Start your Dhu al-Qa’da with Group Exercising!

Shawal is coming to an end and so do the open houses we love to attend the whole month of Shawal. That makes Dhu al-Qa’da  a good month to start our back-to-fitness mode. Many of us had a long break from exercising diligently since Ramadhan, and went back to exercising in Shawal, but there are some who waited for Shawal to end.

If you find a hard time to find your rhythm back again, you can try something new – Group Exercising! Group exercise provides us with an opportunity to feel good about keeping fit and a good platform to build friendship. Group exercise works well for women as just like shopping, we love being with good company!

If you want to keep active back again and don’t have a group, here are some quick tips to get your rhythm going:

Why : Exercising together in a group can help you be discipline to exercise frequently. You can remind each other about days and times to exercise. Not only that, you get to learn from each other like improving your pace. Most of all, time flies when you are having fun with friends. You will have friends who will remind you to attend training.

What : Many type of exercises are suitable for groups; running, cycling, aerobics, dancing, swimming, badminton and many more. Just Pick one that suits you and your friends.

Who :  If you don’t have a group, you can start by getting a few friends to exercise with you. You can start with one friend with a common goal and you can grow the numbers along the way. A group of 3-5 people is a good number. If you are working, your colleagues at work can be your working out buddies, or you can make new friends at the fitness center you go to. Don’t worry about not being at par with your friends as you will be surprised how fast you can pick up your pace!

Where : You can exercise somewhere close to workplace, fitness center or home. It is better to find a location that is convenient to the group members. You can change suitable locations along the way, so just pick one that suits your initial group members.

When : If your workplace has good facilities with shower rooms, exercising before you go to work is ideal. It freshen up and keeps you alert for the day. If morning doesn’t work for you and friends, you can exercise after work. Group exercising after work keeps you out of the office on time too!

Happy Group Exercising !