4 lessons learnt from 2017

As we approach the 3rd day of a brand new year, it is still not too late to reflect on 2017.

This post is not a race review or a performance recap, but an avenue for me to share what do I need to improve on to make me into a better person for 2018. Also, let’s not forget that we also need to know what went right in 2017, so we look forward to achieve even more in the future.

Lesson 1: Experiences are more valuable than medals

Lesson 2: I have realized that the location of an event matters to me, and I am willing to travel just to run

Lesson 3: Growing up does not mean growing apart, because we still share a common goal

Lesson 4: Do whatever that makes you happy

I have definitely grown and learnt a lot in such a short period of one year. I look forward to the challenges and what 2018 has in store for me, and may it make me into a better person in the future.

The Weekend Runner: How to make SMART New Year resolutions

Can you guess where is the busiest place on every 1st of January? THE GYM. This is no surprise, since the most popular resolution is “Get healthy”, “Lose weight”, or somewhere along those lines. Sadly, the number of people and the level of enthusiasm slowly drops as the months passes by. In the end, we are unable to keep to our New Year resolutions.


The good news is, the key to sticking to your resolutions begins with forming the resolution itself. The first step is forming a S.M.A.R.T resolution. I would like to think annual resolutions as a year-long project. Therefore, if this acronym sounds familiar to you, you might have noticed that I borrowed it from the world of Project Management. However, I think the concepts are applicable to self-development as well.


S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

Untitled Infographic (Conflict Copy)


Here are my top 3 resolutions for next year:

1) Running: Complete an ultra marathon at least once, and improve on my 10K timings so I finish in less than 1 hour 10 minutes.

2) Save up to travel overseas at least once to a Non-ASEAN country.

3) Take up yoga consistently, attending at least 2 classes every month.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.