Quick guide for choosing the right modest sports top

Going clothes shopping can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes you head to a department store with an idea in mind, but once you get there you have no idea where to start. There are so many different styles, cuts, sizes, colors and brands that you may feel overwhelmed. Having an idea of what looks good on you will make choosing good clothes much easier. At Nashata, we have a variety of options for you to get the right sportswear according to your preferences.

Pick the Right Sports Top for You :


1. Riada Pesaque

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams


2. Riada Jinz

Length : Thigh level
Suitable for : Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Colors : Grey | Blue
Fabric : Polyester Microfiber & Spandex
Weight : 205 grams






Which Mom are you? Stylo, Super or Spiritual?

Everyday is a Mother’s Day. Despite of that, let’s Rejoice Motherhood this 14th May when family members come together to celebrate motherhood. You can treat your mom, spend time with other mothers, or you can treat yourself.

mothersday card

Free Mother’s Day Card


As much as we love to reduce use of paper, don’t you just LOVE it when you receive a card or postcard from someone in your mailbox? That is why, this year we are offering FREE Mother’s Day cards for all our customers. You can add a personal note on this glittery card if you wish. The A6 size postcard has a silhouette of a lady in hijab with caption “MOM, You are my Queen”. You can also send the digital version to all moms.

2. What can you get for MOMS?

What you wear is a expression of who you are. Here are the many styles of beautiful moms you can choose from: Supermom, Stylo Mom, Spiritual Mom.

Basic RGB


    Stylo-moms are trendy, up-to-date and looks youthful at all times.


    We have got many hoodie styles : Our best-selling hoodie is the Stripey Smokey Hoodie – it is so lightweight that you can wear it for a run in a humid weather. The LATEST is the hooded cardigan.

    Nashata Hooded Cardigan, Stripey Hoodie, Riada Hoodie

    Nashata Hooded Cardigan, Stripey Hoodie, Riada Hoodie: Price Range RM89 – RM159

    What about traditionally stylo?

    Nashata Kebaya Sports

    NEW Nashata Kebaya Sports RM99

    Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove & Amin Extended Hijab

    Sports hijabs that are bright, fashionable and practical are suitable for stylo-moms. The Nashata Hooda Racerback would make one stand out in the crowd – as the sporty hijabi trend-setter!

    Nashata Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove and Amin Extended

    Nashata Hooda Racerback Sports Hijab, Raazglove and Amin Extended : Price Range : RM19 – RM89

    Sweatpants & Leggings

    Monochrome prints with unique designs, be it tight or loose are simply elegant. Our leggings are designed to make you legs slimmer and the sweatpants make you look good while working out, even on lazy days!

    Nashata Leggings and Sweatpants

    Nashata Leggings and Sweatpants. Price Range : RM79 – RM99


    The ultra tops are made for super-moms who work, cook, nursing, clean, drive around and always need to be on their toes; on the go. Sounds like a stressful role to be in, but when they are geared-up, supermoms in today’s era look simply fabulous! High quality fabric that is anti-odor, fast drying and lightweight keeps supermom comfy and jiffy at all times.

    Nashata Heather ULtra & Zip Up Azeeza

    Nashata Heather ULtra & Zip Up Azeeza : RM129 – RM149

    The riada active pants offers you casual flair and practical use. That is why many super-moms love them. You can dress up in riada pants the whole day at work and while working out and no one would notice the difference.

    Nashata Riada Pants and Skirt Pants

    Nashata Riada Pants and Skirt Pants : RM99 – RM189

    Raazbelt is something useful for supermoms. It gives extra hidden pockets around the waist, keeping important items secure with hands free!


    Age is just a number and spiritual moms can be as young as early 20s. They prefer something long, loose, comfortable and do not stand out.

    Nashata Riada Nahl

    Nashata Riada Nahl : RM89

    The Riada Pesaque, Riada Peplum and Riada Nahl range are available for RM89. Wear them with Nashata Riada Pants for modest yet sporty look.

    Spiritual Moms

    Riada Peplum : RM89

    riada pesaque

    Riada Pesaque : RM89

    The mumtaz sports hijab is the most sought after hijabs among all – it is long, made of lightweight fabric and so simple that it goes with any tops.

Nashata Mumtaz Sports Hijab

Nashata Mumtaz Sports Hijab – sporty hijabi’s favourite! RM79

RM30 is approximately SD10 and USD7. We ship to Asean countries for RM35 only and it takes 1-2 working days to reach you.

Have a splendid Mother’s Day!


The Weekend Runner: Rock Climbing at Xero Gravity, PJX

If you have been reading my blog posts for some time, you might notice that 1) I have absolutely zero experience in rock climbing 2) I am scared of heights. Yet I found myself hanging at least 10 meters in the air with a harness, and trying my best not to look down. My arms were shaking from gripping, and the fear was paralysing. My instructor who was belaying me from below, continued to encourage me: “Just two more steps to reach the top! Trust your shoes and harness, don’t look down, and just reach for it!”. I looked up, and I was so close to finishing. I have to complete what I started!

IMG_2458The funny thing about rock climbing is that you can’t think too much about your next move. Take a deep breath, and just do it! 

I came across this indoor rock climbing gym while collecting my race kit at the same venue. I was drawn to the indoor rock climbing concept – modern, bright, safe (upon supervision), and you can climb at any time of the day under any weather condition. So I signed up for the Explore Climbing class, and it includes one hour of coaching to cover the basics + one week free access to all facilities + equipment rental, all for RM50. I think it’s great value for money; the facilities are top notch, the instructor is knowledgable and professional, plus you have access to the pool as well.


IMG_2431It looks like a massive playground to me!

IMG_2477Xero Gravity also has an outdoor pool. Access to the pool is included in the Explore Climbing class.

IMG_2430Climbing shoes rental were included (blue colour), bring your own socks. It’s meant to be tight and uncomfortable because you have to rely on your toes to be able to pivot on the rocks.


In my humble opinion, I don’t think you need special talents to be able to do rock climbing. It’s a matter of logic sequencing and finding your balance. Even kids can do it too. As simple as it sounds, there are some basic techniques that you must master to be able to progress, which is why having an instructor for your first session is highly recommended. So we started with some very simple moves while bouldering. Bouldering is climbing on low walls without a harness or rope. But don’t worry, there is 12-16 inches of protective padding if you fall down.



Before moving up, you must learn how to move sideways. This is called traversing. The rocks are coloured for a reason. All you need to do is pick a colour and follow it until the end.

Lastly, it was time to strap on our harnesses and go for top-roping. Top-roping involves scaling a wall with several meters of height, and it takes the challenging factor up a notch because the rocks were close to mimicking the natural conditions of outdoor rock climbing. Unlike the bouldering area which is open for anyone to drop in, this area can only be entered under the supervision of a certified belayer.

IMG_2469Yeah I made it to the top! This is the part when I tried my best not to look down.

I had a good upper body work out, even in the muscles that I never knew it existed. I think this is a great way to build strength as an alternative to pumping iron at the gym. Plus I think I can overcome my fear of heights in the long run because it helps to improve my confidence and mental endurance. I can’t wait to go again next weekend!

For more info, head to their website: http://www.xerogravity.my/

Note: If you are already an experienced climber who does not need any classes, and a subscriber of the KFit app, you may book a slot without paying an entrance fee (since it’s already covered in your KFit monthly subscription). Explore Climbing class is not available through KFit.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

Muscle-Up in Nashata for Men

Introducing our very first product for men. Meet Luke – a designer sports top that uses fine lines to emphasize and minimize certain body parts so that you will look buff and toned.

You only need to add a cape to look like a superhero when you wear Luke. Be it indoor or outdoor, putting a top on can make you look muscle-up.


 Nashata for Men : Luke


 Nashata for Men : Luke


 Nashata for Men : Luke



  • V design on arms to emphasize your biceps and shoulders
  • Trimming abdominal effect
  • Three types of fabric made of polyester microfiber; good for dry and wet use
  • 3/4 long sleeves


  • The V design is the signature for Nashata’s Menswear. For Luke, the V design is on the arms.
  • Simple fine lines to make you look muscle-up.
  • You can choose to wear it tight or loose, to suit your preference. Both give you the same effects


Inspired by the Star Wars, Luke comes in 2 colors using white lines;

  • Black Body with Grey Sides
  • Black Body with Dark Blue Sides

Get yours at Nashata.com

Luke can be coupled up with Leia for women.

Muscle-Up . Buff . Tone
In Luke



The Esteemed Zip Up Azeeza | True to Fit

Now you can style in a light weight, zip up top when you work out! We offer you a jacket with innovative features! After much work, rework, test and redesign, the much-await, Zip Up Azeeza has finally arrived.

Zip Up Azeeza

Here are the key features:

  • Long and Designed for TRUE Modesty
  • Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams
  • 360 degree Slimming Effect
  • Wrist Pocket & Reflector
  • Nursing Friendly
  • Wear to Style

Let’s grind into the details.

1. Long & Designed for TRUE Modesty

Zip-Up Azeeza is under the Ultra range. It is designed for long hour and performance use. The length is long but not too long. It covers your buttock, even when you bend down. In comparison to our heather ultra top, Zip-up Azeeza is a few cm longer but not long like our Riada tops. It is in between.
Zip Up Style

Zip Up Azeeza


2. Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams

Yes, it is TRUEly lightweight. The zip up top material is perfect for any type of work out. Just put on, zip up and sweat out! You need not wear any other top underneath.

Zip Up Fabric

3. 360 degree Slimming Effect


We always want our sisters to look good and confident. This top has TRUE slimming effect around the waist and arms.

You get slimming effect from the front, sides and back. Yes, it is 360 degrees!

The design does the work, no matter what your body shape is.

You can choose any of these sizes : S,M, L, XL, 2XL


Zip Up Azeeza


4. Wrist Pocket & Reflector

Stay close to your important belongings securely without adding a few centimeters around your waist.

We place an unapparent pocket on the right wrist where you can keep your keys, IDs and cards easily. The pocket is TRUElsecured with an invisible zip. It is unnoticeable, keeping your belongings securely. Hence you avoid unnecessary attention from thief when you are sweating out in public.

Invisible Pocket Zip Up Azeeza


5. Nursing Friendly

Nursing active moms can dress comfortably in Zip Up Azeeza. You can dress to the gym, park or anywhere with nursing child in this top and nurse your child without feeling embarrassed.

Zip Up Azeeza

6. Wear to Style

Lastly, you can wear the Zip Up Azeeza in many styles. The zip extends all the way up to your neck. If you wear sports hijab, you can tuck it in or out to suit your preference. TRUEly, you will have a lot of fun styling in Zip Up Azeeza!

Style in Azeeza

The price is RM189 only. To purchase, visit our store 🙂