Active Lifestyle Calendar 2014 – Plan to be Sporty!

If you didn’t plan or haven’t been monitoring your sporting activities this year, you can do it differently for 2014. With Nashata Active Lifestyle Calendar, you can plan your weekly, monthly and yearly sporting activities and monitor how you perform.

You can cut down your targets into smaller bits and progress from there. The calendar is designed for all sorts of sporting activities. On top of that, we have added important sporting dates for you. The list is not extensive, so you can add important dates as you wish. Print this calendar and pin it in on your personal office space, hang it on your fridge, paste it on your dressing mirror, keep it in your car or anywhere you wish.

This is just a sample of different types of activities.

 Sporting Calendar 2014

Let’s plan for a better health and an exciting active lifestyle! To get a copy of this printable calendar, REQUEST ONE FROM US, and we will email it to you.

Do target to be Amazing or Awesome!

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