The versatile & multi-function belt for active ladies

Having problems with your top lifting up when the win blows or when you perform certain moves like inversion ? Do you need to secure small items and do not have pockets on your outfits? Chill, it’s a typical problem for those who do sports activity. Well, guess what? Raazbelt is out to solve your problem!


What’s a Raazbelt? A simple yet multi-purpose accessory that you would want to bring whenever you work out. No matter what circumstances, it could be while yoga, running, cycling, climbing rocks, even yoga or any recreational activity. This versatile belt will keep your hands free as it holds and secures your mobile phone and small items, and prevents your top from lifting up or falling down.

yoga raazbelt

Holds your Top securely

The fabric is lightweight and soft on your skin that you could easily twist it . It follows your body contour, hence it provides comfort around your waist. Having a soft belt around a lady, while doing sports activity, is crucial as it will not distract you from accelerating performance. You can wear it underneath or over your sports top – whichever you prefer. Nashata’s reflective logo helps you


So soft, you can even twist it!


RaazBeltBlack - b - closeup

Pouch with Zip

RaazBeltBlack - f - closeup

2 front pouches

The open pouches can fit any size of mobile phone as the fabric is very stretchable.

The zipped pouch can secure your money, cards, keys or any small items.

Still thinking of bringing your backpack now?

Raazbelt is available in 5 colors. They are BLACK, COCOA, TEAL, PURPLE and RED.


It comes with 4 sizes and the measurement is as below. For a good fit, get the size which is ‘Your Waist in inches” + 2 inches extra.

Sizechart Raazbelt

Available for RM39 only, this versatile belt for active ladies is an absolute bargain. Get yours now at