5 Things You Need To Know If You Swap Bibs

Do you know the ramifications of changing bib ‘illegally’- that is without proper personal data changing? Ever wondered the consequences of joining sporting events using someone else’s personal data ? These are the 5 things that may occur :

1 : Next of kin uncontactable 

When you get injured or faint, the medics on duty will immediately send you to a health centre for further treatment. The contact number stated on the bib will be dialled to inform family members or guardians. Imagine if the contacted person is far from the incident and came all way just to find that the one injured isn’t their relative. Well, that ignites the fire within.

2 : Organizer has no information of you at all

Almost the same situation as Scenario 1. Only the organizer will be interrogating you till you’re bummed out. That is, if you’re still alive. Don’t even mention the word DEATH. How are they going to solve this issue when not a single personal information of yours is stated on the bib?

Muslimah Runners with Bib

Muslimah Runners with Bib.

3 : Wrong medical treatment 

Still the same situation but with a different fallout. What if the medics request for your medical data? For example, getting information on your blood type or allergies or diseases you’re diagnosed with. If the data stated on the bib isn’t yours, they could treat your illness with the wrong remedies. This may lead to instant death.

4 : Recognition not yours

Even if you’re running your best to the point where you’re on the brink of unconsciousness, you don’t get to receive the medal you ran so hard for, nor do you have the chance to bask in glory on the podium. The timing is also not yours but belongs to the ‘official’ racer. Wouldn’t that be a waste of your effort?

5 : Your reputation at stake

Be respectable in the sporting event as equal participants.  What would you say if you were to bump into another runner you know while wearing another person’s bib? People may perceive you as a cheater, and could ruin your reputation. Even if you were to try avoid this by not wearing a bib, the consequences are on you if you faint with no contact number for the medics to call.

So, do you still want to use someone else’s bib? If you are unable to race and would like to transfer to someone else, check with organizer or race director if possible. If it is, make sure all information is updated accordingly.

[Credits to Redz Ismail, a daily marathon runner, for the tips.]

Redz Ismail is as seasoned runner & a friend to Nashata Runners.

Redz Ismail is a seasoned runner & a friend to Nashata Runners.

AIA Malaysia Presents the Largest Night Run Series

Can’t have enough for just one run? Well, big surprise for you!

Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality offers you three night runs in Penang, Putrajaya and Johor. Here we are announcing you the running events details.

The age limit of the running events is 18 and above that consists of three categories. For true runners you can join the competitive run (12km and 21km), while for the beginners who’s interested in running just for a start, you can join the fun run (5km).


  • You can appreciate darkness and the beauty of the sky and sound of nocturnal animals while  running at night

Why Night Run?

  •  Night run offers a different running experience, be it temperature, humidity and heat level. If you want to experience a different running atmosphere, try night run as you would be running together with a group of people instead of alone
  • You can appreciate darkness and the beauty of the sky and sound of nocturnal animals while  running at night
  • Running at night keeps you away from UV rays. Over exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer and damage your eyes. So if you plan to run for long hours and sensitive to the sun, night runs may work for you.

Review & Tips for Night Run


Below is the summary of the events.

Event Summary


First Night Run – 2nd April 2016 Penang (Saturday)

Second Night Run – 30 July 2016 Putrajaya (Saturday)

Third Night Run – 7 January 2017 Johor (Saturday)


Date: April 2, 2016

Starting point: Queensbay Mall



Date: July 30, 2016

Starting point: Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3



Date: January 7, 2017

Starting point: To be announced



Race kit consists of runners T-Shirt, a number bib attached with timing chip, safety pins and race guides (if any).

The theme color for the Penang, Putrajaya & Johor Night Runs are orange, red and blue respectively.

Runners who do complete all three runs will also be rewarded with a unique “trifecta” medal – a three-in-one medal that clips together – as a special memento to commemorate the experience and achievement.

MHWH Medal


Quickly register before the registration close for the all the three locations. The run in Penang will be held on 2 April 2016. The flag-off will be at 8pm and the starting point will be at Queensbay Mall in George Town, Penang.

Running Shirt

So, what are you waiting for? Register here now!


Kelebihan Larian Malam dan Tips untuk Larian Malam yang Selamat.

Ramai di kalangan pelari di Malaysia berlari pada waktu malam. Ianya sesuai untuk larian marathon atau separuh marathon kerana cuaca di Malaysia lebih sejuk pada waktu malam. Terdapat night marathon yang kerapkali dijalankan di Malaysia, seperti BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon yang berlangsung pada bulan Oktober.

Kami ada sedikit sebanyak tips untuk mereka yang ingin memulakan larian malam.
Tips for night run

Semasa larian malam:

1. Pastikan anda memakai pakaian yang sesuai.
Pakaian sukan yang mempunyai fabrik yang memantulkan cahaya untuk bahagian yang tertentu dapat menolong anda supaya dapat dilihat oleh pemandu kenderaan.

Pakailah lampu kepala jika anda tau jalan larian tidak diterangi dengan baik. Anda tidak mahu berlari dan termasuk lopak. Ianya juga berfungsi untuk dikesani pada waktu malam.

Cuaca dan suhu pada waktu malam selalunya lebih sejuk. Oleh itu, pakailah baju sukan yang berlengan panjang jika ramalan cuaea merangkakan cuaca yang lebih sejuk.

Jika anda tidak pasti jika ada banyak serangga seperti nyamuk di kawasan larian anda, baiklah memakai seluar panjang supaya anda selesa berlari dan tidak diganggu serangga waktu malam.

2. Ambillah laluan yang terang

Elakkan berlari di laluan yang gelap dan semak. Anda tidak mahu terpijak atau terlanggar barang-barang di atas larian yang gelap.

3. Bawalah telefon bimbit yang kecil

Ianya untuk keselamatan anda terutama apabila berlari berseorangan atau di tempat yang baru

4. Bawalah mana-mana pengenalan anda

Tidak perlu anda membawa kad pengenalan atau IC, tetapi mana-mana kad yang mempunyai pengenalan supaya anda boleh dikenalpasti sekiranya berlaku kemalangan.

5.Jangan berlari sendirian

Sebaik-baiknya, janganlah berlari sendirian waktu malam. Ajaklah rakan-rakan atau ahlii keluarga untuk turut serta.

6. Elakkan lopak-lopak

Anda perlu lebih berhati-hati mengelakkan lopak dan lubang sepanjang larian. Ianya boleh mengakibatkan kecederaan.


Safety first dan jagalah keselamatan anda!