Shore Ambience Inspired Sports Arm Sleeves

 Surprise, surprise, Ladies! Here are Sports Arm Sleeves inspired by Sea Shore Ambiance. Comes in three cool colors; Teal, Cocoa and Melange Grey, these arm sleeves have soft arm bands, thumb holes, back and front reflectors and many more. Add them in your sports arm sleeves collection for only RM59/USD15 each.

Here are the 5 key features:

1. Made of ventilated and super soft fabric

We pick the best fabric that is lightweight and offers comfort & practical for sports use. Made of polyester microfibre and spandex, the fabric is moisture wicking and fast drying.

Ventilated Lightweight Fabric

2. Thumb hole arm sleeves

Protect your palm, cover your aurah better with the extended sleeves and arm holes. You can also choose to let loose the thumb hole if you do not need this cool feature.
Thumb Hole Arm Sleeves

3. Front and back facing logo reflector

For better night protection, we place one reflector for the right hand and another for left hand. This is to give you safety feature at night for both front and back. You will be visible for motorists coming from your front and back.

Reflector Front and Back

Reflector Front and Back

4. Free Size, Super Long

The length of the sleeves is 50 cm and it covers more than 3/4 of your arms, With longer length, you can now feel more comfortable performing shoulder & arm workouts as your aurah is more covered. Worry not about the size to pick as the arm sleeves is one size that fits ALL!

Long length

                                  Long Length Arm Sleeves

5. Stretchy & Soft Arm Bands

Those with sensitive skin need not worry about chaffing or reaction. We use fabric for the arm bands and it is gentle for the skin.

Arm Band

Arm Band


Get them all for your workout wardrobe. Sea Shore colors are everlasting, it is worth the investment! You can get them at