Zip Up Azeeza Lite Splashes of Color

Be Happy, Be Bright, Be Fit, Be YOU!
That is what the Zip Up Azeeza Lite is about. You may wonder, What are the differences between Zip Up Azeeza Hematite and Zip Up Azeeza Lite?

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The design is the same, but the Lite version does not have wrist pocket with zip, the fabric in the middle part is solid, comes in 3XL as well and lastly, the weight is slightly more than the hematite.

Features Zip Up Azeeza Hematite Zip Up Azeeza Lite
Wrist Pocket With Zip X
Fabric texture Mesh and Heather Mesh & Solid
Fabric Polyester Mircofiber, Spandex Polyester Mircofiber, Spandex
Sizes S / M / L / XL / 2XL M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL
Weight 220 grams 290 grams
Colors Black Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue
Long and Designed for Modesty
360 degree Slimming Effect
Nursing Friendly
Price RM189 RM149

If you are a Zip up Azeeza lover, this is your chance to add more colors to your favourite design. Wear it for your run, cycle, to the gym, zumba or when you travel.  We have very limited pieces, so wait no more and get yours today at!

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The orange is my new personal favourite color! Running in it makes me feel HAPPY!

Orange is my new personal fav color

After 5 km run in bright colors – I just feel happy!

We ship internationally using express courier service. It takes 2-3 working days to reach Asia / Oceania countries and up to 5 working days to reach other parts of the world.


The Weekend Runner: Kuching Marathon 2015

“Kitak dah Subuh kah?” (“Have you prayed Fajr?”), asked some friendly uncles and aunties as I ran past them as they walked from the mosque.

“Aok, lepas azan kamek terus solat” (“Yes I did, I prayed as soon as the adhan finished”), I replied in broken Sarawakian, laced with a noticeable KL accent.

Thanks for the friendly prayer reminder, aunties and uncles! Indeed, performing Fajr (morning prayers) was a breeze during the Kuching Marathon because the route was dotted with a few mosques and surau at almost every 2-3 km along the way. As usual, most half marathon events flag off early before dawn, around 5-5.30a.m. Armed with my usual strategy to pray on-the-go, I ensured that I am cleansed with wudhu (ablutions) before running, tried my best to remain in that cleansed state, and pray as soon as I hear the adhan (calling of prayers) even if I have to pray by the roadside. However, this was not necessary as there were plenty of mosques and surau along the way.

Usually, I would also bring along a waist pack to store an unopened bottle of mineral water (just in case if I have to perform the wudhu again), my phone, energy gel, money, etc. as my running pants had limited pocket space. However, I forgot to pack my waist pack from KL but I remembered that the Azeeza Zip Up I was wearing had a hidden pocket on the right sleeve. Now, with the additional pocket space, I can store my essentials while only holding the water bottle.


One could not have too many pockets. This cleverly designed wrist pocket was discreet yet spacious enough to fill with some money and cards.


The hidden pocket can be stretched to accommodate a pack of energy gel too. This was the energy gel provided for free at 12KM check point.


We were not sure if the organizers planned this route for the convenience of Muslim runners, or it was just coincidence since we had to pass by some Malay villages so prayers facilities were plenty. However, I appreciated that the organizers displayed an admirable level of racial and religion tolerance that should be an example to other events; I was pleasantly surprised that there was a du’a (short prayer) recital just before we were flagged off, and this is not common at running events.



Moment of silence while the Muslims said “Ameen” to the short prayer. Other religions were encouraged to do the same thing too in their own way.


Besides villages, Kuching Marathon would not be complete if we did not run past the iconic giant cat statue (Kuching is literally translated as ‘cat’). There was a long line up to take pictures with this cat statue during the race. We were too focused on sprinting towards the finishing line since it was the final 2KM, so we went back at night to take pictures.

IMG_0133Oh hey cat with vest, did you get a finisher t-shirt too?

IMG_0132It would be pretty cool if the organizers put vests on this family of cats too!


Overall, this event was well-organized as it met most of the participant’s expectations. We hope that the organizers keep up with the same standards next year, as we plan to return with an even bigger team and run the full marathon.


IMG_0104After approximately 6 hours and 36 minutes, we spotted our only team mate who ran a full marathon and sprinted towards the finishing line together.

11889453_10207260390497879_7319495245154347458_nMedal design: Cute, or cliche? 


IMG_0108Only one of us ran the full marathon. Hopefully, next year we’ll be back and all of us will run the full marathon too.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

The Esteemed Zip Up Azeeza | True to Fit

Now you can style in a light weight, zip up top when you work out! We offer you a jacket with innovative features! After much work, rework, test and redesign, the much-await, Zip Up Azeeza has finally arrived.

Zip Up Azeeza

Here are the key features:

  • Long and Designed for TRUE Modesty
  • Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams
  • 360 degree Slimming Effect
  • Wrist Pocket & Reflector
  • Nursing Friendly
  • Wear to Style

Let’s grind into the details.

1. Long & Designed for TRUE Modesty

Zip-Up Azeeza is under the Ultra range. It is designed for long hour and performance use. The length is long but not too long. It covers your buttock, even when you bend down. In comparison to our heather ultra top, Zip-up Azeeza is a few cm longer but not long like our Riada tops. It is in between.
Zip Up Style

Zip Up Azeeza


2. Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams

Yes, it is TRUEly lightweight. The zip up top material is perfect for any type of work out. Just put on, zip up and sweat out! You need not wear any other top underneath.

Zip Up Fabric

3. 360 degree Slimming Effect


We always want our sisters to look good and confident. This top has TRUE slimming effect around the waist and arms.

You get slimming effect from the front, sides and back. Yes, it is 360 degrees!

The design does the work, no matter what your body shape is.

You can choose any of these sizes : S,M, L, XL, 2XL


Zip Up Azeeza


4. Wrist Pocket & Reflector

Stay close to your important belongings securely without adding a few centimeters around your waist.

We place an unapparent pocket on the right wrist where you can keep your keys, IDs and cards easily. The pocket is TRUElsecured with an invisible zip. It is unnoticeable, keeping your belongings securely. Hence you avoid unnecessary attention from thief when you are sweating out in public.

Invisible Pocket Zip Up Azeeza


5. Nursing Friendly

Nursing active moms can dress comfortably in Zip Up Azeeza. You can dress to the gym, park or anywhere with nursing child in this top and nurse your child without feeling embarrassed.

Zip Up Azeeza

6. Wear to Style

Lastly, you can wear the Zip Up Azeeza in many styles. The zip extends all the way up to your neck. If you wear sports hijab, you can tuck it in or out to suit your preference. TRUEly, you will have a lot of fun styling in Zip Up Azeeza!

Style in Azeeza

The price is RM189 only. To purchase, visit our store 🙂