Sea Canoe and ATV Ride in Phuket, Thailand

I had to be in Thailand for a business trip, so I decided to take the opportunity to schedule my flight a little bit early before the meetings and conference started by spending a few days in Phuket. Phuket requires no introduction, it is a well-known international tourist destination. Escaping the crowded beaches, we opted to explore sea caves near Phang Nga Bay by canoeing.

Phang Nga bay is about 45 minutes via boat from mainland Phuket. As we rode on, the geological features of the beaches begin to change. There were many cliffs instead of long, sandy beaches, and plenty of mangrove forests. We spotted many smaller islands that were probably privately owned as it did not look uninhabited. After all, who does not want to own a small piece of paradise on earth?

We arrived at a cliff with a very small opening at it’s base. The small opening leads into a cave that will take us deeper. I’m no geology expert, however I am amazed by the rock formations and the raw beauty of the caves. Naturally carved for thousands of years through forces of Mother Nature such as erosion, landslides, and earthquakes, only God’s powers can create these unique formations and will continue to evolve through time.

IMG_3389Going into the belly of the cave underneath the cliff

IMG_3404Emerging from the cave, we spotted a lone mangrove tree. This small, muddy island underneath the tree is home to many small crabs

IMG_3466The warm, clear sea water is home to many animals, such as this jellyfish. Don’t be deceived by these harmless-looking creatures, they sting!

IMG_3491 IMG_3447Eagles trailing our boat.

IMG_3468Each canoe comes with a guide who will paddle for you, so all you need to do it just sit back and take in the view. However, I took turns paddling with my guide, just for fun.

Besides the sun, sand, and sea, Phuket is also known as a place for adventure seekers. For some adrenaline rush, we discovered an ATV site and went for a one hour drive. Our guide took us through the forest, village, and beach. There is nothing more thrilling than the rush of wind on your face and manoeuvring through some rough terrain, leaving us feeling that we wished we had booked for a longer drive. One hour simply wasn’t enough!

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Phuket has a lot to offer, I wish I had more time to enjoy everything it has to offer and explore even more. But for now, it’s time to get serious and head to work!



When travelling, always prioritize for comfort in my Heather Hoodie! Then change into work-appropriate attire later.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

No website available for tour companies for the above activities, however upon arrival at the airport there are plenty of booths and tours to choose from. Prices may vary depending on your ability to bargain.