SCKLM: Suraus for Muslim Runners

Standard Chartered KL Marathon is only a few days left and we want you to go through the smoothest experience you’ve ever had. This time round we would like to help all the muslims to feel at ease performing prayers during the running period.

Here are the routes provided by the organizer:

Half Marathon Route Map

For half marathon, the suggested prayer area is located at the side road of the Lebuhraya Duta – Ulu Kelang (DUKE) when you’ve reached 11km, slightly after you pass the water station. Though there is only one surau suggested here, there are also few mosque along the road.

The first mosque you’ll pass through is the Masjid Jamek before you hit 1km running. After 14km running, you’ll meet another mosque Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan. If you can make it on time, at the end of the route, you’ll see the last mosque which is Masjid Negara.


Full Marathon Route Map

As for Full Marathon, more suraus are suggested here. The first surau you’re going to pass is at 14km running (close to Tabung Haji & water station). Then, you’ll see a surau by the road side of Jalan Ampang after 15km run. After Kompleks Sukan Datuk Keramat and LRT Jelatek you’ll find another surau located at the road side of Jalan Jelatek. At 19km run, the surau is located close to the checkpoint by the road of Jalan Setiawangsa. The last surau that is suggested for marathoner is close to the checkpoint is at the DUKE road, that is after 26km running.

Just to inform, the mosque available near the route is the same as what the half marathoner will pass: Masjid Jamek, Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan and Masjid Negara.

Few tips on prayer guidance:

  1. Don’t forget your prayers even when you’re running
  2. Jangan lupa solat walaupun bersukan berjam-jam! (in bahasa Malaysia)

Hope this helps! Share it with others so they can also schedule their prayers early before the run! 🙂

2 thoughts on “SCKLM: Suraus for Muslim Runners

  1. Assalamualaikum! I am looking for a bit of advice regarding solat while running. I am
    40++ and have only start running in the last 2 years and i am not fast😬… i hv registered for my 3rd half marathon (upcoming scklm)… i dont think i can make it to the surau at km11 in time for subuh prayer. I just want to know how other people pray while running. I carry my telekung top spray nottlenfor wudhu and a small towel as my praying mat and stopped at a water station. Is tuis what everybody else does?

  2. Waalaikumusalam Haidi,
    You are not alone. Indeed 11th km point is for fast runners.
    Here are a few options:
    – IJN Surau at Level 7 after km 5. We have verified with the ustaz at the surau that it can be used.
    – Bring your Touch n Go to access to the LRT stations along the way
    – Wear running attire good for prayers (so that you need not bring telekung) and bring top spray. I would bring Raazglove and wrap it around my wrist and use it as praying mat. You can pray wherever that is lighted up well, clean and safe, not necessary water stations.

    Hope this helps

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