Peplum Lite : Minimized Sportiness, Increased Femininity

Peplum Top is our hot-selling product and we received numerous feedback on colors and design.
Hence the reason why NOW we have the PEPLUM LITE!
Peplum LITE offers you a feminine sporty look. So, how is the Peplum LITE different from Peplum TOP?
  • Unlike the Peplum Top, Peplum LITE has got NO color block shoulder yoke line
    The Peplum Top has got Shoulder Yoke Line both front and back that gives a sporty look.
    But for the Peplum Lite, the yoke line is the same color as the top.
    Why no color block for the yoke line?
    For those who wear longer hijab,  such sporty feature is not visible as it is covered by the long hijab.
  • The price is RM59  for Orange and Green Color
    Yes, now that the feature is reduced, the price is reduced as well.
  • The Price is RM89 for soft color. The only soft color available is Baby Blue
    This is an exclusive color, hence exclusive pricing. 

Peplum Sports Top LIte