The Weekend Runner: 30 minutes with Dato’ Nicol Ann David

On most Sundays, you would find me lacing up my running shoes and head out for a race at the break of dawn. But this week, I swapped medals for lanyards and number bibs for name cards as I had to work on GLC Open Day 2015. There were many great discussions and talk shows happening, and one of the main highlights for this event was when I attended a quick but meaningful forum by Dato’ Nicol Ann David. Squash is one of my favourite sports, so getting up close and personal with a world champion was a good learning opportunity. There are not many world-class Malaysian athletes out there, let alone female athletes. I hope Dato’ Nicol David will continue to inspire, and the next top squash female will also be a Malaysian when she retires.



It’s not everyday that you get to meet a world-class sports icon!


A fangirl moment here!


Through out the talk, Dato’ Nicol David has shown that climbing her way up and holding the no. 1 squash player position for 9 years was never an easy feat. According to her, the title of a champion must be earned through hard work and discipline, for she does not feel the title is hers to keep. Competitors and new rivals are always emerging, and the field of squash is finally picking up and becoming more popular these days. She has to be on her toes, constantly finding ways to improve herself.


It’s not easy to be a world champion, however it is achievable to have a mindset of a champion. There are 4 key points that were discussed by Dato’ Nicol David:

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Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

The Weekend Runner: Squash

It’s a Sunday night and I am sure most of us dread the thought of going to work again tomorrow. I try my best not to think about Mondays by purposely scheduling an interesting activity every Sunday.  For this week, I decided to pick up squash again.



No I was not swatting a fly


Although I am not entirely new to this sport, I still consider myself a beginner because I have not touched a racquet for the past 2 years. The last time I played was during my university days when I get to use the recreational facilities for free. Back then, I did not have any formal training, instead I practiced with a few friends who are already familiar or good with squash. These days I just practice on aiming and running around to keep up with the ball at a nearby clubhouse. But if you are interested to try, I am sure there are plenty of free squash courts around Klang Valley/ KL.


I found the racquet on sale for only RM60, and I could not resist a good bargain. Best impulsive purchase ever!


At the end of the session, squash turned out to be a great complement to my running training. I had a good upper body work out, plus some speed practice because chasing after the ball requires quick bursts of energy.


Difficulty: Depending on your fitness level, and willingness to learn

Fun Factor: Fast pace sport, stress-busting

Recommendation: If you are familiar with badminton, then you are recommended to try squash as well

Until next week,

Ainaa, The Weekend Runner.

P/S: Travelling or working outstation is not an excuse to skip working out. I was in Janda Baik for work purposes, and I managed to sneak in a few, quick morning and afternoon runs. Besides, I have always believed that the best way to explore a place is by foot.

IMG_9001 IMG_9015

The view beckons for an outdoor run. How can I say no to that?