Get your dose of Beta Glucan at the WOW RUN 2015

Watching waist-line, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are important as you enjoy your daily life. Once you hit 20, it is good to check your cholesterol level every 5 years, especially if there is high blood cholesterol history in your family.  It is important to keep a desirable blood cholesterol level to avoid heart disease.

Another important measurement is your blood sugar level. A high blood sugar level can lead to many other diseases that are related to hardening of blood vessels. Most of all, it affects the ability of cells in your pancreas to make insulin.

You need to exercise regularly and control your food level intake to make sure your cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal.

Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity since 2014, with 2.6 million adults having diabetes. This is close to 10% of Malaysia population. The number is expected to increase to 4.5 million in 2020. Therefore, you need to be more aware and certain of your blood sugar level.

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Other than exercise and managing your food intake you can also add beta glucan to your daily diet. You can add either in the form of supplements or foods that contain beta glucan compound. It plays a significant role in helping your body fend off cholesterol, and serious diseases, including cancer.


For the WOW RUN Malaysia, we have BIOGROW as one of the sponsors, providing samples for all runners. Made in Germany, the Biogrow Oat BG22, is suitable for healthy food lovers who want to add the benefits of Oat Beta-Glucan into food intake. It is high in protein, iron and magnesium.

The heart-shaped bite-size cereal is consumable directly from the packet.  To add more flavor and goodness into your breakfast, you could add fresh milk and fruits into your crispy cereal. The high fiber Swedish-made oat bran not only helps lower cholesterol and stabilise blood sugar level, it also promotes bowel regularity and fills your tummy longer. We have tried the cereal  several times and find it tastes good, especially with fresh fruits and milk. It is a good snack to keep in your handbag as emergency food when you feel hungry.


Don’t forget to grab some samples at the WOW RUN 2015. Add more beta-glucan into your diet to improve cholesterol and blood sugar level. Eat healthy, so get high fiber and high protein snack from BIOGROW!