50. The run is for women age 12 and above but the men are welcomed to come and cheer. Registration closes on the 30th  September 2015.


Run the WOW Run 2015 in Malaysia

The WOW Run is back, but NOW, with a refreshing concept! It was brought to life by Efah Irishanur Anuar on 9th February 2014 in Singapore, bringing together more than 1,000 ladies from all walks of life.


The objective was simple – to encourage fellow women to participant in Sports and Fitness and engage in an active lifestyle. It is aligned with Nashata’s philosophy, which is to empower active lifestyle through modest sportswear.


This year, Efah and team are taking the WOW Run to a greater height through the http://worldwowrun.com/. It is going to be held on the 25th October 2015 (Sunday), 7 am, in many many countries. As surreal as it sounds, it is an amazing effort to gather ladies across the globe to celebrate fitness and health together.


Our undivided support for the WOW Run continues this year, by organising and co-sponsoring the 5 km Run in Malaysia. We are holding the run for ladies above 12 years old who resides in Malaysia. It is a day for ladies to come together and have an exciting run at the heart of Cyberjaya, Selangor.

More info about the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia

Date : 25th October 2015 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Venue : Cyberjaya (details to be provided soon)
Distance : 5 km

Watch the World WOW RUN 2015 teaser

1. Who can participate in the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia?
Female from age 12 and above, residing in Malaysia.

2. How much is the registration fees?
– RM50 (Early Bird) ends 15th July 2015
– RM60 (Normal Registration) 16th July 2015 – 30th September 2015 

3. What do you get at the WOW Run 2015 Malaysia?

  • Nashata running top, worth RM89 (shipped to you by 16th October)
  • Goodie Bag (shipped to you by 16th October)
  • Finisher medal *
  • Finisher Buff * if you finish top 100
  • Loads of fun and excitement at a simple event

There are prizes * to be won too!! (More info coming soon)

WOW RUN 2015

WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia


  • REGISTER NOW to enjoy the early bird price of RM50 (really guys this is a good deal),
  • Get your girlfriends to join (we have prices for team ; how and what to be announced soon), and
  • keep training, although a 5 km run is easy peasy for most of you 🙂

Why join the WOW RUN 2015 Malaysia?

  • Be a part of a global movement and get into fitness with other lady counterparts on ground and in cyberspace
  • You get many goodies that you can really use. You get a usable running tee that you can happily wear without wearing additional shirt inside.
  • We will ship your racekit to you. Yes, you need not to worry about  going through traffic in between work hours to pick up your racekit or trouble your friend to pick up on your behalf.

You can SUPPORT the run by wearing the running tee on 25th October 2015, 7 am. You can get it at RM45 only (shipping is free in Malaysia only)

wowrun running tee

Wow Run 2015 Malaysia Running Tee

We welcome volunteers and sponsors, so if you are keen, let’s talk. Just email contactus@nashata.com.

Watch the WOW RUN 2014
* indicates more information to be provided soon.