Home-made solutions for coughs and cold

In my pursuit of clearing up my cough and cold as soon as possible so I can get back on track with running, I knew that on top of the normal medication as prescribed by my doctor, it does not hurt to explore other natural alternatives. Sometimes in this modern world, we need to go back to basics.

Based on the good ol’ Google search engine, I found countless of blogs, writings, and recommendations about natural remedies to help cough and cold. Unfortunately, most natural remedies are not properly researched, and there is a lack of journals and papers written about them. So I decided to do a little ‘experiment’ on myself to test if these home-made remedies work as they claim it should:

untitled-poster (3)


My personal favourite would be the honey + olive oil combination. Not only did it helped to soothe my throat, it also helped me clear up my complexion, and reduced my eczema and allergies. I hope it works for you too!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.