Plus Size Model Wanted

Hello ladies,

Did you know that Nashata is for all ladies who wish to dress modestly and since Day 1, we have designs specially made for large & tall women? From sports hijab to tops and pants, we have got them covered. The designs are loose with slimming effect  and they are made of moisture wicking fabric. We carry sizes until 3XL. For:

1. Sports Hijabs, there are the Mumtaz  extended

2. Tops , there are Riada Peplum, Riada Nahl, Riada Pesaque and Ultra Galaxy range, and

3. Pants, we have loose cut Riada Active Pants, baggy-stylish Hattha Pants and the Harem pants.

So, don’t you worry ladies. You will look good in them.

Syadam love obstacle races and competes in – the Riada Nahl and Riada Active Pants in confidence.

2018 is a year for us to celebrate the Plus Size Ladies. We are kicking off searching for these beautiful plus size ladies to be part of Nashata Plus Size Models.

What do you get if you’re chosen as Nashata Plus Size model?

  • Get to be Nashata Model
  • Be the model at Malaysia Women Marathon(MWM) Fashion Show in March 2018
  • Get Supplies of Nashata Plus-Size Products for 3 months
  • Be featured in Nashata Blog

The chosen models will get to wear Nashata plus-sized sports tops, sponsored by us. This is an awesome opportunity for you to Be Fit, Be You,  and wear appropriate activewear when you workout. Let’s share with others that Fitness is Easy! Together with Nashata, we can make a greater impact to motivate others to not give up on staying active. Now that’s one way you could increase your deen by helping others, right? 😉

So, what are you still waiting for? Join us by just fill in the form here ! Or share this with your beautiful friends. Deadline is 31st December 2017.

Shortlisted ones will be contacted 1st week of January 2018.




12 thoughts on “Plus Size Model Wanted

  1. Hi, I’m Farah..actually a student in amber chia academy in modeling course. I have learnt catwalk (high fashion, dramatic, sexy, bridal, etc..). In Feb we will start for our photo video class. Do I still a chance to join your model search since I saw the deadline is already past. Is there any new date for opening a plus size model search ?

  2. Hello i am 40 years old but i really interested to become a plus size model. Do you have any vacancy for that post? Thank you

  3. Hi! My name is Ain Nalysha and I want to try being a plus size model. I’m not really sure what is the requirement for this modelling job but my current height is 169cm and weight is 80kg. In any case, I’ve given a pass about the required information, do contact me. 💜 I really wanted to be a model but since I’m plus size woman, people tend to bodyshame me cause I want to be a model. I’m glad that there’s people like u to create good looking beautiful dresses and clothes for those who r having trouble with losing weight aka plus size. Thank u so much!

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