The Esteemed Zip Up Azeeza | True to Fit

Now you can style in a light weight, zip up top when you work out! We offer you a jacket with innovative features! After much work, rework, test and redesign, the much-await, Zip Up Azeeza has finally arrived.

Zip Up Azeeza

Here are the key features:

  • Long and Designed for TRUE Modesty
  • Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams
  • 360 degree Slimming Effect
  • Wrist Pocket & Reflector
  • Nursing Friendly
  • Wear to Style

Let’s grind into the details.

1. Long & Designed for TRUE Modesty

Zip-Up Azeeza is under the Ultra range. It is designed for long hour and performance use. The length is long but not too long. It covers your buttock, even when you bend down. In comparison to our heather ultra top, Zip-up Azeeza is a few cm longer but not long like our Riada tops. It is in between.
Zip Up Style

Zip Up Azeeza


2. Highly Breathable and Super light at 220 grams

Yes, it is TRUEly lightweight. The zip up top material is perfect for any type of work out. Just put on, zip up and sweat out! You need not wear any other top underneath.

Zip Up Fabric

3. 360 degree Slimming Effect


We always want our sisters to look good and confident. This top has TRUE slimming effect around the waist and arms.

You get slimming effect from the front, sides and back. Yes, it is 360 degrees!

The design does the work, no matter what your body shape is.

You can choose any of these sizes : S,M, L, XL, 2XL


Zip Up Azeeza


4. Wrist Pocket & Reflector

Stay close to your important belongings securely without adding a few centimeters around your waist.

We place an unapparent pocket on the right wrist where you can keep your keys, IDs and cards easily. The pocket is TRUElsecured with an invisible zip. It is unnoticeable, keeping your belongings securely. Hence you avoid unnecessary attention from thief when you are sweating out in public.

Invisible Pocket Zip Up Azeeza


5. Nursing Friendly

Nursing active moms can dress comfortably in Zip Up Azeeza. You can dress to the gym, park or anywhere with nursing child in this top and nurse your child without feeling embarrassed.

Zip Up Azeeza

6. Wear to Style

Lastly, you can wear the Zip Up Azeeza in many styles. The zip extends all the way up to your neck. If you wear sports hijab, you can tuck it in or out to suit your preference. TRUEly, you will have a lot of fun styling in Zip Up Azeeza!

Style in Azeeza

The price is RM189 only. To purchase, visit our store 🙂

Amin Hijab fits like a glove, light as a feather

Amin Hijab is so light that you don’t feel like having a hijab on. Yes, that is how light the sports hijab is. It fits like a glove and is specially designed to give you comfort while performing outdoor and indoor activities. Made of completely breathable fabric, it is good for running, trailing, cycling and any outdoor and indoor activities. Amin hijab can take the heat and would keep you miles ahead!

What are the key features of the product?

  • Light weight
  • Fast to dry
  • Highly  stretchable and breathable material
  • One size fits all
  • Long and wide chest covering
  • Reflective logo on the back

Design Philosophy

Modest yet Sporty is the look you are going to get from Amin Hijab! The stripe along the face is to enhance unique features of Asian women.  The stripe meets at chest to give slimming effect on your body. The hijab gives good chest covering as the front length is 41 cm long and 28 cm wide. The design falls nicely on your shoulder, giving free movement for arms and hands without compromising modestly.


Color Choice

We offer a choice of black base with a dark grey stripe and dark grey with a black stripe. We recommended the lighter color for outdoor use like marathon, running, cycling and trailing and black for indoor activities like aerobics and zumba.

Although the material dries fast, sweat marks on the grey base hijab can be evident.

Dark Grey Iman Hijab

Reflective logo 

The reflective logo is on the back of the hijab. It is small but ample to give you safety feature when you run at night. If you wear Nashata’s skirts pants and ultra top, you will get better safety feature of a night run; two reflectors in front and two at the back

                                                        fullbody_1Full Suit Ultra


Made of lightweight spandex and nylon, the fabric is highly stretchable and breathable.

Reflective logo nashata



We recommend hand wash for all our products. To protect the reflective logo, we suggest you to wash the hijab inside out. You can fold or roll it and keep it in your bag.

lightweight amin hijab

Get one now as we are offering introductory price of RM89 until 1 June 2014. The retail price is RM99.

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