MBD 2017: A non-competitive event worth joining.

Fun runs such as Milo Breakfast Day is a family and friends affair. Year after year, it keeps getting bigger despite being a non-competitive event. In fact, the slots in Putrajaya were always sold out in less than 24 hours after it is launched! (I was not ashamed to admit that one of those person who sat in front of the laptop, constantly refreshing the registration page).

So, what’s so great about this event? The endless flow of Milo, of course! Somehow, it will never taste the same as how we make it by ourselves at home, and I wonder what do they mix in that drink to make it taste so good! I think I had more than 3 cups through out the event, because it was really addictive.

Everyone is running towards the Milo lorry!

Everyone is running towards the Milo lorry!

Picture was taken at a different event, but the Milo lorry is still the same!

Picture was taken at a different event, but my love for Milo lorry is still the same!

Aside from the non-stop eating and drinking, here’s why I think why you should join a non-competitive event occasionally:

  • It is a fun run. As the name implies, it is FUN! Don’t stress about the crowd, the timing, the gear, the nutrition, etc.
  • It is a great platform to introduce beginner runners. Once the beginners realize that running is an enjoyable process, they will eventually sign up for a more serious event.
  • It is a healthy way to bond with friends or do a family activity. Fun run encourages group or family participations. So instead of hanging out at the mall or in front of the tv, why not go out and move about?

So if you need to take a break from chasing after PBs, just kick back and socialize, or take your kids for a healthy activity, a fun run such as this is worth joining.


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