10 Smashing Tips on How to Dress Up

If you need retail therapy, you can still be a smart emotional shopper without hurting your purse. Just remember these 10 tips!
All of us must have experienced problems to find a good outfit, at least once in our lifetime. Ultimately, you would want to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit. Here is a list of considerations you can keep in mind when you shop for clothes or when you check out your wardrobe.


1. Know your body measurement

Before you shop for your wardrobe, it’s best for you to measure the important parts of your body which are: your bust, chest, hips and waist. By doing this you will save your time trying on clothes. Just grab your size and pay! At least you won’t give a hard time on your shopping partner for waiting.


2. Avoid too loose or too tight clothes


Some styles are meant for tight and some are meant for loose and baggy, and some may even meant to look like a homeless man. Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you have to follow what you’re not comfortable in. Too tight can restrain your blood circulation to flow smoothly, thus you are prone to tiredness. Too baggy or loose will make you look old-fashioned or frumpy. These both extreme situation will give the bad impression of trying too hard but still won’t look good in it.


3. Make sure you can walk in them



If you can’t handle stilettos or platforms for your feet, forget about wearing something constraining your legs . And don’t even think about wearing those on a special occasion, unless you’re prepared for it. But if you still willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion, make sure it fits well. Don’t waste on your money because you know you only wear it for once in a lifetime, but of course it is ok for your wedding ! 🙂


4. The power of designs


A pear-shaped body or small bust with huge bottom is always a problem for them to find outfit to cover the imbalance of their body. But there is a solution for this. Wear something that flares down and covers your butt. To make it effective, hide your waist. For instant slimming effect, try peplum. That might help.

An apple-shaped body with bigger bust sometimes have issues to cover the imbalance as well. Important thing is to draw attention away from your waistline so avoid belts and patterns around your waistline.

Whether or not you are an hour-glass body, apple or pear, there are always designs that will make you look better. Choose the right one.


5. Outfits that suit your skin color

Scan what color skin you’re wearing either warm or cold undertones. Then, will only you decide what color outfits that suits your skin. Let’s see what skin tone you have.



a) If you:

  • Look better in gold jewellery
  • Have greenish tint veins
  • Have yellow undertones

Definitely you are: Warm skin tone

Warm skin tone always looks better in “earth” color like cream, brown, dark green, orange, shade of red maple leaves or saturated sunny yellow. But to make your skin glows, try yellow and rose gold.


BeautydelaMerSkinTones copy

b) If you:

  • Look better in silver jewellery
  • Have bluish tint veins
  • Have pink undertones

Definitely you are: Cool skin tone

Unsurprisingly for cool skin tone look best in cold colors like navy, black, white and more. It is more to water, sea and sky color for best references. For metallic wears, better go with silver.

If neither of these two skin color does not fall into your category, then you are a combination of both, Neutral. Some people have a very unique skin that their skin can change between warm and cool according to the seasons, lighting and even physical well-being.


6. Pay attention to your undergarments

They cannot be seen but visible. Make sure you use the right type of bra and panties. Your choice should be based on the design and material of your outfit. You don’t want your panty lines to be visible. Make sure you wear appropriate bra to give the right support for your occasions.



If you want to improve your body curves, try body shapers. Thanks to technology these days, body shapers can boost your confidence and keep you on your toes. It is great for hiding excess bulge and allow clothes to glide on smoothly. Wear it on the right occasion and suitable attires. You need no body shapers when work out.


7. Limit accessories

Accessories are there to make your outfit look better or nicer. Not too much accessories as it will make you look “trying-too-hard-to-fit-in” and this is not a good thing. People will get annoyed by your attention-seeker-appearance. Just stay humble, simple but still elegant.


8. Fabric matters

Not only you need to wear the right designs, you must wear the ones with suitable fabrics too. There are many types of fabrics and thickness made for different occasions and weather conditions. Don’t buy an outfit just because you like the design,  just to realise the fabric is not suitable for the weather condition. Too thick for warm weather, not thick enough for cold weather will just leave you uncomfortable. Humidity plays a part in choosing the right fabric. Pay a bit more for quality fabric so that you are comfy in your outfit and typically quality fabric gives you elegance.


9. When in doubt, over-dress

Often times, you are not certain what to wear simply because you do not want to over dress at an occasion. But it is better to over dress than under dress. Under dress will make you feel even more uncomfortable. If you feel confident in your ‘over-dressed’ outfit, you should just go for it.


10. Dress your age



I know some of you might think “why dress up for other people when you can be yourself?” Ok. Imagine this. An old woman of age 50 years old wearing a ragged outfit that’s usually worn by youngsters. Well, she might look great, but seriously, let’s face it. It’s a tad tacky for that age wearing 20-somethings. And vice versa. So just stick to age appropriate attire.



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