Unleash Your Strength in Leia

The Leia Collection is about simplicity in fitness, where we feature only 3 colors; black, grey and white. The designs are about giving confidence, balance and strength for you – while working out!

1. Leia Ultra Top

You can never get a sports top all elegant in four shades like Leia Ultra!  This limited edition, round neck, long sleeves classy top is specially designed to boost your confidence while working out.

Leia streamlines the look on your back, so if you have heavy bottom, the optical illusion will cover it all. Comes in 3 sizes ; M/L/XL

Priced at RM109, we are offering the Leia for only RM99 until 15 October.

Leia UltraLeia Ultra

leia ultra

4 Shades of Elegance


2. Leia Skirts

Leia skirts are designed to give you more coverage and look slimmer. The skirt comes with inner shorts and a sizable pocket to put a phone, cards and keys.

Make fitness more exciting by wearing skirts over your favourite sports pants and tights. Concentrate on building your strength while looking modest no matter where you sport! 5 sizes to choose from : S/M/L/XL/2XL

We are offering the skirt for only RM89 until 15 October 2015.

Leia Skirts

Leia Skirts

3. Raazglove 

Cover your head, neck or even your face in this soft moisture-wicking head glove. You can wear it in many styles to suit different types of activities, weather and occasions Made of high quality fabric that dissipate heat and moisture, Raazglove is lightweight, simple and long at 50 cm. It can be tucked into your shirt, tied into a beanie and worn as a headband. A must-bring when you travel.

Free size and all yours for RM29 only (introductory price)













4. Harem Pants

Stretch comfortably in our sporty harem pants. Designed for activities that requires leg movements, these relaxed fitting pants have soft grib on your ankles, making them perfect for yoga.  The slouchy, but sassy silhouette gives you room to groove when you dance or zumba.

There are 4 sizes for you to choose from (S/M/L/XL), all with a side pocket. Get them for RM89 at nashata.com.

Black Harem Pants

Confident. Balance. Strong.
In Leia

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