The Weekend Runner: Litefm Runderthon

I am sure everyone can relate to cancer. Some of you might be cancer survivors, or perhaps we have seen a family member or a friend fight through cancer. It is a silent killer that knows no gender or age boundaries. November is cancer awareness month, specifically male cancer awareness month, or more commonly known as Movember. In support of Movember, Litefm organized a free fun run called Runderthon to create awareness about male-related cancers, as well as celebrate cancer survivors towards a healthier lifestyle.


As the name of the run suggests, participants were required to run in their most colourful boxers over their running tights at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia). Both male and female participants showed off their most interesting boxers with witty designs. I think it was a great idea, because although this run is about male-related cancers, women should be aware about it too to support the men in their lives to go for annual medical check-ups.

IMG_1775Trying out the new Mumtaz hijab. I think the Rose Pink colour matches my hawaiian-themed “boxers” quite well.

The run turned out to be quite a sight! As it was a free fun run, the event drew participants from all walks of life, but mostly from avid listeners of the Litefm radio channel, as their favourite radio announcers will be running along too. In spirit of a fun run, some participants went beyond just wearing boxers – they even put on costumes!

IMG_1788#MommySonGoals. Running has always been a natural sport for humans. It is never too young to start running!

IMG_1778The angel has landed…in Petaling Jaya.

IMG_1786Batman, did you leave your Batmobile at home?

IMG_1780Weekend Runner turned Disney character.

Ultimately, the run was about creating awareness about male-related cancers. So they handed us some leaflets from the National Cancer Society of Malaysia about the importance of early detection, and how to do self-checks at home. Overall, everyone had a fun and educational experience at today’s run.

IMG_1798Early detection can save your life.


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.