Decisions, decisions…

Clueless about what is your average pace or heart rate while running? Does running with a smartphone feels cumbersome? Unsure about your distance? Would you like to learn more about the quality of your run, such as your cadence, VO2 Max, and recovery period?


It is time for you to buy a GPS watch!

Overwhelmed by the brands, features, designs, and price in the market? Fear not, I am here to help you by using a tool called ‘Decision Tree’. However,  not all tools are perfect. Some limitations to this decision tree includes:

  1. This decision tree is focused on Garmin products only. Frankly speaking, I am a fan of Garmin products because they are simple, user friendly, and high GPS accuracy.
  2. Technology and gadgets move at a very fast pace. All products discussed in this article are up to September 2016 only.
  3. Some products are not available or come in a different version depending on your country.
  4. Garmin also carries a wide range of GPS tracking device products that is suitable for sailing, golfing, cycling, and many more. The options presented in the decision tree are only related to running.
  5. Everyone have different deciding factors when choosing a watch. I know some people place priority on design and weight, smart watch features to be compatible with their smartphones, etc. Deciding factors are personal and unique for every individual.


I hope my very humble and limited knowledge in GPS watches can assist you to make the right decision!

P/S: I have been using Forerunner 25 for almost a year, then I decided that I needed a longer battery lifespan. So recently I upgraded to Forerunner 225 and it has been great!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner