The Weekend Runner: Effective Cost Management in Running

Running might sound like a cheap hobby, because you don’t need much equipment at all. But as your hobby develops, you realise that you need to upgrade to perform better. Plus, even little expenses like socks can add up because you have to change them frequently due to wear and tear. Not to mention the cost of registering for races, which somehow seem to increase year after year. Here are some tips to help you manage your running expenditures:

1)    Do your research

IMG_2753I learnt the hard way to do proper research about shoes. Imagine all the money I could save if I could narrow down to just 3 shoes: minimalist for short distance, trail run, and extra support for long distances.


There are some big-ticket items that require investment in the world of running, such as a good pair of shoes. The last thing you want to face on race day is a pair of shoes that are unsuitable for your feet type. Therefore, do not buy shoes on a whim. Try out as many shoes as you need, identify your gait and pronation, style of running, etc.


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3) Buy used products


Not everything can be bought as 2nd-hand items, such as shoes and apparel. However, thanks to the rapid rate of technology development, GPS watches are regularly releasing new models with new designs and features. Sometimes, older or previous model might work just as fine for you. So, identify you gadget-geek friend, and offer to buy his/her watch when he wants to upgrade. Accessories such as hydration packs, belts, and pouches are also items that can be re-used again, if properly maintained.


4) Shop at warehouse sales and factory outlet


The items can sometimes be outdated, but in cost-management situations it is fine to compromise your style once in a while. Sometimes, previous collections gives you just the same performance as the latest designs.


5) Use free resources


Having a gym membership might be convenient and cool, but the park, road, and some tracks are free for everyone to use. Thanks to technology as well, there are many apps to help you train, google on some youtube tutorial, or join your local running club.


I hope that helps!

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.