5 Must-Listen Podcasts During Ramadhan

Supplement your ibadah by listening to renowned scholars and reciters on podcasts. You can just stream or download your favourite scholars podcast and listen to them while on the go or working out.

Here are the top 5 podcasts – dessert for the soul.

  1. Mufti Menk Ramadhan 2017 Daily Podcast
    Listen to a 30 mins lecture by Mufti Menk during Ramadhan. New lectures are uploaded on a daily basis. Available on AndroidIOS and podcast MuslimCentral.com
  2. Omar Suleiman on Quran 30 for 30 from 2016
    A summary of a surah a day. Average duration of a podcast is 30 mins. Available on Android, iOS and podcast online
  3. Podcasts on Tafseer of Surah Al-Baqarah in 64 parts on Bayyinah. There are 3 others Surah with Tafseers on Bayyinah Podcasts
  4. Quran Weekly Get to know Ramadhan from 2016 by Nouman Ali. Consists of 30 podcasts of 30 surahs each, averaging 30 mins per podcast.
  5. The Quran Audio with Translation and many reciters that you could listen to no matter where you are

Enjoy listening to them – all you need are your ear plugs and phones.

A podcast a day, keeps the sorrow away.

A podcast a day, keeps the sorrow away.